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About Animals


The spiritual aspect of animals fascinate both of us and a future project is to try and get some answers to the many questions we have about them i.e.

  • Do they have a spirit/soul?
  • If so is it a group soul?
  • Or are they individual soul’s?
  • Are their souls evolving?
  • If group souls do they have kingdoms and beings with responsibilities for these
  • Kingdoms i.e. like the Elementals?
  • Can they cross over to become humans as Hindu’s in particular believe?

Lots of questions to which we hope sometime to receive some answers.  A major project in itself and one we intend to pursue.



Whenever the spiritual energies are flowing strongly and we are carrying out spiritual work or discovery, we seem to be surrounded by or led by birds.  In the UK and Ireland it is normally crows and they seem to get into a state of high excitement at this time.  Although very active birds during normal times in these situations they seem to become even more vocal and animated.

However in  Portugal it was a flock of small birds that caught our attention. Having being asked to visit this particular Roman ruin the evening before when linking in with a young lady (in spirit) in the Pousada where we were staying, we took the time to divert to these ruins although we had to be on the south coast of Portugal later that day and here we were right up in the north near Coimbra.

As soon as we walked into the ruins and there was no one else around the birds were there flying around us in large numbers, and even touching us with their wings on our heads and bodies.  Realising that something special was on we sat down for what ended up being an amazing conversation with a spirit being who had been there for 1600 plus years.

As soon as we linked in the birds disappeared and we never saw them again at all during the next 60 minutes.

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