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Channelings, Elementals, Spiritual Expansion

About Elementals

Our ‘Spiritual Friends’ and ourselves have a major concern about the plight of these beings.

For so long they were accepted as part of the structure of Earth life, but recent millennia has seen them both driven from our minds and awareness and driven from many of their places of being, all these places have been contaminated beyond any hope of recovery.

If we as humans are to survive on this Earth we need the Elementals – they don’t need us. Our history of dealing with them has left a legacy of mistrust and indeed hatred on their side for humans and rightfully so.

The Earth doesn’t need us but does need it’s children, some of which are Elementals.

If you want to learn more about Elementals there are plenty of sources adequately cover this, it is not our intention to repeat such information.

It is our intention to garner greater awareness towards them and the precarious position they are in. We make no excuses for offering details that should put humankind to shame for what it has done.

Elementals are as endangered as any other creature close to extinction. The only difference is that we can survive without most of them, but do we want to find out if we can survive without Elementals…?


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