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17/11/98 – Zaarg – Natural Time vs Gregorian Time

Hello it is I Zaarg here again as always at my Master and Mistresses wishes to communicate with you, for we missed last week as you were talking to they, which at the time was more important.  But now we are back towards my providing you with the information that you require.  I understand you do not have questions at this time but would prefer me to talk about ourselves and exactly what we do and where we go.

Now this is not quite so easy for where does one start?  If you asked for a start you would probably begin at your earliest memories and yet within our realms, memories such as these are not relevant.  For you must remember that we also work in the place of No Time and it’s irrelevance is lost upon us, for it does not exist.  Our important aspects are what it does in respect to those that we work with and what we mean by this, is the time of night and day.

And this is all important along with the seasons which of course in many aspects brings us back into a form of a clock.  Very similar to the one that you work with – but not quite the same.  Working very much through the seasons, the solstices and the equinox or the equinii (as he calls it) and through the height of the sun during the day and the travelling of the moon at night.

Now, this may appear to be a parody when we say that your time has no meaning to us and yet our time when we look at it which appears to be very similar, has great significance.  So is there a difference because what is said implies that there is a difference between the two, and yes this is so?

It is extremely difficult to try to explain but I will try to do so.  For you work not in the natural harmony of things and this is really where the secret lies.  For those who knew worked with the same clocks, in the same harmony as ourselves.  These were changed in recent times i.e. the last 2,000 years with Gregorian calendars and the change in the actual time itself, throwing you totally out of contex with us.

This was completely intentional on behalf of those who did so, for they knew that by moving this out a fraction of a wave, if one can imagine the waves flowing from the various points of reference – by getting out of synchronisation it made  it far more difficult for those on our realms to communicate with yours.

So instead of you following the natural sequences and systems which have been in place forever, the time of planting, the time of reaping, the time of sowing, the time of rest, the height of the sun, the height and depth of the moon – all these things which control and operate how our people work, became less than relevant to you.

What became more important were the dates put upon your calendars by those who put in that influence.  And the time which later began to show within your clocks and within your watches upon your wrists. So you look upon your watch now and you say whatever the time may be.  It be X past 1 or whatever it the relevant time.  We look at the sun and say it is nearly at it’s highest point.  So within the day itself, our important times are the awakening of the day, the birth of the day, the height of the sun and the decline of the day into the night.

It is irrelevant whether there are clouds, for one can feel these things even though there is a great depth of cloud.  That is not important, what is important is the time flow itself as it takes place.  You manipulate and change your times.  In particular you manipulate and change the seasons, rather than allowing them to work in with us in harmony.

If we cannot change, for we work what is the natural cycle, if you were all prepared to change, to rise at sunrise, to bed as and when ready after sunset, to work within the natural cycles of the days, of the years and allow these to come naturally to you in an open and harmonious manner, you would find then that we would be far more contactable.

A barrier was placed there intentionally.  A barrier to stop the two sides from communicating in harmony, and as we say it is like two waves out of synchronisation.  When in synchronisation, in full synchronisation they are strong.  When out of balance, so they affect each other quite dramatically, but negatively reducing any form of power that may have been there before.

Do you both understand what is being said here?  (Yes we do thank you) Do you have any questions with this in mind?

(I do wonder whether it would be relevant at a later point to discuss who changed the time but if that is thought to be irrelevant then that’s find to bypass it?)

It was done within your Christian calendars.

(That’s interesting, I didn’t realise that they  had that knowledge)

Of course they did.  It’s as the channel has just said, if you were to look within the underground archives of those relevant places, you would find much that may appear on the surface and is on the surface to be totally irrelevant is well understood.  That does not mean that it will be adopted, it does not mean it will be accommodated, it does not mean that it will be allowed, but it is understood. And if it does not suit their purpose they will then do everything within their minds and their hearts to ignore it.

Yes, just as you are saying to me with respect to the moon and planet shots, for all departments that rely on power require the ability to be able to manipulate and control in order to maintain that power.  Truth and reality have little reference with these in mind.

You are asking, ‘are we aware of those that you term the Greys as having walked up0n your earth for some time?’  Yes, of course, not necessarily have we defined them as being different from yourselves.  For to us, all who walk, shall we say upon two legs and are physical and have certain attributes, are know to be human and as humans in recent times, we have found the ability to communicate has been less than satisfactory, for many reasons which we need not go over again or cover here.

But are we aware of these beings you call the Greys, who in fact vibrate differently to you?  Yes, we are aware.  Do we under normal circumstances differentiate between the two?  No, we do not, we do not think that this is necessary for all in their own way are a threat to our harmony and this is why we return back once again to that most important aspect and that is the manipulation of time and seasons and place.

(Can I interrupt there just for a moment – I don’t know whether it could be relevent, but we know that whomever they may be, have done many experiements regarding the warping of time and going within interdimensions, for example the Philladelphia and Mantaulk experiements.  Have they done much damage within the fabric of Earth and your realms?)

Every time such an experiment takes place that is outside of harmony it is the equivalent to many mighty atomic bombs being detonated at the same presence and time and place.

That is how strong the magnitude of these meddlings are.  They place things, how can we explain, tis like taking everything upon the earth individually, jumbling it up, putting it into one huge bag or space where you can turn it over and churn it and churn it and churn it and then throw it down upon the floor.

And from that we have to pick up each individual piece and start afresh, putting it together once more.  Yes, when these things have taken place, they have been absolutely abhorrent and do not believe that they only took place on that area called Long Island, you have had certain areas within Australia itself, in particular the one in central Australia, Pine Gap and t he one at Exmouth where similar work has taken place.  Totally under the guise as being used as radar stations, so the effect here also has been just as traumatic as what it has been in other areas.

(No wonder you have no love of humanity, I understand they have shaken the balance to a chaotic, destructive factor.)

They have indeed in many of those areas around the world where these have taken place.  The fact that it was removed from the back door step of the city of New York does not mean that they stopped doing the work.  Some was moved here, some was moved to other places, other islands in the Pacific.  Another would be American Somoa.

(Roger speaking here – he is implying what they did, it’s me here very much, I think you can tell the difference in the voice anyway.  What they did, what he is showing me, what he is telling me is that they moved out of there and they took over these stations.  It is still a period as though they are being controlled by the military because that to the local people signalled no change, right, but in fact there was enormous change.)

Roger – Thank you my friend for being with us and look forward to next time.  Thank you.



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