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10/10/2000 – Silver Connection – The Positive Energies

(Again these are older channellings but still very relevant so we wish to share them with you )

Good morning and greetings beloveds on this crisp but is it not a pleasant morning.  How are we both?

(I think I can say that we are both really well, thank you very much and welcome.)

Be aware of the energies that are pervading the Earth at this time, which for many will not be viewed as anything as positive as maybe they should be.  But for yourselves an awareness of the changes that are taking place right now, yes within yourselves, within your domain.  And for you they are truly positive and the important pointer here is to run with these energies to keep then working, coursing through your veins.  To keep them coursing through your mind, through your bodies and to allow them to do their work without putting up barriers for yes, there are many corrections.

For there are many corrections yes, indeed that need to be made.  Changes required to energy centres around the various parts of the globe in order to balance things out once more and as said these will be viewed by many as being quite horrendous especially those in particular who are so engrossed in their financial gain.  You  understand yes.  But for those who work truly through their spirit, their soul, their awareness – they will see this as being a great leap in faith in many ways.

For although the materialistic side has had so much sway  in particular during the last century, but even for two and a half centuries in total, the time is now coming where the spiritual side must once again make it’s move to balance and bring in those awarenesses which are vital for mankinds evolvement.  Yes, okay.

So you sit in a rather envious position, although with your concerns of finances at times you may not see this, in that you have around you the energies that are needed, the understanding that is sufficient and the land that can allow you to breathe and to grow and to succeed.

There are many, many who would wish truly to be in your shoes at this stage, but it is fine to stand back having done nothing and say ‘oh look at what they have got and what I haven’t,” when during all these times you have totally ignored the messages coming through and then when it suits to suddenly become very observant and very jealous and requiring what others have had who have taken the time to tune into their awarenesses, to become what they truly are and to acknowledge these parts.

Whereas, for these others to stand there and say, “Oh yes look at them, aren’t they in clover now”.  It is not for their benefit as they see it to have a time of reflection on what they may or may not have done.  Do you understand what I say here, because there are many who will look and say, “oh look, look at all these ones who’ve got themselves into their nice little niches, who are doing very nicely for themselves.”

And what did I do, well I carried on grubbing, trying to get all the money, but I would never admit that to myself.  Did I ever listen to myself and then go forth and do something about it.  No, of course not, all I listened to was the ego saying, “more, more, more, look show everybody how successful I am.”  And now suddenly when things start to change and I look around it is too late.

Of course really it is not too late, they just think it’s too late.  And they see what you’ve got and the greed and the desire and the urges come in and yet of course even if they were to be in those positions because of where they’ve come from, because they have not trodden a path of learning and awareness, they would be no better off anyway.

So at this time rather than saying ‘where will it come from’, look and say ‘look at what I have, what I have achieved, what we have achieved, ourselves, together, our team.’  Look at the energies that flow around, the growth, the beauty, the wonderousness, the passion that lies within us and within what we have here.  Look at those things, not at ‘oh where will the next dollar come from,’ almighty or otherwise, for these things can be worked on.

They can be accrued very successfully, very simply with a minimum of effort, but of course humankind for so long has been told work, work, work, you’ve got to get your pound, your dollar, your franc, your deutchmark and in doing so you can show the rest of the world just how successful you are.

Work, work, work, ignore your inner soul, ignore your inner being, because if you were ever to face that and to come to terms with it all, this facade of work, work, work would fall away.  And if you don’t work, if you are one of those who are either unfortunate or have no intention of working, then you get nothing, right okay and you are the lowest of the scum.  Yes as is seen.  Very unfortunate is it not.

Yes that is true, and yet, if this facade was suddenly thrown away, the curtains were ripped open and instead of having a projection upon the screen of what others would wish you to see, you saw the truth, the work ethic as it is put, would play a clearly defined but very different set of rules to those that you have had inbedded into you for centuries or more.

For a long time survival was necessary, up shall we say until what is termed the Industrial Revolution, survival was the thing but it was always tempered with a strong awareness of spirituality, of homecoming, of homebeing, of living with ones God, whatever that may mean to the being concerned, yes.

But over the past 250 years or so this has been eroded as the so called Industrial/Technological Revolutions came forth.  The areas of utmost importance have withdrawn right into the background, yes indeed just like the removing of Avalon as you so rightly say there, as other forces came in, so it moved right back into the distance, waiting for those with sufficient awareness to come and discover.

And it is so with the Inner Being, for although the churches themselves did much god and albeit much harm, still for centuries within the beings themselves, it nurtured an Inner Awareness of a greater being, of a Greater Self.

