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11/5/2001 – Silver Connection – Women and their Mystique

Greetings Beloved Ones on this most magnificent of mornings is it not.

(Absolutely beautiful)

Yes indeed and wonderful to be physically alive and to allow the energies of the sun to penetrate and to lift one up.  Okay shall we continue on with the Feminine aspects of the being, okay.

And really what we come to here is the ‘Mystique.’  Yes, the mystery of the Feminine side.  It is not just within the physical as is so often shown, for instance with the male the reproductive organs are forward and can be seen, with the female they are down between the legs and are hidden, yes.

This in itself creates the mystique already, and yet we have said that the differences between the two physically in many ways are minute.  We do not at this stage talk about breasts and genitals and extra layers of skin, we take it in lower, finer than that yes.  Down to the actual molecular structure and when one gets to that stage and sees just how much they are the same and what a minute difference there is that makes the changes, this is where we are at.

You can look at the physical body of a male and female and you can compare the additional hair and  the lack of hair, the adam’s apple, the different shapes etc etc but they are all illusionary in many ways.  They are all superficial, we go much deeper than that and we turn around and say that for everyone of those we can show you a dozen articles that are the same – fingers and toes, legs, arms, internal organs, eyes, nose, teeth.  Ears, head, shoulders all of these things, right.

But what we are going to return to now is the mystique and the word ‘mystique’ of course comes in with mystery doesn’t it.  And so what do we start to see here, but a build up towards a picture of what is the greatest mystery on earth.  Would you like to tell us.

(Women) Indirectly, yes, but directly no.  What is the greatest mystery?  Life after death yes.

(And the Godhead) That is the greatest mystery for most human beings, right? And that is hidden.  Okay and we have here the sexual organs that are hidden as well yes.  And what we are beginning to see is a patterning, the beginning of a picture of the feminine in many ways showing the hidden side of the Godhead. Hard to take.  (Not really)

A reflection, not that they are, not that they are any more than, less than or anything of the sort, but they are showing a patterning of the hidden side, whereas with the masculine in many ways, what you see is what you get.  In total, right, physically and even beyond that.  They do not as you have said so many times, played anywhere near the sort of wiley games that females play within their mystiques, yes.

So what you see is what you get and this if you like is  very much  the physical. Whereas the feminine is the hidden spiritual.  Now do not get me wrong, or us wrong and go around and say ‘okay and say and we will use a little one here, and say ‘well the lion is the centre of the Universe, right.  It is the centre of the Astrological sign, it is the most powerful one.  I am a Lion therefore I am everything.”

This of course is ridiculous and we are not knocking Lions or anything of the sort, all are equal, what we are saying here is the same, it it not good turning round saying ‘I am female, therefore I am greater than.’  This is the error that males have had to make for so long in order to combat what they saw as a threat to themselves.

And so although they had little going for them really in many ways, as spiritually or anything of the sort, physically they did and so this earth was converted into a very, very, very physical place.  In particular in recent years, yes and in recent centuries and in recent millenium.  It has become exceptionally physical to what it used to be and the spiritual side has become hidden and coupled in with this, we have the females who have been hidden away.

Look no further than your Islamic cousins. (mmm Totally shrouded) Yes and yet they don’t realise why and that is it.  And so they  have been made in many ways to feel less than, because the spiritual refuses to be faced by many who are around now.  If you were to ask the vast majority of westerners if you like, truly they will give you a claptrap about church and many other things, but the truth is they are not prepared to accept that spiritually there are things much stronger than themselves.

They will give you all this other stuff and they will go to church, because it is the pennance they pay right.  Not because they truly believe in many cases and here we are being exceptionally hard and of course there are exceptions, many of them to the rule, but we are talking about in general.  What goes on, right.

And they deny the spiritual side, they accept and acknowledge and draw in the religious.  Now many will say what is the difference?  There is a vast difference between being spiritual and being religious.  Spiritual is living ones true life through oneself.  Religion is copy catting, a very simple definition and yet so true, yes.  You understand.

(Religion is obedience to the power that be, that control) Yes, it is control, it is copy catting.

(And spiritulism is virtually going within oneself) Finding ones awareness.  One’s own strengths and weakness and being prepared to walk a path that allows you to acknowledge these and to strengthen them and to come to terms with them and to increase them.  A vast difference between spiritual and religion.

And so what have we got here, we’ve got the two sides playing out.  We have the feminine, the spiritual side.  We have the religious side and look at all religions in the world, where truly do you see a woman with any form of genuine power.  Nowhere.  It matters not what church, there are those that are put forward as being so within the Anglican churches for instance there are some who have been allowed to become priests or priestesses.  And yet and one looks back to further times and priests and priestesses were equal and often the priestesses were beyond and above.

So on one hand we have the mystique, on the other hand we have the physical manifestation.  And when you begin to see this, you begin to see why women are not understood, and why they find it hard to understand themselves.  You are perfectly correct.

What is the biggest mystery?  Women understanding themselves.  Why?  Because that is what they have been taught to do.  Not understand themselves, that is what they have been taught to do.  To ignore their own inner part.

