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16/2/11 – The Green Man – Why are you helping us?

Okay, well the Element of Water is well and truly represented today is it not as you sit out here hearing it pound upon the roof.

We have been asked a question – Why are we concerned enough to want to help you? The simple answer to that is we’re not, but as with so many things this becomes far more complicated.  Collectively you’re a blight upon the Earth, a plague that needs to be removed, or changed so it lives more in harmony and less in contempt to what is around.

Collectively that is how we see it and the latter part as far as we’re concerned we do question – is it really worth the effort, is it worth the time, is it worth the energy to even try and get you to comprehend, to look at yourselves, at what you’re doing and what you’re creating, even of what you’re not creating.

But there is a trap as is so often the case.  We come in distrust, contempt and fear, but as we get to know the individual we get to like them.  We see a very different picture to the one that is a generalisation and doesn’t this also show up as far as you’re concerned with the manipulation of your media.

The unknown beings and we’re talking about humans here, probably of another religion or  from another country or another race, the way collectively they are painted.  And yet when you have the and often the case luck or pleasure of meeting the individual you find they’re not like that at all.  Collectively there maybe a trait, individually a different matter.

And so this trap has been sprung, so now we would dearly love to sit back and basically watch you destroy each other but hopefully to do that with as little effect upon the earth itself as is possible.  But now as we look deeper, as we see more, as we understand more, we realise that there is within the vast majority of you, a deep, deep need that is being withheld from you, of things that are being withheld from you.

Your awareness of yourselves, your own spiritual power, the truth if you like, whatever form that may take and when we start to see what has happened to you over so long, then hatred turns to pity.  It is still a far away, long way from love and will remain so because your track record does not inspire that emotion.  But hopefully pity is one step up from hatred and distrust.

For a long while we had mused upon WHY you had been allowed here, WHY you had been allowed to become what you have become.  But as we have got to learn more, as we have got to understand more, we too begin to see the enormous mountain, as an analogy, that was placed in front of you, over which you had to climb and the further you climbed, the steeper it got, with many falling off and having to start again.

And in many ways like so many others, we become in awe of what you have been prepared to set before yourselves to do, to acquire that which could not be acquired in any other form.  To put it into words which you can understand, the ruthlessness that is necessary and yet reflects back on the negative, the determination, exactly the same.  Positive and negative.  So much more and therefore maybe we too just have a little glimmer of why you are important, why you need to be here and why you need to be saved.

We begin to understand that as spiritual beings you did not have to take on this task, you chose to, many of you coming back time and time and time again, trying to improve.  Each time sliding backwards, or crawling forwards, but never stopping.  That wonderful tenacity that is inherent within you.

It is a very powerful thing and rather a shock to begin to understand just a little bit of your workings and maybe what can happen is that if we can come together as a team, we can improve things, we can get things done which otherwise seem inevitably lost.  Maybe we can renew that which has been destroyed.  Maybe we can refresh that which has been contaminated.

We truly hope so.

With the element of rain beating down upon us, or water element, rain water whatever you wish, we’re going to leave it at that for today but ponder on this as we do.

Consider how you may be able to make that first step if you so desire towards a reconcilliation and maybe from there on many steps forward.

Thank you

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