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15/3/11 – The Green Man – Japanese Tsunami, The Earth is flexing and we need you to change.

Okay, so as we were saying, the earth is beginning to flex it’s muscles.  We’ll give a potted version of what was missed yesterday and then move on for that is the best thing to do.

One thing we said that you took up on was that maybe now whales may feel a little bit more relieved in their Kingdom.  We won’t go any further than that because Karma, it’s effects and results can be effective upon everybody not just those that you would like to see it placed upon, but as has been said before in mightier books than what we’re talking.  Please be the first person to stand up if you haven’t sinned, one doubts there would be many, the horizon would still be dotted with all those sitting down if they were truthful.

So always be careful about judging but it comes back to the fact that the Earth is flexing.  It has been very quiet in so many ways for quite a long time and now as it is once more waking up, getting ready to move to full consciousness again, these things are going to happen more and more.  And as we said yesterday, if human kind was placed in front of a judge and a jury having been accused of all that it has done over the millennia to attack the Earth and all that the Earth is, do you think there would be any jury that would find it innocent.  Because we don’t think so and why should it.

So now if suddenly relatively large numbers of human beings are removed from it’s surface, do you not think that is fair or reasonable?  What we think would be fair and reasonable would be if you were prepared to open your eyes, to take in and acknowledge what you’ve done and be prepared to make atonement for it.

We do not expect you to go and fill in every hole, to patch up every tree, but what it needs is sufficient beings to have an intent to make change.  And although there are those who play at it and those who play on everybody’s fears and there are plenty of those, the reality is there are not sufficient human beings prepared to turn round and say we take responsibility for what we have done, and we will move it back to a level of harmony, if you like a democracy between the realms and the worlds and by doing so, initiate the cleanups that are necessary.

There is no need to try and clean up physically, this Earth we live upon is more than large enough and more than capable enough of being able to do that.  What needs to be cleaned up is mankinds thoughts and intentions because why bother to keep on cleaning up if the irritants are going to continue on as they were.

You get to a stage where it becomes time for the irritants to be removed, to go.  That will solve the problem.  Think about it.

So we need enough humans with sufficiently strong spiritual awareness and mental powers to start the changes.  To start them happening because if they don’t and we’re not going to place odd, bets, the odds are too great against it happening, a million to one, but if they don’t make changes then mankind is going to be in for a very rough ride.

Until it learns and if it doesn’t learn, we’ll take that one to the obvious conclusion, for shall we say the Earth is not going to lose.  You’re not welcome anywhere else, you’re not welcome here now, what’s going to happen to you? Think about it?

Oh these wonderful writings about spaceships waiting to take you away, yes we’ve been down that, we’ve spoken abut that one.  If you believe it, so be it, upon your heads be it because it’s not the truthful fact.  The fact that is truthful is – change has to be made now, because that pivotal point is so close where it is no longer feasible to even try to make change and that’s when everything falls into that great big hole as far as human kind is concerned.

If that’s what you want – carry on as you are.  If you want to be bamboozled, if you want to be petted and stroked about how wonderful you are and all the wonderful things you’re doing.  Honestly, truly think to yourselves is that so, is it right or are the so called channels that are bringing this through being fooled by the beings that we have spoken about, those who manipulate, those who play.  Think about it.  Do you have such a wonderful track record that anyone would want to take you on.  Oh no.

We’ve spoken about why you’re here and your specialities, those things that make you so different to everything else that’s around.  Think about it, your decision, your choice but can we say that the clock is less than one second to midnight, the doomsday clock, you know that one.  You’ve all heard about it and however close it got during the cold war, in reality, true reality, it’s much closer now.

So no, we don’t want you to go out there and spend billions with sweeping this up, sucking that up, cleaning this up.  We want you to change, we need you to change, we need you to look at the big businesses and the big governments that are controlled by the big businesses and work out if what they’re telling you is truth, if it is right, should it change and we particularly look at the oil companies and as we’ve said before we will go into this in greater detail.  Does it have to be that way, are there other methods, if so then you’d better darn use them.

Start to question everybody and everything – if it does not gel with living in harmony with all things.   There’s your secret, that’s your answer.  You can’t even live in harmony with each other let alone all things.  Not at all, so maybe we’ll let you off on that one about living in harmony with each other, but learn to live in harmony with everything else that is around because if you don’t there won’t be any living.

Simple as that.  Your choice, your decisions.  It’s up to yo;u.

Thank you

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