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14/2/11 – The Green Man – The Harvesting of Souls

Okay, so as we have already said, these beings were very, very similar and are very, very similar to you.  After all in many ways they had followed a very similar pathway to get to where they were, as to what they were enticing you to do.

They knew your strengths, they knew your weaknesses, they knew the one thing that if you like as a donkey with a carrot in front of it, a carrot that had been dangled in front of all of you from the very beginning was knowledge.  Of course when this was first envisaged it wasn’t knowledge at any cost, it was cumulative knowledge to enrich the whole.  What it has become is knowledge at any cost for the individual.

Very, very different but they knew this, they’d been there, they were smart.  Just accept they’d done that round and gone on further and as we said earlier, they then got to a stage where they went beyond.  They knew what to tweak, they knew where to prod, and they knew also obviously how to weed out the ones that were suitable for their cause.  The ones that were working in harmony with them if you like.

So here maybe we can go back and we see Adam and Eve, not as the Christians would have it, as male and female, but as the two sides of humanity, split and in the centre you’ve got the snake, you’ve got the tempter.  That snake really is in many ways of course the Devil, the Fallen Angels, who’ve come to tempt and half or a great deal more, half will be tempted and others won’t.

And so over a long, long time they are tempted with little tidbits of knowledge.  Just that little bit more than what they know, just that little step.  After all you would not sit a six month baby down and try and teach it nuclear physics or brain surgery, would you – you’ve got to get it up to that level if it’s ever going to get there and they were no different.  So you start off with two plus two etcetera etcetera and on you go until you can get up there.  Always knowing that as the teacher you are many steps ahead.

But what these beings don’t know is and what the never even consider asking is “Why”. If someone was to front up to you in the street and say here’s a million dollars, you’re going to have a number of reactions.  One they’re mad, two they’re double mad and three what’s in it for them, four why – on and on.  Rarely would you grab it and run because there could be a very long string attached to it.

But human beings because of their quest for individual power and knowledge, have never asked what is the final cost and we come back to the Devil as seen, to hell, and the entrapped souls.  But how have we adjusted that a little bit and said they’re not entrapped souls, they’re entrapped bodies.  The souls have been taken or the souls are being harvested, laid there ready to be harvested, until the bodies are no longer wanted.

And when you look at it from this angle, you will see that a lot of stories of temptation, the Adam’s and Eve’s and many, many others, have come from this source.  They would never, ever believe that the cost was their soul and yet in many ways they are told that.  Selling your soul to the devil, and the vast majority of them wouldn’t care as long as today we get our fix of knowledge.  Of power, of money, of control.  We’ll worry about sell our souls to the devil later.  After all we can always go back to the cross and we can always turn around and say we’re really sorry, please forgive us as we’re dying.

Do you really think that works.  There’s another old story, the leopard never changes it’s spots, rather a lot of truth in that.  The leopard needs to make a metamorphous in order to change it’s spots and these beings are the same.

Okay, so therefore you’ll get the individual one who has walked across the line, seen what they’re doing, has come back and has changed dramatically because of what they are aware of, either physically or sub-consciously, or mentally and as we have already said – there’s a demand for an immediate harvesting of souls.

Because there are changes taking place.  You’ve all heard of these, you can see some of them happening now. Many of you are probably sitting at home waiting for the big eruption, for the big tidal wave, for the big earthquake, whatever it may be.  Change can happen like that, but frequently that is short term.  What is needed here is long term so therefore to make change really effective it has to be gradual.

It has to be taken away and so like any harvest of corn, whatever, there comes a time when it’s been sown, it’s been tended and it is ready to be harvested and if it is not harvested at the time then it will whither and die.

So harvesting friends is now, just make sure you’re not part of the harvest because the result will be what we said.

It will still not work for them, they are too stupid to realise, they know they’ve lost something.  It’s the same as if you lost a million dollars on the market and you got it back, is it the original million dollars, if that ever really existed in a pile of money.  No it isn’t, it’s different, things have changed, times have changes.

It’s the same for them, they think that by getting this soul, they then can crawl inside metaphorically speaking and use it like a spacecraft, to get into the inner worlds, outer worlds, other worlds, anywhere but the physical.

Oh, no the soul is gone. They are gone, because nature and All That Is cannot accept back an abomination.  They have to be destroyed.  They have to be removed until nothing of them exists again.  So they’re not as smart as they think they are, but no one could or would tell them otherwise, after all it is all they’ve got left to grip onto and so they will try.

Do you want to be par of this, you certainly have up until now?  How have you all been tempted.  Look around you, look at everything you’ve got and just about everything you have is a method by which they can control you.  Televisions and phones, radios, newspapers, classic examples.  You’re all aware of the hidden meanings supposedly placed in them and these are looked out for, these are monitored, these are removed.  But how about the even deeper hidden meanings that are never seen, that are never monitored, that continue on, giving you those suggestions that they wish you to have.

You look at the way you live, very, very different.  The vast metropolises full of is appears to be in many cases unhappy people milling around.  Human beings were not built to live in concrete jungles.  They were built for the open, to be with the elements.  To be with the sun, the start, to be with the Earth itself.  The water, the air, to be with life, not to be cramped up as they are and yet most of them if they’ve got the tallest apartment, biggest apartment, most expensive, even if it is only on their little block, they’re happy or they appear to be and yet something inside still tugs.

Now this is getting a little bit difficult, so we will leave it here for today, but we will continue on, okay.  Thank you

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