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11/3/11 – The Green Man – The Element of Air

Okay, good morning after our short break, so we suppose today we should talk about the Element of Air.

Now as we said earlier, a lot of people seem to have misconceptions about the fact that every blade of grass every drop of water, every lit match creates or draws in it’s own elemental and that is a misconception that we hope we have now overcome and with that in mind, when you look at Air well, where would you start.  Think about it you know, how many Elementals would you have, how many are there?

Alright, now we know that each of the elements has it’s own Kingdom and it’s Kingdom as in your terms, a Ruler.  And then below that if you like are the Senior Elementals, the managers and below them the workers.  Simplified, but an effective method of describing the way we operate, in many ways is quite similar to the way a lot of your companies operate and yourselves.

So where does that go with Air.  Well as we have said before when we’ve spoken about Fire, in particular and with water and earth, when they decide to flex their muscles and there’s a huge bushfire, or an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, then you can pretty well be assured that at that time there is a pretty Senior if you like, Elemental in charge of and riding those powers and as we have said, with this we have to simplify this because as you know from your own schools, nothing is exact.

No teaching is perfect although maths will try to tell you otherwise in which case ask them, well if maths is perfection, how come there are some numbers that never end.  Then tie your maths into the Universe, anyway that is another matter.

So everytime there is a big one, you can be pretty sure one of the Seniors, if you like is in control and this is exactly the same with Wind.  So when the hurricanes form maybe more than one at a time with the really mighty hurricanes, the ones that you class as five pluses or even the fives, five minus, it doesn’t matter, fours, it’s immaterial but they’re there if you like for the ride, that is their life, that is their blood, that is their kicks.

And when we say kicks, of course it implies that they’re doing it just for fun, and that isn’t true.  It also implies that or rather implies it reduces the awareness and the damage, the loss of lives etcetera down to something that’s immaterial and that isn’t true either.  But it’s like a young deer being pounced upon by a lion, it is part of what is and if you can link yourselves to the animal kingdom in that way, you’re not really prey, far from it, but you are not the gods with a small g that you would like to think you are.

You’re not untouchable, so when these things happen they affect you.  If you believe in reincarnation that you’ll come around again, so one more down, one more to go whatever.  Flippant.  Yes.  Factual.  You decide, you work that one out for yourselves, whatever makes you comfortable as we’re not going to tell you.

But the point does come down to it that they will ride these cyclones, these monster storms, the perfect storms, whatever you want to call them, that rage around the world at different times and even the high level wends that the aircraft either battle against or fly with.  The difference there being that they are pretty well permanent, the storms are not.  Some appear to be they seem, they appear to go around and around and around without ever decreasing especially in the Southern Ocean.

But they’re there, that’s their life, that is the way they are.  If there is damage, loss of life, and yes it is unfortunate but no more than the fact of being.  You have to put yourselves into their place, they’re not looking at you with awe, as we’ve said they’re not look at you as gods.  They’re not looking at you as being untouchable, if you’re in the way, you’re in the way.  End of story.  Understood.  (yes) Good, because that’s how it is and when you start to see yourself in those terms you might start to view these things somewhat differently to what you have up until now.

Now we come back and we have these beautiful winds blowing around and yet one of the things that we’ve been concentrating on in all these weeks is contamination.  Spiritual contamination, Earth contamination, Water contamination. Now we talk about Air Contamination because as you know this is very much a fact of life.  You only have to look at those pictures of China and India.  The areas around the oil fields and the acid rain in Northern Europe in particular to see what has been done to Air.

And when you see that, you can understand why the Elementals feel as they do, after all if somebody came and destroyed your home and trashed it, contaminated it beyond all comprehension, in all ways so that you could no longer live there, how would you feel?

We think we can pretty well guarantee that you would be crying for them to be hung up and removed and we don’t think we would be far wrong with most of you, so why do you thing the Elementals are going to think any the more of you when that is exactly what you do to them?

There is no real need for any of this if mankind was prepared to take responsibility for it’s rubbish, for what it leaves behind.

As we have said before, Earth Warming happens, whatever the cause and at the moment it is a great one for everyone to jump up and down about, to get excited about and that in it’s own way is good because as least people are at long last noticing.

But there are much worse things going on and because they are even more difficult they’re being ignored.  They should not be ignored, they should be attended to, even more urgently and t he contamination that is taking place should be at the top of the list.

Now we will continue this one on Monday and we’ll talk about your contamination, what you do, also we’ll talk about oil in particular as we discussed the other day and promised.

Okay we’ll leave it till then.  Goodbye

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