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16/2/11 – The Green Man – The Feeding Frenzy

Okay, so we were talking about a feeding frenzy that has happened with so much of mankind, the dangling in front of all the little fancy implements and gee gaws, the mobile phones, the ipods all of this and so much more.  Indeed they have their place, they have their needs, but when you look at it, look around at it now, would you not agree it is a feeding frenzy.

“I must have the latest, I’ve got to have it, all my friends have got it, I need it”, and it has a a two fold effect, this bombardment from the outside, both in a physical form and in a mental form. For not only are the subliminals being played out all the time, as you all know it is getting very much to a state where human beings actually communicate with each less and less and less.

They’ll talk to their machine on the pretence that they are talking to somebody else, but don’t you thing the next logical step is going to be is to have a machine buddy and they’re already there.  Not only do you have your cyber world house and family, but now you’re going to have this machine buddy which accompanies you wherever you go, which listens to you, which will console you, which will do all the things that you wished a human being would do.

And why don’t they, because they’ve been driven away, as simple as that.  You no longer have any need for them, you have your machine, after all you’ve grown up from a babe playing with computers which get ever and ever stronger and now you have this wonderful little machine.

Friends, beware, because as with all these things and as we have said on many occasions the greatest lie is the lie that is 90 to 95% truth. Once you’ve got your little machine surely that is the greatest opportunity to manipulate, to control, mentally and indeed physically.  And if you are bombarded with all of these toys, these games, these play things, are two results.

One, we have already said there is little communication between you and two even more importantly, you no longer have time to think.

Silence is one of the greatest gifts – the opportunity to link within, but if you have all this going on around you whereby you can’t even walk down the street without having a pair of earphones stuck  into your ears or gazing at a blackberry, strange name, or whatever, there is no silence.

The only silence that comes, comes with sleep and sleep can be a dangerous thing.  If you find the time for silence to reflect within – one of the major things you are doing is to increase your inner strength, your inner awareness, your inner ability to be far more selective about what is going on around you to decide what you like and what you don’t like.

And when you are deprived of this, it is in many ways like being deprived of sleep.  You fall ill, not necessarily physically ill but in many ways, mentally ill.  You become aggressive, more self centred, you have less care about the effects that you’re having upon those around you.  You then become desperate, so you go seeking other human beings in what is already a very dicey state that you are in, a very mixed up state.

You go to pubs and clubs and we haven’t even touched on drugs yet.  Pubs and clubs and what do you have there.  Noise.  Nothing but loud noise.  That is all.  So you can’t communicate, you can’t think, but you can drink or consume other forms of drugs, all deadening the inner being.  All designed and contrived to make sure that you no longer can find the inner being and yet isn’t this so stupid because what happens when drugs, and we include alcohol in this, first consumed, it is to find the inner being and you get that touch, but it’s gone.  So you move forward to the next drink to get that  touch again and it’s gone and it’s moved.  It’s always one jump ahead.  It’s never within grasp until that no longer matters.  All that matters is the deadening effect of the drug in whatever form that stops you from thinking.

Friends, you can’t even begin to think, not under these circumstances and conditions.  It’s just not on and yet this is what’s needed because YOU are going to have to become responsible for yourselves.  You are going to have to be far more discerning if you wish to survive all of this.

You will have to take up the mantle of bringing humanity back to what it’s supposed to be. Me, little old me, me on my own, can I do it all by myself?                No of course not, not really but collectively it’s a different matter.

You see all these uprisings going on around at this time, collectively they have strength.  If one person stood in a town square and yelled out they would probably cart them off to a mental hospital.  If ten thousand or a hundred thousand stand there and do the same, it’s a very different matter, is it not.  But is all had to start with possibly one and grow to get to the stage of being ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million.

And so you are able to do this.  None of you  are beyond the level of being able to turn round and claim back your own being as your own right.  None of you, you have not made that final step yet, not if you’re still here.  Certainly not it you’re listening to this because already you have grave doubts about what is taking place around you.

There are many laments about the amount of aggression.  As we have already said, pubs, clubs, road rage, just people, just their attitudes as they walk through a street, barging through everybody.  What is it call, the New York Attitude, something like that.  They don’t talk to anyone they just get their shoulders in there and they go.

All of this has been placed there for a reason and that reason is to control you.

Now you may ask, what will happen if these unnamed, unknown and they are not, we will put that in there, they are well known these beings that control.  What happens if they take over my soul, will my body also be taken over.  Yes, sounds crazy but true.  But the bodies not important, it is as we know the clay and dust, we will concentrate on the soul.

So, one of these beings of which there are many all around you, you look around, they’re there, you will see them.  They’re not a tiny minority, not really.  You have a hundred people around you on a street corner, they’ll be there.  But they take my soul, that happens then?

Well, as we have already said, they cannot utilise it the way, they cannot get a free ride to euphoria or whatever they think they’re going to do, to the finer regions.  That cannot happen and as we’ve already said, nature cannot tolerate an abomination and neither can ALL THAT IS, for abominations were not a true and proper creation.  Abominations are exactly that, things that have been created by other beings solely for their own benefit and for no other reason.

So, suddenly if you like you can have this vision of this alien sitting on your soul riding forth, sounds rather funny and fascinating doesn’t it, but of course it cannot happen.  We’ve already said nature will destroy it.  Now the soul may be retrievable, but it’s going to be very, very sick.  It’s going to be in a very bad way, it has been contaminated from it’s centre outwards.

Most of you carry that central white light which is still pure, you can’t really see it, you can feel it, you can visualise it, you can imagine it, but it is there, that is your link back to the Godhead to all that is, in whatever form you see that.  That is the point, the linking point of the astral cord.  It is there.

But if that is gone, totally, utterly, there’s nothing but black, there is no going back.  There is no acceptance of that, there can’t be because it no longer exists.  It has been extinguished, even if you don’t know it.

But if there is still a glimmer of light in there, same as coming across someone who has collapsed, and there is still a faint breath, there is still hope and you work to bring them round, to repair them.  To man them well again.  To make them whole.  It can be done, but it’s not always the case.

That’s if for today, we’ll be back on Monday.  Goodbye

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