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17/4/2012 – Zaarg – A Message from the Elemental Kingdom

17/4/2012  – Zaarg  – A Message from the Elemental Kingdom

The Earth is it not is a beautiful place and at one time you were beautiful beings and this meant that us as various groups were able to work together in nigh on perfect harmony for so long.  The Earth Mother herself, us, the elementals her children, the other creatures in all their forms and you.  And for a long time, not only did we work side by side, we worked hand in hand and between us all we made what was a beautiful place, even more beautiful if that was possible.

You acknowledged all that was around for what they were and for the rights that they had to be here. Under no circumstances did you try and utilise any other creatures for your own benefits or for your own profits apart obviously for the logical one of food and sustenance.  And being the kind of planet that this is, sustenance is required and necessary, not just for you to prey upon certain animals, but for certain animals to prey upon others, and down the chain to the minutest form of plankton.

 The important thing about this was and still should be, that it is in harmony.  For a long time the growth in the number of human beings upon the planet was very slow and generally steady and we saw you through the millennia slowly grow in strength and yet we felt no threat, for had we not all worked together for so long. 

But a day was to come when that was to change, we cannot tell you where, when, or how, all we know is that it did happen.  The change was so imperceptible that initially nobody noticed it, but slowly, very, very slowly your attitude towards the rest of us changed, instead of being equals, we became less thans.

 Instead of being acknowledged as friends, we were shunned.  Not only shunned but whenever possible utilised for your own personal benefits.  This was never in the plan, but it happened.  We know why and that story is being told at the moment, the story we give you here is a different one, it is a story of how things were, how they should be.

 There were two pivotal points in the change, the first one we have just given, the second one was the day that one baby too many was born.  The balance was broken, the minute increases suddenly became a roaring wave of reproduction and with that came the scrabble to ensure that more and more of your kind lived longer and longer. 

 It is still possible for you to have the number of beings that you have upon this earth and for us to all be in harmony, if only you would acknowledge what was around you.  If only you would accept us for what we are, rather than having driven us into the deepest, darkest possible places both physically and within your minds and then try to seal it over and ignore what the true reality is.

If you are prepared to be a little bit more thoughtful when you plunder our forests and when you plunder our water.  If you thought a little more and grabbed a little less, maybe we can come back into your reality.  Maybe we could teach you how to work in harmony.  How to work in balance, how not necessarily to expect everything, but to accept that which is needed, rather than that which was wanted. 

 This could happen, but you have to make the move.  We are so few in number in comparison and we are so far out of your reality it is beyond our capabilities, but it is within yours.  We come back to what we said at the beginning of this talk, you were beautiful creatures, beautiful beings. You can be again it is not beyond the realms of possibility, it is not beyond your capabilities.  You can do it.  Why not try it, why not give it a go.                  

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