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14/9/98 – Silver Connection – The Elemental Kingdom and how important their role is.

** Channellers Note: – Sometimes these channellings appear to contradict each other.  I do not have the right to make corrections as such may end up being misleading.  Over periods of time and various channellings I have often found that what on the surface appears to contradict can end up clarifying and supporting as greater knowledge is aquired.

We understand dear friends that you have a number of questions with regards to the elements and the elementals vis – where do they come from?  How do they operate?  What is their system of Being given plants and trees and bushes to work with?

The Elementals themselves come from a very independent, totally independent kingdom .  Millennia ago they decided, many, many millennia ago they decided for their own operation, for their own realms to work in conjunction with human beings.

You will find that this is the only place within all the worlds where such a group exists, and this is why there is such a great pity in what is taking place and that is the ignoring, the lack of awareness of these wonderful and highly necessary beings.

It has become to such a degree that should they at any given time decide to remove themselves from your earth, then all the things that maintain human beings, including your air, your water, your light, your earth for growing – all would revert back to what is very similar on many other planets and what can be viewed from your dimensions as being barren.

These creatures are vital and totally necessary to what takes place within your world, without them you would not have the world as you see it.  As we have already said, this is the only place within the known Universe/Universes where such a being has connected with another one.

We also, when we discuss this, include the fact that within where we are from as you know, there are similar situations, vis another earth like planet, but within your known universes, within your known galaxies, only on your Earth do the elementals play a roll.

For them it would be as equally difficult to be removed from your Earth as it would be for you, for they now rely totally on that Earth for their survival and for the survival of their kind and their species.  Without it there is nowhere else at this time that they can go to, and so it is even more necessary to protect, to encourage and to acknowledge them, than any other being around.

You have asked as to the situation regarding how are they created and how are they allocated to their jobs?  In many ways it is extremely similar to a being of your own kind coming onto the earth plane for the first time, they have a fairly basic and in many ways two dimentional outlook on what they are doing.

They work simply to begin with within the things like the masses of the grasses, the ferns and such like where they if you like go through their kindergarten of learning.  As they become more proficient at their work, so they then take over into flowers, to bushes, to shrubs, to trees and in certain circumstances the control of whole forests.

Their hierarchical structure can very easily be seen to be quite similar to the structure that takes place within your own human areas.

If there are no more questions we will leave it at that until next time.

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