What has happened over the past 250 years is that the physical being through finance, through money, through control, through manipulation, using this medium has become the greater being.  Worshipped are those with the control of the world financially.  In Australia your Packer’s, in the world your Murdoch’s, your men from Microsoft and all the others, the big names running the enormous corporations, are worshipped as gods.

No longer is it the Greeks with their gods or even the Romans with theirs.  It is now the Americans with their’s you understand this.   They worship these beings, they place temples called Wall Street to them and in doing so they worship them.  They would not see it this way, but indeed that is exactly what it is.  A form of worship for the almighty dollar, pound, franc, whatever it matters not, they are all the same in the long run.

Do you see the parallels here, that have been placed in the path of Mankind and have been so readily accepted and worked with, acknowledged, utilised, all these things.  Rather than remaining in their awareness of their true selves.  And then the time comes when these things inevitably have to change.  The time is now.  It is as simple as that.

Money is but a lever, okay.  You think the more money you’ve got the bigger lever you’ve got.  Yes in some ways that is true, but really it is not what it is made to be, seen through these past two and a half centuries.  The god upon which all is worshipped. The god of finance, of money.  The god of those who have created the Industrial and Technological Revolutions and those who now control them for behind them look for others who are there, who have orchestrated this for their own needs, for their own ways, for their own desires.

Do you see them stand up and take the glory.  No of course not, for they are the unseen. They have their puppets and these gods in very small g’s who are worshipped as being the financial wizards, the gurus of industry, the gurus of technology – are truly no more than puppets and because of the way their souls have been sold spiritually they are bereft in most parts until they are prepared to once more to acknowledge that which is true within them.  That which is part of them, that which never dies, which lives forever, however far you push it away, it cannot be extinguished fully.  You understand.

Now beloved ones our time for today has probably run it’s course, sufficient has been said for you once more for you to take it within, but always take with you that which we have tried to impart so strongly and that is to look at the simple side of these things, to certainly extricate yourselves from the mire that is around.

Look, find the path, follow it and by having this scout if you like that is prepared to go forward and plot the path for you, you do not need to fall back into the mire like the rest of them.  And for us the beauty and the benefit is that as you find this part of yourself that is prepared to disconnect physically and look at things far more openly, roundly if you like, objectively and then when you do that, we can connect in with that part of you and say “Hi can we help?”

(Thank you)

That’s it in a nutshell at this level or our levels where we go from there is but to be experienced.

(As they say, it is a mystery.)

Yes, it’s a mystery, isn’t it wonderful to have that mystery.  Can you imagine if we all knew, you and us, all the paths, all the plots, all the stories.

(It would get so boring we would have to create something different.)

Wouldn’t it.  You know that you are going to go from A to B and that is it.  Oh dear, how boring.  How non-experiencing.  Why do it, why even start in the first place and this again is something that needs to be asked by so many.  Why did we start in the first place?  Why didn’t we stay where we were probably very, very comfortable and that includes you and us, yes, that we removed out from that which is termed the Godhead to experience, to find ourselves.  For we were not ourselves until we moved out.  We were more then, we were less than, but we were not ourselves.

(It poses more questions than answers doesn’t it.)

Does it really?

(Oh well yes, like how did we become that to start with?)

How did we make that decision?

(No how did we actually even become that?)

Ah, that is the real mystery (laughter)  (Exactly)

We know not the answer to that one and probably even closest to the Godhead it is difficult to comprehend how this came about, for we use the word Godhead because it is that which you understand.  If we say the Collective Consciousness that is not it, it is not embracing enough in what it is, for it is far more than a consciousness as it is an unconsciousness.  It is All That Is and it is as simple as that.  And we are all part of it, experiencing our own areas as we go.

Why, we know not why?  We know that we do, we k now that the basic reason is to find ourselves, but where this lies, where it ends, what happens, it is very much that mystery?

(And I imagine it is a question that is asked through all realms, at all times.)

Indeed one would imagine so, probably even with your animals, with the stones, with the trees, the birds, the plants, the insects, there is always that WHY and maybe it is the WHY that keeps us going, yes.

Okay beloved ones, it has been our pleasure as always.  Keep your chins up, remove that fear, walk in your light.  Walk and work in your dreams and your passions, your desires.  Do that and there is nothing but success on that I/We can promise you.  There are so many things we cannot promise, but that is one that we can.  Okay, good.

Until our next time as always, goodbye and our love and our blessings remain with you, as does our presence.  Goodbye.

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