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13/4/1999 – Our Lady – The Element of Water and Denser Energies

(Again we stress that Our Lady is the name we give to the femine energy that speaks to us on many subjects but especially on the Elementals – and by that we are not referring to the Christian Our Lady Mother Mary.)

Good morning beloved ones.  Now a further step, a course of learning of the Elemental Kingdoms.  We need to look very carefully at the Element of Water at this time.  For although you have water upon your land and below, as with everywhere else on this island (Tasmania).

This form of water is in many ways dead.  It does not have the life that it should do, nor is it likely that it will again for many Earth centuries to come. As the energy has been drawn out by the putrification that has been placed within it.  For centuries mankind felt they could pollute their rivers, streams, their fresh water flowing into the ocean and at once it reached the ocean, all would be well again.

When you think of it now with hindsight, isn’t that so stupid.  How can you keep on pouring in all this putrid waste and expect that there will be no negative results.  Although water is drawn up again by the earth’s rotation, and the winds and the cyclonic conditions that take place, the water now has nearly died.

Tis very similar to what has happened to the earth’s surface itself, to the earth.  As you know many areas of that are extremely close to being totally without any force, form whatsoever.  And it is the same unfortunately with many areas, for although the oceans are vast, the living areas for most of these are small and inevitably lay off the coast for they are within the shallower regions.

Those creatures that are within the depths are not ones that you would wish to connect with, for what has happened as you can possibly logically see, is that the ones that live down there live in a very, very dense area, if you understand.  The pressures upon them from the water above is enormous.

So are they of your world?  No, they are not.  They belong to much denser worlds, of other creatures that can walk upon those surfaces, for to them the water does not exist, but what does exist is the pressure itself and these beings then move through from one area to the other.  But they live very happily down deep in the depths, the greatest depths of the oceans with nil, negative effects.

Can you not see what is happening here – that there is a changeover in the worlds? But this changeover has taken place many, many tens of hundreds of thousands of years ago and what are left there are the remnants of those very dense worlds that at one stage inhabited such places and also moved in from elsewhere to bring about a form of life, which is far too dense for mankind to understand.

If you were able to transforn a so called psychic down there, with  no metal encasement to sully their awareness, they would give you a very different story of what they see to what is seen by a submariner and what you term a physical look and what is picked up in it’s lights.

And much of what floats down there in it’s enormity are Guardians for those worlds, keeping them separated and well at bay from the human worlds, for they know the difference and the problems.  And the putrification unfortunately, has even contaminated those areas, it has moved down through the chains, through the depths of the ocean and they too are becoming affected, and they too are becoming most upset and annoyed.

For they rarely if ever affect your world.  Yes, there have been sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, the same within Russia, there is one within the lakes of Canada of which you do not hear, which has been trapped out of their time and field and they try hard to get back, but cannot return.

But they are your connection between the worlds.  They are what is happening down there.  But again they are being destroyed by mankind’s oblivion to what he is doing to the elements around him and therefore to the Elementals and even to other closely knit and aligned worlds.  Do you understand?

(Yes, I do unfortunately.  Yes)

We do too, it is of course a long term thing the contamination taking place, even were it to be cut now, it would continue on for centuries until it reached a point and then drifted away.  It is fortunate that there are people seeing the problems, but from their own realms, from their own understanding, from their own awarenesses of food chains, from dolphins and whales, of fish, of krill, of plankton and that is fine.

There are sufficient of those already seeing to understand and to put pressure upon world governments, to ensure the cleaning up of these areas.  For if they are not, the world would become waste in your eyes.

But, as we say beyond those, there are other worlds.  Still inhabiting parts of this Earth, deep within what you would term the bowels.  Can you let us try to paint a picture here for you.  Could you imagine much lighter beings who could just touch the surface of your atmosphere, they could walk upon that surface and in their minds, because they created it, there is a world out there, that is to all intents and purposes to them just as real as your.

It is not seen by you.  It is not felt by you.  You put your rockets through, your spacecraft through.  You bounce your radio waves off the surface.  Now is that not interesting, but nobody has ever seen it, they have just decided that they bounce back for a reason.  They will give you what they believe to be their reasons.  But in fact it is like an Earth’s crust to these beings who walk and talk and live and operate out there.

If we come down a rung or two, we come to your Earth’s surface, where you operate oblivious to those above and below and we go down again into much greater depths, much higher densities and we come to those who operate down there at the bottom of the deepest gullies of your water, your oceans.

This hopefully will give you an idea of what is happening, but who is contaminating this place – is it those above you?  No.  Is it those below you?  No.  They are in many ways creatures carrying on doing their work as they have done for millions and millions of years.  So where is the trouble?  It is the two legged, two armed, overly brained beings called humans.

For what has happened is that mankind, human kind has been given a brain capability, but has not had the experience, the true proper length of experience to use it wisely.  It is the same as giving a child of 5 years old a loaded rifle.  What do you normally do?  You give them a plastic one with which they can pretend which can do little if any harm whatsoever, unless they hit someone with it.  It cannot fire bullets.  What would you do if you gave a 5 year old who is crazy to play war games a real gun.  You would dive for cover would you not.  But you would never be stupid enough to give it in the first place.

But this in many ways is an example of what has happened to humans.  They were given too much brain capacity too quickly, without the experience to see what would happen.  This is not the meddling of the Godhead, this is the meddling of other beings from other entities, from other worlds.  You know that, you have heard enough of that.

But no responsibility was placed by either team on this.  So can you be blamed? No you cannot.  For could you blame a 5 year old child if it used that rifle and shot others, who would you blame but the person who gave it the opportunity to have that rifle in the first place.  So do not take the blame yourselves, but do understand as the awareness is increased, what the responsibilities are and the need for all human beings to become aware of the more than potential, the existing disaster that they are creating by their lack of awareness, their lack of concern, their lack of communication with other worlds.

They are there, we will take you to these beings.  You have moved amongst them from time to time anyway.  In many ways, they seem exactly like you, but they are denser.  Just the same as you contact those in the finer, less dense realms, so you can move through and contact those in the deeper depths.  It is just an area that is rarely if ever intentionally visited.

We say intentionally, for many go there in their dreams.  Why, why do people have these forms of dreams?  To try and give them the understanding and the awareness of what is around them and what happens.  These are not the only reasons, but they are a very valid part of the reasoning of your brain being allowed free roam.  When your eyes close down and your mind, your active open eyed mind also closes down for a while.

We will leave you with that today, there is a fair bit to digest and we look forward to our next communication.  Until then beloved ones, goodbye.



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