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11/2/11 – The Green Man – The Who and the Why?

Okay we follow on from the last one.  The who and the why?

Who tweaked you and for what purpose? The Who and the Why?  Let’s look at this.  Initially you were placed upon this Earth as you know as very fine beings, here to grow, here to learn, to become far more than what you were and in doing so to take back that knowledge, that awareness, that additional strength and structure back with you, back from where you came and where you belong.

As in inevitable, when there is a progression, evolution if you like, is truly the case here, strange things happen.  ‘Tis all part of the growing.  If a path was planned precisely and perfectly for you why would you take it, for what purpose.  If you know exactly step by step everything that’s going to happen, then that’s not taking anything new back, is it?  You walk from one end of the path to the other but because it is already known, what have you achieved?  Nothing.

No new experience, it’s all there.  So when two points are laid out and you have to make that path, that is when you begin to grow.  But, it allows the opportunity as it must within the evolution of all of this that is, for things to enter and to become part of the chain of events that are taking place.

It’s natural, you look at most of the creatures around you and yourselves included.  You have not become what you are without change.  You have adapted, you have modified to allow for what is going on around you. Darwinian, evolution, call it whatever you wish, it happens.  It has to happen, but in doing so of course suddenly it allows cracks if you like within the structure because things are changing, things are modifying and it allows for changes of character. Sometimes total changes of being.  You are all individuals, you all react differently even though it often seems as though you are like those much maligned lemmings, who do not throw themselves over cliffs, but it appears to be that way, but no, in general you live individual lives.

We will leave that there for a sec, and will now move to your Bible and we hear of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels and how they became the tempters and temptresses in the area of Hades, of Hell, whatever you want to call it.

Now let’s take this allegorical story and make it more real.  As is the case with so many of the stories in the Bible, the stories you hear, fairy tales and such like, often there is a great degree of truth behind them but rarely is it openly apparent as to exactly what is being said and this is not different.

If you can ignore the religious and Christianised caste that has been put upon these fallen angels and upon their leader and look at it from a slightly different point of view, that these beings existed in many ways very similar to you and that is one of the secrets and one of the problems.  In many ways very, very similar to you.  Another experiment, not upon this world but as we have already said there are many others and maybe they too went through something similar to Atlantis.

The splitting, the splitting of the ways and on one side you have those who will continue on at all costs to prove themselves to be greater than and the others who see that they are part of and those who consider themselves to be greater than over, in your terms a very, very long time – get to a stage where they have forgone all and every chance of shall we say what your Bible would call, redemption.

Far too far and at this stage their leadership slowly but inexorably begins to realise the error of their ways.  For they suddenly realise that now for knowledge, they have traded Soul, or Spiritual Being or whatever you wish to call it, for power.  They have traded Soul.  For domination they have traded Soul.  Suddenly they have these others, the knowledge, the power, the domination, the ability to be able to travel in the physical but no longer in the spiritual.  It’s been cut off, it’s gone.

They suddenly realise that now they have become very much one dimensional and as such they are not what they thought they are.  Using your sayings “they have very, very definitely burned their bridge behind them,” there is nowhere they can turn back.  The opportunities were there, the chances were there earlier on but they lost them, they ignored them, they fought against them, they denied them.  All these and many other reasons until no longer do they have even a spark of what we would term Spiritual Consciousness.  It’s gone, forever.

But maybe they are so brilliant, they are so smart, so clever, maybe they can get it back.  Because of the path they’ve taken this cannot be done in an accepted, reasonable decent manner, it can only happen basically if they continue on, on their own paths as they have done before.  It’s going to be clandestine.  It’s going to happen but at the expense of others.

And they look and because they are so physically smart, they can see your Earth and they wait until the time is right and then like Russia, China, Unites States whoever, they send in their spies.  They mingle, they learn, and the word goes back – Yes, this is where we can reap our harvest of souls. Having made that decision they then had to wait and start to tweak.

We now go back to where we were.  You beings were changing and in changing it made you open to suggestions, not necessarily always very smart suggestions, but as with all human beings there are those who are greedy for power, for money, whatever it may be, even for knowledge.  Those who are prepared to pay, although not at the beginning, just a little drop of blood here and a little drop of blood there, and we mean that metaphorically not literally.

And slowly the entrapment begins, and so now we start to see the picture of the Bible with Satan and his Dark Angels, coming forth and mixing amongst you do we not and the Harvesting starts, it’s slow but inevitable, the process.

Now those amongst you who some may turn around and say, well why now, in the year anno domini 2011, is it so important, because we go back to saying that these were physical beings, no longer spiritual beings, and their physicality was infinite.  Just the same as us the Elementals have a finite physicality.  Theirs may and has and does last a lot longer, but in their changes going back whenever, they lost the ability to procreate, that was part of their costs of doing what they did.

And so what you could say is that if you took a line across them at the moment, most of them are of a given age, very simplistic in saying that, but also very true and they know that their time as physical beings is very limited.  Little time let so therefore if they’re going to harvest they’ve got to harvest now.  They were well aware of this earlier but as with all these things, patience count.  Human beings are very impatient after all a lifetime is less than a blinking of an eye as far as the Universe is concerned.  A human lifetime is less than a blinking of an eye so you are impatient, you want to get it done now.

They had lots of blinkings of eyes in which to proceed and produce what they have.  Their zenith was Atlantis, but as we have touched upon, it was not to be the case because they went too far and an area that we haven’t touched on yet is your Guardian Angels, maybe they came into play there, it’s for another day.  That’s another tempter if you like.

And so they slid back twenty five fifty thousand years or more, a hundred thousand years ago.  It has only been in the last millennia that they have really got a strong foot hold again, okay they made their play, they lost.  They lost the battle but they didn’t lose the war.

So you go back, you regroup, you start again, only all the time you know that the amount of time that you have is limited and it’s getting shorter obviously, so now that is why they have to make their play, now that they have harvested up to the level of being ready to being plucked.

So much, next time we will continue this on of course there is still plenty to be said but right now we will leave it there.  Thank you

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