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Please note that under no circumstances do I suggest that you try channelling.  The information given below is given so that you have an idea of the lengths I go to ensure both the validity of the contact, the genuiness of the message and my own personal safety.

Channelling tends to happen in full trance or full trance states.  It is the receivers responsibility to ensure the validity of the source and content.

The source of the information needs to be independant, creditable and non-physical.

The recipient needs to have procedures in progress whereby the link is challenged everytime a contact is made to make sure no contamination can take place.

The information which may not always be palatable must always be just.  It should be balanced and include helpful ideas on how to improve things and encouragement towards humans.  It may be confrontational for some, but should not be negative in it’s overall content.

There have been a number of times when the wrong energies tried to trick and deceive, they are clever and seem to work on the basis that 90-95% of what is supplied is fact which leaves the balance as being the problem.

It has always been my motto  – “If in doubt either during or after the channelling then remove it.”  True friends and guides will be happy to repeat, they don’t want to see you or your integrity damaged.

We work on the above rules as I am sure many others do, always reducing the possibility of contamination to the lowest level.  As I have said before I have a really strong contact with our ‘friends’ as does Anne although she does not walk the same path as myself.  This level of contact and trust took many physical lifetimes and spiritual interludes between to get to this level.

You can read Roger’s advice on how to channel safely and effectively by clicking the ‘How to Channel’ link under the ‘Our Categories’ section in the right hand column or by clicking here.

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