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13/12/10 – The Green Man – The last 100 years & how to protect our Souls

So, as no doubt anybody who has lived just about the whole period, the last hundred years has certainly been the most dramatic in the recorded ages.

We see a shift as mentioned last time, away from religion.  Religion no longer holds it’s sway.  We see World Wars in all their goriness, not gloriness but goriness.  We see rampant manipulation of the population in so many forms, media, subtle and unsubtle, materialism.  Offer the masses what they think they want and they are yours forever.

And you even have one of the presidents of what was the most powerful country on earth, stating that ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time’, and well would that family know without going there too far.  Well would they know for they and their friends are at the forefront of so much that is put out there to change the world, quickly and dramatically – Why?

Because those who set up this whole diabolical situation now want their payment. They want it and they need it quickly.  Even in earth terms, quickly.  For why?  For the souls of those beings who are prepared to risk all and give it away.

Do you not realise that the most precious thing you have been given is your Individual Soul, your spirit, whatever you wish to call it.  It is something that should have been loved and nutured.  Kept as only the most precious items could be kept, because in value it transcends all the money, all the gold, all the diamonds, all the power on earth.  One soul means more than all of that.

So what do six billion souls mean.  The moment, awful lot of trouble, because the way things are, the way things have been adjusted, the way things have been manipulated, the way things have been swayed, even those who have been given everything that is material, still feel they are missing something deep within. Those who do not have the material items, and you all know what they are, we don’t need to repeat them, they feel they’re missing something.

What all are missing is their pure connection with that Divine Light within.  For when you find that, when you hold it and nuture it, none of these other things are important, they just fall by the wayside.

It is yours.  It is yours not to abuse, not to ignore, not to lie to.  It is yours to nuture and to love.  You don’t know just what a precious gift this is and yet there are so many who are prepared to give it away for the latest trinket, may only last six months, but you’ve got to have it, because you’ve been told it’s the latest.  It’s the most important, it’s the best and all you friends have got it, so you must have it as well, whatever the cost.

Oh Beloved Ones, please wise up.  Learn up, smarten up and see what’s happening for you are destroying yourselves.  You’re destroying this earth. You’re destroying us, the elementals, you are destroying the animals, the plants, the fish, the insects, all in the name of materialism.  All so you can have the latest, the greatest, the brightest, the one that uses the most power.  The one that demands the oil which stains the oceans and once t his has been lost and destroys that which is underneath.

Haven’t you looked at the cost.  Have you really considered the cost.  Yes, there are many programmes on television and hopefully, hopefully some of them will get through, people will begin to realise for again as we have said before, there are many out there who are not interested in the latest gadgets, the biggest, the fastest, the most expensive, but have a genuine interest in what is around and what is being lost.

These are the people that should be revered, not your  pop stars, not your one hit wonders, but those who really care for what is going on.  We do not deny that there are many in the areas of entertainment that are aware and put a lot of work in, so please do not take that personally, but the majority do not.  They live to excess, and the way they live is an indication to those who follow them, how they feel life should be.

It’s not a pretty picture is it and that’s why at this time we come and we beg for your awareness.  We know that things cannot and will not change overnight, but they can start to change and that change can escalate with every additional being who puts their thoughts and their prayers, their heart, their soul, their spirit, their life into making the change because at the end of the day of this life, at least you can stand there and say, “I tried, I don’t know how much I achieved, be it little, be it much, but I tried”, and that’s the important thing.

No one can get it right, fully hundred percent all the time, first time, every time, it doesn’t work that way, but if sufficient try to make the difference, try to improve what is happening, then things can change.

As you know at the moment you are given masses of information on global warming and all the different reasons, only a fool would deny it’s existence.  But only a fool would not question that with every dire prediction of global warming, there is an equally dire demand for additional funds.  No indication of where they’re going, what’s going to happen to them.  Why?  When?  How?  Oh no, just give us the money, a new tax.

Think about where that money is going and why and look at your governments and decide are they truly trying to do something.  Are they truly of the belief that they can make things better?  If not, search for those who will try, give them the opportunity.  Don’t expect miracles, certainly not in the beginning.  Just expect a lightening of energy, a different perspective, a different awareness and back them to the hilt.

Now this has been no more than the beginning of these talks.  There are many others who wish to have their say and will, and no doubt we will be called back because there must be hundreds, thousands, millions of questions.  We can’t answer them all, but we may be able to answer some.  All we have done is to give a very, very short version of to what’s been going on.  If we went into too greater depth, we would be here for years.  You would get fed up, but hopefully others will come, others will fill in some of the gaps from their perspective and from an overall perspective.

Tread carefully, tread well – but think before you take that step.

Thank you for your time and for listening


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