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10/12/10 – The Green Man – Egypt and the beginning of Religion

Let’s start now.  A little recap, the big split, or one of the big splits, certainly not the big split but one of the big splits.  Scientists on one hand and spiritualists if you like, on the other, never the twain shall meet, living totally different lives.  Neither one really being able to comprehend what the  other one was about, although in many ways wishing to.

And as said, wherever the scientists went, whatever the energies turned, so we had to flee and the things that lived upon the surface tended to get turned to dust.  They did not care, they felt that their science would give them all that they require and for a long time this was the case, for slowly as is inevitable there was change, there’s always change.

Nothing ever remains the same, even on on a day to day basis, year by year you see change, you know that.  You see your seasons, you see your cyclical periods. Things move and we had dramatic changes start to take place as far as the scientific side was concerned.  They had in many ways become very smart, they certainly knew how to communicate with extraterrestrial beings.  They certainly, in the ones in the top level, the top echelon knew who these beings were and the control that was there to ensure what was required was done.

Now it is often the case the returns for the humans that worked for them was sufficient to ensure that they remained committed and focused providing these returns.  You start to see the affects of this in the early Egyptian period that has been so well documented along with all the others.  In some you see the gods, you then see those who purported to be the gods.  The ones who dressed up and pretended to be them and this was all of it very effective in keeping the majority of the population under control, making sure that they did exactly what it was even if it meant putting one block on top of another.

It didn’t matter, they were controlled completely.  They were in awe of what they saw, or what they thought they saw going on around them.  Though manipulation was rife, projections were rife, whatever was required could be placed in front of the  populace and they would accept it and continue on as they were supposed to.

But, as we said earlier, things change and with the movement away of the genuine small g gods, in order to maintain and control the population, in comes Religion.  After all they’re viewed as, if you go back over the steps  from some days or weeks ago, we mentioned that there had been many appearances of beings trying to right the wrongs, trying to bring back and to correct the thinkings, the feelings, the awareness of the general population.

And of course these things were viewed and although they were never totally successful, it was noted that there was a very dramatic affect, so why not use this.  And this friends, is really the beginning of Religion.

Now let us define, as we know you will.  Religion is not the Spiritual Being  within.  Religion is not the Godhead.  What is religion in our term and remember there are many who would see religion in it’s purest form even now, and would demand that these words were stricken because they could not accept it?

But what we are trying to do here is to make a definition between the purist, most beautiful inner parts of the being and it’s connection to the Godhead and the base gross manipulations that were made in it’s name, and this is the religion we talk about, the one whose soul intents were to control, manipulate and to create fear.

And then you wonder why so many people have these strange mixed up ideas of the Godhead of being a war-like, very evil sort of being, or a warm fuzzy being.  They don’t work in together do they very well really.  If you’re being controlled, then surely you don’t want the warm fuzzy being who’s going to say ‘that’s alright, don’t worry, get on with it, we’ll sort it out later’, – you want the one who’s going to come out with the sword and chop your head off and say ‘you will never do that again, we’ll destroy you now’.

And this really was the form of religions that started to creep in.  Smart they were because even in these early stages they saw the power and the intensity of those who worked on the spiritual side and thought, well how do we utilise this? How do we use it for our own advantage?  And so slowly they took one bit here and one bit there, more and more and more and intertwined it into their own version of religion and for quite a long time, thousands of years up until very recently, the various dominant religions and even those that were not dominant held sway over the population and therefore the population were held in control.

Why?  Think when there’s a priest standing in front of you who will think for you.  Who will tell you what to do.  Why bother to ponder on life and it’s meanings and death as you see it and it’s meanings, when there is someone standing there prepared to give you all the answers.  it may not always be palatable, but if sufficient of you believe it, then you’ve seen these syndromes, then suddenly it becomes fact.

We don’t need togo through the various religions.  We don’t need to alienate ourselves from too many devotees and the various causes.  All we could say is, look and consider and think.  Important one being – think, and if you find that your form of religion that you are practicing does encompass the beauty that is around you, the Godhead, the need to live in harmony with all things, then your interpretation is a good one.  If it is the fire and brimstone, the thunder, the lightning, the sword, the war’s, the battles, crusades, then think again.

But this too could only last for a period and it has done.  It has been very successful.  Had a dual effect, it controlled the population and it turned them against the one’s who had a much greater sense of Spirit and all that was around them, until they were ridiculed and derided.  Tree huggers, they say, and yet what we would say is – “is there a more magnificent tree, is there anything more magnificent than a mighty tree standing there in all it’s power.  A Master Tree, master of all that is around it”.

Wouldn’t you like to go up and not worship is, but hug it, draw in some of that energy.  Show it how much it means to you because you understand it’s need to be there.  Do you understand that it too has a life and in your terms a very long one, or it should be, until the men with the chain saws come.  And intertwined with that tree are our lives, for we live with them, in amongst them.  They need us.  We need them.

Sure, I do talk to you as the Green Man, not as an undine, not as a sylph, not as a salamander, but as the Green Man, and yes, so over the past two thousand years in particular, anybody who lived in harmony with what was around them became ridiculed.  The Christian Church in the beginning, in particular, turned against them, eradicating wherever possible, sending out priests into the jungles to convert the poor savages to their way of thinking.

Oh, if only it could have been the other way around, then a lot of what is going on now would not have occurred, because so much information has been lost.  So much awareness with human beings – for just about all these tribes have now gone and they lived in harmony and in general as we know, those who felt the earth, the spirits, the elementals, had been driven underground and hopefully as far as the religions are concerned, destroyed.  Written off, killed and yet of course we know that is not the case, for many still survive, some stronger than others.

But just before we end this, we will say, there is still one more step to bring it up to date and this basically takes place in the last fifty to one hundreds years as religion loses it’s control and other things step in to take their place.  Just as deadly, just as effective and still there.

Okay until next time.


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