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16/3/1999 – Our Lady takes us on a journey showing the damage to the ley lines.

(We would like to clarify that this channelling from ‘Our Lady’ is our own personal reference to this feminine energy who speaks to us  on many topics, but not to be confused with the Christian Mother Mary or Our Lady Mary.   We don’t use names but refer to them by their energies and with this feminine energy we term her Our Lady because we feel she is)

We have a green glade this morning.  The ladies voice comes through and says “come with me, we have some exploring to do”.

She says, “Do you know why there are trees that seem to have special transportive energies”.  Is it the tree itself – no?  It is the spirit that lives and combines within the tree that allows this.

(She latched in from my mind on Charles de Lint and she says an awful lot of what he writes is true, but people would never believe it.  She said the moving from world to world and dimension to dimension is totally possible in the way that he has put it.  And yet people read these stories and see them as being fairy stories or even worse as being fiction.  She says they are not. She says I have read them through you, through your mind long after you have read them.  There is the capability of taking the whole book from your mind, believe it or not, but only when the person agrees.  And she doesn’t need to remind us that we have made an agreement and there are certain beings that can work with us and she is obviously one of them.)

She said just relax, just relax.   In this glade and at the end of it, not tall by any means, but huge in other ways, the tree of which I’m pretty sure is an oak tree.  It’s actual trunk, it doesn’t tower like those 300 foot monsters that we have here, or Canada, or the States, but from it comes an absolute pulsating energy.  It fills the glade and it fills the area where this is, I don’t know whether it is these days or olden days.  It is in Britain.

She says, it is still these days, but not upon the physical realm, it is upon the Elemental realm, for these trees were pulled down long ago and destroyed as man built houses for himself.  This is why we have chose this to show you just what can happen when people go ahead and destroy without any regard.

For I can see where she is going now, for any regard as to what happened.  She says this was a beautiful place, a place of superb energies and you can feel all the creatures around as much as they had to live on each other, to a degree they also lived in a very, very close knot, a form of harmony.

And the plants, everything around there is beautiful.  What I keep getting as I shoot forward if you like, or shoot into another dimension whatever, to what it is now it is  just concrete jungle and there is absolutely no energy – not that’s good.  There is no Elemental Energy, we’ll put it that way.  It has been totally and utterly destroyed, the trees are felled, the ground was dug up, and they ley lines have disappeared.

They,  she is showing them to me in front of my eyes where they are like a vein of blood, they’re withering and dying away and pulling away from that area for they can’t survive anywhere near it if they stayed there it is like a cancer, so they pull out.  Now that’s interesting because I certainly  didn’t know they could do that.

(Question – So what happens when the ley lines are broken – it must break the energy flow too?)

Yes, it changes, it has to divert around it and the more this happens the less ley lines there are there and the less ley lines that are there, the less healing and energies that are there to support the Earth.  This is very much like us, if we start to lose veins all over our body, we start to die.  And that is exactly what she was showing.

Yes, you have the picture perfectly.  She is showing other areas of huge mines, even in Australia and says don’t deny the aboriginals when they say that a certain place is sacred and she is using the uranium areas where there has been a lot of fuss about recently.  The true aboriginals know the worth of the area, they understand what happens when an enormous hole goes into these areas and destroys the flows.  The only way these can be repaired is by being filled with water and in these places this does not happen readily, in particular in Western Australia.

There are many of them who jump about the band wagon as you call it and will demand that every place is sacred and holy to them, it is not so, but she said the true elders know the sacred places and inevitably because of the energies that are there, so underneath there are minerals which man demands.

And because of the strength of the energies upon the surface, inevitably those minerals are close to the surface and readily mineable.  But man must understand what he is destroying each time he attacks one of these areas.

It is not every mine or every area where minerals are readily available, but it is a fact that frequently because of the energy flows and the attractions these flows have had over centuries and millenium, millions of years, that the materials that man wants, have been attracted to there and has been condensed there and formed into large blocks.  And so man with his machine attacks these, frequently it’s like taking a vein and just cutting it in two until it withers and dies.

Some of them are major veins and if we go back to Britain, so many areas have been under attack and some have been left.  She looks at the St Michaels Mount, Glastonbury – that huge ley line there and some of the others around and says that luckily these have not been too affected, but so many of the feeder lines to them have been totally destroyed, weakening their ability to protect the country.

That is why that country will go down.  So whatever else is said and the reasons that are given, the reality is that it will go under because the ley lines can no longer protect it.

(Question: – So hence the water and the reason that certain areas will to under, to heal?)

Yes, to change, to heal because the Earth has to heal her wounds and the more that mankind attacks and wounds her, the more she will have to change.  These are the reasons behind what is happening, whatever else you are told is immaterial.  As earthquakes and eruptions occur, the reasons are because the Earth is trying to remove the puss from it’s wounds and to recreate harmony in areas of great stress and friction.

(Question – It is certainly understandable and plausible and could it happen in the heavy industrialised areas in Europe and other places  around the world.)

She says that some of these areas are totally dead, as you have been shown before – lakes, rivers, forests, land masses have been completely destroyed.  They are there on the surface, they appear the naked human eye to be living.  They are not.  They are dying rapidly and should it be allowed to progress it would be like a cancer, working it’s way along the surface of the Earth, for as the people found that they could no longer support themselves in any form and that strange, unmentionable, horrible, forms of illness start to overtake them – so they would move away from the area of the cancer whereby contaminating the areas that they move into.

It may not have been them who created this problem, but the Sins of the fathers are inherited by the sons and daughters. And this is perfectly true when it comes to such problems as the Earth’s surface.

(Question – And the prognosis?)

There is no prognosis at this stage.  We wait, in the hope that sufficient people will understand and will begin to reverse it, for if we have to call upon the Mother herself to cleanse, then it will be totally catastrophic.

It can be done by an asteroid coming close or even hitting.  It can be done by a tilting of the Earth.  It can be done by huge volcanic eruptions and tsunami waves.  There are many ways that it can be achieved, but in doing so it will in many ways show the end of Human Kind upon this Earth and we have been instructed that we have to give it to the final second, the opportunity to reverse it’s process that it has taken until now.

(Question – Can I ask if there is a time frame – I know this is very difficult for you to say but..?)

The time comes very soon when all things must change.  There is no argument, there is no doubt, there is no indecision on this.  All things must change if they are to survive in what is a viable form.

(Question – So within the next 20 years?)

All things must change now.

(Question – One has to be very positive there but I can’t help but feel the doubt)

What she is saying is you can help, she says you can pass on this information on the internet – what is important is the message.

(Thank you so much and will work to the positive outcome).

Thank you beloved ones, until next time.  Goodbye


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