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We are excited to announce our first book is now on sale!

A Light Being’s Journey. There are several options for purchasing the book in hardcopy or ebook formats. Here are the links:

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Hard copy version OR

Ebook here OR

Amazon here and you can read the preface below.

AUS dollars

Hard copy version OR

Ebook here

We are currently working on the second book in the series – Weaving the Web.

Product Description

Scientists will readily tell you how long humans have inhabited this Earth and that time seems to increase with every new discovery. But though human, are you just that body of yours or are you much more and if so what is the history of your true being? Is it 1 billion years or 13 billion years which is the current consensus of the time in Earth years since the big bang?

This book answers the question and many more about your true beginning, the journey’s you have travelled and what you have experienced along that path. It is about those who are your true friends and those who callously use you for their own ends. This knowledge will help you understand what is happening and why to you and those around you in these present tumultuous times.

This first book in the ‘Creation Series’ – takes us on a journey from the beginning of time from being sparks of light and cosmic consciousness through to evolving as the humans we now are. A Light Beings Journey traces our shift into physicality. We follow humanities travels through it’s many changes and ages in particular the pivotal time of Atlantis where humanity was split into different groups, some remained as free spirits, some as slaves. So although you would see yourself as being a free spirit – is this really true? Or are you being manipulated in the most devious manner by those with ulterior motives?

Covering our history from the beginning of time but also incorporating the history of the Earth and her children – the Elementals, results in so many questions being raised some of which are answered. Why were we given Free Will when it exists nowhere else? Do we exist elsewhere? What is our true purpose?

This book is for those who know that there is a lot more to us as spiritual beings than has been readily accepted up until now. It is channeled from a source with which the author has had lifetimes of connection. It comes at a time when these powerful Spiritual Beings feel we need as much information as we can get about our source, our pathway and our future to help us overcome the spiritual difficulties we currently find ourselves in, and to move forward in love and light, to return once more to our true spiritual path and resume our voyage of discovery.

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