(Also in some countries going beyond their religion is fatal.  So it’s very much fear that put them there,.) Of course, it’s put down time, make sure it cannot rise again.  It will change, it must, it has to, it cannot stay like this.  Change is the one thing that is inevitable.  People say what is therefore inevitable, birth, death and taxes and add to that change.

However hard one tries and the harder one tries to stop change, the more it happens.  You can have your luddites, battling but they cannot succeed, they are an anathama.  They are as unique in their own ways as a lion and a tiger put in a zoo.  They’re no different to that, they are not really of the world.

Change must be, it is inevitable, yes.  Now what we haven’t covered here yet, truly is the combined aspects of male and female and they are not for today, they are to come again yet.  But and this is where we will try to wrap the whole of this up, to help you to understand what a female is and what her role is.  And why she had been placed where she is and yet of course in the long run both are the same – that is the crazy situation, but it cannot be seen.

But that comes again another day.  Do you have at this stage beloved ones any questions for us with regard to what we have said, or any comments or statements that you may wish to make or may wish to put down upon the tape while you remember.

(Well I guess it’s really interesting to say that the fact that women have been suppressed, there’s very few women in politics or places of power but certainly the history that’s known, over these last thousands of years – those women who have been in control – Queens etc seem to have been very much more adept at ruling, not necessarily always in a positive way but they have been strong)

Much stronger.  It is inevitable that they must show exceptionally strong traits what one could say here and what would be interesting would be to look at their previous lives and their co-existing lives at that time.  To see where they came from – are you suddenly a female form but in reality of recent times a masculine build up, right.  In other words have they in recent lifetimes and their co-existing forms, are they predominately male, but they have taken a female form or have they truly come through from the female side, an aspect of all things.

(And I imagine that would also reflect on the men who have ruled) Yes, look for instance at this time, to two particular women who have had a lot of power – Thatcher, yes and the one who has recently finished her term in the States, Madeline Albright.  You could if you like include Janet Reno as well, but look at those three and then compare them with if you like another women with a considerable amount of power, The Queen of England.

Do you see the big differences, yes and so it would make one believe that some definitely came from very much a masculine influence, whereas the other one came from a feminine influence.

(Also coming back to the time of Jesus and the Christed One, and of course Mary Magdeline and I would imagine that that had a great impact as well, and was instrumental further putting women down.)

He brought her there with him at that time, she chose to be there, yes of course, that is inevitable.  She chose to be at the time that the Christed One would create himself in physical form, yes.  To take on a body that was ready for him.  She chose to be there and what was to be shown there was not what has happened of course, what was to be shown there was the equality.  Not what most have ended up believing, or taking or doing, far from it.

(But it was very much the put down wasn’t it). Of course yes. (Showing that she had his equality and equal power, equal standing, they came as an equal, two parts of the whole, but it was really since then that the premise that’s come on that women are dirty, unclean etc and not worthy, where of course it was really one way of making sure that women didn’t attain their abilities and so of course that had quite an impact over the last 2,000 years)

It seemed inevitable that whatever happened there was going to be converted for the use of others with very ulterior motives.  But for those prepared to see and do not see all this as being negative, see it if you like in it’s very positive for, because if all had been shown at once and everybody acknowledged them and there all that was for them to perceived, to take in, to become.  How does that equate in itself to the paths that spiritual beings that have chose to become human have taken for so long.

There have not been at any time any form of cohersion into changing what those beings are, right.  And this in many ways it if had taken place as many would wish to see, it would have been a cohersion yes.  Whereas what you have are the facts before you, maybe hidden, undergrassed, the track, the path there. He has walked it, you still have to find it, it is not ready for the herd.  We have spoken of this before, yes.

And he laid it out before you, but the thought of suddenly the whole world converting was not on, he had laid his path, he has delivered his message, as did she and many others.  Those messages are as alive now as they have ever been, if not more so for those who are willing to pull aside the veils, the neck curtaining whatever you wish to call it, those messages are just as relevant as ever.

On your path to enlightenment, about yoursleves and all that is around you, so never say, never judge what happened, for it was inevitable, in many ways it had to be.  Do not put too great a downer if you like upon those who took and manipulated, for it was. You  understand this, yes.

There have at various times in the world’s history and we will use just this world, we will not take you back to where you have been before in physical or semi physical form, for that is too far, too much to understand, too much to comprehend, but in world history, t here have been leaders come forth who have spread their message, their light, their seed if you like.  Their seeds of knowledge and some have acted upon this, others have not.

And those that have acted had, if you like, lifted their game.  Okay, a very common saying these days, ‘to lift your game.’  Right, they  have lifted their game, they have lifted themselves in their awareness and when there has been an quantum step for some to take, they have been ready and prepared, willing to take it.  Leaving others not yet ready, not yet prepared to do so yes.

You understand, it takes a long while for some of these messages to infiltrate some people, some beings, yes.  (laughter) knock knock is anybody in there yes.  And for others there has been the return, and return again in order to help and each time of course has created it’s own difficulties and each time has drawn them further once more into the morass if you like.  That can be being physical.

(It all comes back to the work for females was the mystique and it is the mystique really, life after death and what’s beyond.)

That mystique is still there, but when male and female can look at each other and accept the reflection that they see from the opposite as being themselves, aah yes, then sparks can fly.

Until next time beloved ones, our love, our blessings as always to you both.  Goodbye.


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