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1/12/98 – How harmony affects the speed of the growth of plants

(Authors Note – this channelling comes again from Zaarg from a series of talks about the Elemenetal Kingdom and earth changes)

Greetings, today we are going to talk about speed.  The speed with which things will grow when they are in true and perfect harmony with all their surroundings.  To your minds the potential would appear to be phenomenal, for from babe to fully grown, with most annuals and we include all forms of root creatures and also the flowers and the grains and many of those that you grow as food, rices included, though rice is somewhat different in it’s own way.

But all can be grown within the period of one month, from sowing to harvesting. This is not impossible and under the proper conditions to be operated, it is quite a normal situation.  We are saying that the situation that you have now of basically one harvest per year, possibly two, is most abnormal.  We have discussed this before and the ramifications should this information and should the process fall into the wrong hands.

The process itself is very simple.  It is true harmony with all things.  Nothing more, nothing less.  When this Earth was devoid of human kind and those who brought you, the growth rates were even faster than that.  A tree could grow ten feet in a very short period, or 3 metres.  And most trees, even those that were young, stood at lest 500 feet tall.  Within 10 years it was possible for a tree to reach maturity.

The reason for this was that they were all in harmony.  This is why in certain countries such as your own and New Zealand, where human beings in general had little effect upon the happenings around and we also include South America.  The tree growth was quite standard at those sorts of heights.  As the influence of humans became greater over the millenium, so the trees even in these far flung regions as they were, started to become more stunted.

For the signal was put out that such growth secrets should not be given to humanity or those who controlled humanity. For should that have been the case then the whole system would have been raped totally and so in many ways as you had your DNA manipulated in order to adjust your growth, so we were instructed, those before me, long before me, were instructed to manipulate the DNA structure of the plants in order to slow them down considerably.

We would of course like to have areas where we can show the true potential of living in harmony.  What happened in Findhorn was no more than a 50-100% increase over the normal, and yet look at how human beings saw that.  Can you imagine the situation if we were to increase it 10 fold and say that that is still within normal.

So, speed of growth is something that has been adjusted now for millenium and before all creatures totally loose their knowledge of their potential in these areas.  We talk again in particular of trees and plants and bushes, before they all totally loose that knowledge, it is going to become important for us to once again release the secrets back into those beings that they may start to grow.

And following what we said to you the other day, that will enable them to then communicate with others around.  Now the growth structure for those communicated with, will not be anywhere near as spectacular but it will happen. In other words it will be like a big cone, with those in the centre at the highest peak spreading out until the influence wanes into obscurity.

Setting up a number of areas like this throughout the world, we should be able to bring back the real growth pattern.

But of course this can and will only happen as, if and when human beings and those who manipulate you, bring yourselves into proper awareness, bring yourselves under control, not viewing everything that you see as being yours by right, yours to rape, yours to manipulate, to destroy, to control, to change for mankind’s benefit. With absolutely no thought whatsoever for the being that is being raped.  Be it stone, be it flesh, be it tree, or plantlike, whatever, the decision on this remains with human beings.

As, if and when sufficient are like minded to bring this through, so it will happen.  Until then any form of increase in plant growth will have to be on the basis of that similar to what happened in Findhorn and yet we can and wish to do so much better.

We say this with reference to hope that at sometime sufficient people, human beings and those who manipulate you, will be sufficiently knowledgeable to pass this information through and around and in doing so, others will pick this information up and act upon it accordingly.

Bringing in the harmony that is needed, for you may think that you will leave this earth and move on to other dimensions, but until it is done there will be no movement, major movement of any kind.

Please think again, when you have, and we talk not about you personally, but you collectively, when you have destroyed and raped so much there is and becomes a responsibility upon those who feel the need to move on – to replace, renew, refresh that which they have destroyed, and until this is done, there will be no movement, major movement of any kind.

I do not speak for myself, I speak if for the language of the Universe.  I am but a messenger, no more.  I do not have the knowledge or the wisdom or the intent to be otherwise, I do my job.  I pass on to you that whatever you are promised from wherever.

Until amends are made for what has been done, you cannot truly, fully progress. If you wish to contact those who work with you and those beyond them. they will confirm that this is the case.

And so we need to get a nuclei of beings with sufficient awareness in order to start to redress all that has happened over many, many thousands of years in cycles.  Before it has always been a renewing brought about the Earth itself.  This time it will be necessary for those beings who have done so much and raped so much to take the responsibility upon themselves.  If they do not, then there can be no true, positive progression and until that happens everything will stand still.

These are not my words, I speak as I am told to speak, I pass on what I am told to pass on.  I give you no more than the information I am instructed to give.  Do you  understand.

Anne – Certainly I understand you and it is very different to what we have understood but we have to do something to help the Earth. We need a very big change in awareness and just as Findhorn caught peoples awareness and started to show us that there is more to life that we have been led to believe. The selfishness has to stop.

There are points all around your world, this world of ours, where this is taking place , you are not the only ones in this situation.  You may to a degree be unique in the way you work and the way you channel and what you bring in together, for this as you know is your path.  But, others too, have an awareness of the need and they too are working towards the same.

When the time is ripe and ready and you are able and prepared to place this information upon the internet under a heading which we the Devic Elemental Kingdoms will give you, basically using that as your lead in, then you will be most surprised in the reaction you will receive and the information you will get back in return from others, giving the network, the grid patterns that are necessary throughout the world.

For all who are involved in this have been placed in very special, strategic spots, whey we say place, they have been drawn to a special strategic spots of energy, going back many millenium which will then be able to burst forth once again with their latent power, unleashed when ready.  And hopefully this all will be sufficiently strong to bring about a conscious change of awareness for the rest of humanity and those who control you.

Anne – Thank you for that information , I must correct you and say that Roger and I never for a moment thought that we were unique and the only ones doing something like this.  It is just a matter of hopefully all of us who are set onto these paths, can really get moving and once again get that grid going as soon as possible.  Thank you.

We thank you for your time and presence and for being willing to listen and take this information.  For it has been tried before but others have not been prepared to open themselves up sufficiently to become aware of the vast amount of information and knowledge that our kingdoms can give to yours in order to help you through the changes that are here and due to take place and are in many ways taking place.

For they will affect us all as you move into your vibrations, so it gives us scope to rework this Earth again into the beautiful, bountiful, wonderous place that is was always intended prior to the placement of humanoids upon it’s surface.

With that in mind today we will leave you until our time again.  Thank you for listening to us.


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  1. This is way more helpful than anyhitng else I’ve looked at.

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