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This website is for those who wish to learn, for those who wish to grow.  It is a website for those who are prepared to ask questions and to search for their own truth in their answers.  This site will hopefully raise as many questions as give answers and we look forward to receiving your questions and will give guidance wherever we can but please be assured that every effort is made on our behalf to ensure that nothing provided can have a detrimental effect in any way.

This is not a site for those who expect everything to be done for them or for those who take no responsibility for their actions expecting others to lead them, neither is it a website for those who demand at every opportunity to be told how wonderful they are, that all will be provided to them with no effort on the individuals part.

Within the work that I do I sometimes feel like that strange guy you see hanging on a street corner with his board stuck in the air saying “repent sinners for the end of the world is nigh”.  I certainly hope this isn’t the case and will do everything possible to work towards a positive outcome, however I have to report as faithfully as possible that which is given to me.

Over the years we (my wife Anne and I) have acquired a number of Spiritual Friends and I use the word Friends intentionally because that is exactly what they are.  They come with no names and therefore no pre-conception baggage and this was very intentional as they have said, “what is in a name apart from what you’re going to put on it, we want you to listen to us as we are now and even more importantly the message provided”.

As I’m sure you can imagine throughout this time we have come to know whom some of them are but would never betray their trust.  It is interesting that initially the channellings were of a predominately masculine energy but in recent years have moved across more to a feminine energy and therefore tend to be much gentler.

As happens to so many channellers when the messages received and published do not necessarily sit well with certain people, I have been accused of actually not channelling but of putting down my own beliefs. This is far from the case as there have been plenty of times when my beliefs and their information have been at odds, but the reason for our web site is to stimulate the individual into looking at themselves and the effect they are having upon the world, asking their own questions and therefore searching for their own answers as to how they can improve things and this does not mean that we will not include information that some people may not be comfortable with, after all we all profess that we are searching for the truth and of course the truth is not always as we may wish it to be.

Over the years  we have found that those that send the messages will praise when praise is due but will also chastise when necessary and please do not believe that Anne and I are beyond being chastised because we have certainly received some comments intended to wrap us across the knuckles when we deserve them.  Our sources do not treat us as little children who permanently need to be encouraged but as adults and responsible adults that need guidance and when necessary firmer comments to enforce particular points of view, but at all times this comes in love and the desire to help.

These ‘friends’ do not come as demi-gods, with earth shattering revelations, but as beings who are genuinely trying to help, both humans and the other beings that live on and are supported by this wonderous world we call Earth.

One of the many things they have stressed upon us and proved time and time again, is that the vast majority of things we have to deal with are very simple but that human beings love to make them complicated.

We have documented some 25 years channellings and some of these older ones that are still very relevant for today will be included with the current batch also I intend on occasions between channellings to try and give some hints and advice for those of you who do not just wish to read and follow but to actually participate.  As in physical life and even more importantly there are practices and protocols to follow if you are not going to endanger yourself.

At all times I have made sure that I have no connection with channellings from any other source, this has always been of paramount  importance to me as I have no desire to pick up on other peoples revelations or to be part of the current fashion whatever that may be.  If that makes me boring then I apologise but all this is done with the intent of providing help and guidance for those who are ready to search.

Thank you

Roger Nichols


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