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Channelings, Elementals, Spiritual Expansion

Channeled Messages

The information we receive has to pass certain checks before being accepted by us and placed on this site or in our books.  (See Channeling for more details).

We have connections with a number of Spiritual sources who sometimes talk to us as individuals and sometimes they come through as a group.  The major group we call  ‘The Silver Connection’ will talk on many subjects but their intent is to educate and assist us.

They’re well aware of the pressures and complications placed on us humans in our current existence.  They come with love for us all and we have often heard them say how in awe they are of us (humans) due to the exceptionally difficult job we have.

The three other major contacts come through to educate us and warn us about what is happening with the Elemental Kingdoms and to try and get us to consider their needs especially at this time.  All three come from different perspectives.

Please enjoy, you don’t have to agree to all that is being said by any means but please respect their right to have their say especially the Elementals who have few outlets of contact with us and their public relations are nigh on negligible.

With respect to our channelings you will find that they are referred to as:-

Silver Connection – which is our main source of information and are called this because we have had this connection now for 25 years and like wedding anniversaries, 25 years is a Silver celebration.

 Our Lady  – (not to be confused with the Christian interpretation of Mary,Mother of Jesus) is a very definite feminine energy who works with and on behalf of the Elementals and it is our way of recognising the different energies.

The Green Man is the Green Man and all that that implies.

Zarg – who again represents in his own right the Elemental Kingdoms and is an Earth Elemental.

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