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12/7/1999 – Silver Connection – The simplicity of it all

Greetings beloved ones on this rather dank and misty morning that surrounds you.  Does it not really equate with the vision most human beings have, they can see so little of their true reality for all is shrouded in mists and veils.  But as these now are over, the times are lifting and those with vision and forethought and awareness and trust for themselves, this is so much more than has ever been available before upon your Earth since it’s inception as a truly physical place and being.

You may question, we do not know the answers – we do know this is part of much greater changes that take place throughout the Universe and although there is always change going on and will continue to do so.  There are times when the rate of change seems to be so much greater than it is at other times and this is one of them.

As you know, if you are semi-blind as we see with most human beings, in effect the reality  hardly changes at all and there will be many who at the end of this major period of time change will sit back and congratulate themselves on being so magnificent  in seeing absolutely nothing that is taking place and saying ‘there you are, I told you so, there were no changes.”  Look there is still those, exactly where they were, no, for the changes will have taken place – it is they who have failed to see these for what they are, for what is happening within them and around them.

The shield, the wall, the defence system with the individual human being can be mighty, but for this one pays a great price, for it can easily fool you and if you give it carte blanche to do so, that is exactly what will  happen.  It will fool you totally, after all it doesn’t like change any more than you do and you are infants in creation, so it will barrier out everything.  It will filter all the changes and compile them in an area which is untouchable.

Oh yes, beloved ones, there are those for whom this will be very much the case and they will sit back in their superior manner and say, “there, nothing has happened, what a load of hog wash, what a load of rubbish, of garbage, all those New Agers fooling you.”  But they will never see that those that have changed, those that are changing, not even those that will.  For their barrier is great enough, mightier enough, strong enough to ensure that such information never gets into their comprehension with what is taking place.

Oh yes, there is a lot of misinformation as you know, there is a lot of rubbish, there is a lot of garbage, there is a lot of untruth, but removing all that, there is a strong magnificent nucleus of change taking place now in it’s strongest possible form, stronger than has been the case since the earth has been physical.

As you try to look back to the high periods of the Atlanteans, with the  Egyptians, of the Aztecs, of the Peruvians and many others, this will also be looked back upon those who understand in times to come, as being a watershed, a true time of change.

Where does that leave beings as yourselves? The simple answer to this is exactly where you want to be.  For now that is what you can do.  If you wish, if you decide you want to leave this Earth and pass onto those realms that tug at your hearts, that give you the memories, that give you the urge to go ever on seeking, looking, finding, knowing, that what you have is ‘less than’ – while you are upon the Earth in many ways.  If that is the case then with no strings, you may leave. The decision is yours.

If you have the desire to see this thing through to it’s zenith and beyond.  To experience it to the fullest, to participate in it, to whatever degree you desire, to acknowledge it – that too now is your choice and nobody else’s.  As we have said before, many, many, many are leaving now, there is no judgement in these matters.  Why should there be, it is their decision.  It is their time, when they want to go for whatever reason they find correct, any more than you will be judged by others for your own time of departure.  No.   Certainly not.

Are these changes different to what has taken place before? Most definitely, emphatically.  Yes they are for the strings that have held you back are cut.  That which draws you back time and time again to an Earthly reincarnation are now cut, if that is what you desire.  This is the resurrection. This is the height to which you can succeed.  This is your decision.  For those who understand and know and wish this, there will be no return.

For those who desire to come back, that is their decision – they do not have to.  Others may of course need to, for it you have built that strong castle wall around yourself, refusing to acknowledge what is on the outside and only looking at what has happened before and what is within, what will be.  You will return time and time and time again until that wall can be demolished.

And it can only be demolished from inside.  When the time is right, when the desire is right, when the urge is there, when the need knocks hard and those who are ready then will knock down their walls and see outside and they too then will be made ready, or be ready for a change to be made to themselves.

This is truth, this is not false.  This is reality.  But only you can  judge that by what you feel within.  If it is right for you, you will know, just as you have known so many other statements and claims that have been made about various things have not felt right within.

As we are trying to progress, so much in saying all times things are far, far simpler than you would ever believe.  And slowly, carefully, we try to bring this simplicity into your awareness, to cut away everything that has been built up – the mumbo jumbo.

All the disinformation to a degree, for when it is all removed, simplicity is the answer.  Whereas the opposite is truly now the curse of mankind.  For many think they progress.  The scientist and the like and yet if they were to look within and look at the simpler aspects of all things, of all beings, of all creation, of all energies, just as your friend Tesla (Nikola Tesla) did, they too would find just how simple it truly is to be.

There is no need for these mathematical formulae that stretch so it seems for miles, kilometers, whatever you wish.  Look beyond, why have to prove everything when inside you know.  Is it their step to their spirituality – some may say yes, others of their kind will say no.

We must prove mathematics is all, is everything.  This is rubbish, all that is, is not mathematics or anything of the kind.  For they always fail in the simple question of who or what created mathematics in the first place, or any of their other pet theories.

You and those like you are no longer blind.  You do not need their hi’falutin theories, theorems, explanations, answers.  For indeed what are they trying to do, not prove the existence of the ultimate intelligence and awareness and love.  They are trying to claw up on each others backs to say ‘I am  more and more intelligent and mightier than thou, I am God.  For I know more than you.’

Yet through the ages, those of an esoteric mind have said back, ‘But we know all this, what you are proving has been written many times.’

Ah yes, but now we are proving it to be so.

To whose mind?  We didn’t need to prove, we knew.  Why should we believe your proof any more than you never believed ours?  What is the difference?

The difference of course is the awareness within.  An opening up, that bringing forth of the seed that lies within each and everyone of you that reflects the truth, the light, the love, the being and what you truly are.

Oh yes beloved ones, there are many changes taking place for those with the mind and the desire to allow them to take place.

We leave you til our next meeting, until then our love, our blessings as always.  Goodbye.



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