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18/2/11 -The Green Man – What are the Governments getting out of this?

Okay, the last session we ran through all those carrots or some of them anyway that are being dangled in front of humanity in order basically to control, to have total domination.  In many ways friends and I’d like to call you that now, you would be better being one of the so called heathens sitting in the highlands of wherever, away from all these influences, maybe putting up with  toothache, short life expectancy, difficult birthing procedures, but the one thing you would be in YOU>

That you would not be having all these influences around you.  You would be living with nature.  Sure seen as heathens can be seen as being very backward and form a Westernised perspective this is perfectly true, but they are so far ahead of you when it comes to knowing about themselves and they would have every right to view you and probably do, in exactly the same way as being backward, heathen and very unfortunate for all that you have. all that you offer.

But really all we’ve covered so far and we cannot go into too greater depths, because these things would go on for years and it would become very boring for all.  We have not covered the next step, we’ve covered the individual but what to the governments get out of this.  Are you silly enough to think that the same thing wouldn’t happen there, that there aren’t forces working behind the governments, directing them in their own ways, their own needs and what they the powers beyond want.

When you start to look back now at certain things that have happened in the last fifty years in particular the big threats of communism, the threats of all your money being taken away by a huge collapse and so many more.  It is really if anything should cover this age, it should be covered as being the Age of Fear for that is where everything has gone.

You look back those of you who can remember, to the Cold War, now you look at it in the distance it seems very unrealistic, very unlikely.  At the time it was very different, there was enormous amount of fear, fear of the Atomic Bomb, fear of Global Warfare and we’re not talking about World Wars here, we’re talking about global war and now you look back and you see the information that is being uncovered and you start to think what drove those people that were put in power to make those decisions, basically on all sides.

Who or What made them do such what have become seemingly insane acts of aggression, sabre rattling, whatever you want to call it, posturing, all of those.  The Wall came down, we then had to have another big threat, one little country in the so called Middle East, perfect for it.  Make him up to be the world threat, make sure you put him there first.  Give him these delusions of grandeur, set him up and he becomes the next threat, next threat of the world, more fear.

Ten years down the track even more fear as aircraft strike in New York and so it goes on and what is the one thing that’s been created all this time, nasty little four letter word beginning with F …Fear.  To those that control it is like a drug, it’s like food, it’s like nectar, the nectar of the Gods if you like.  The more fear there is the more they can draw it in.  The more they can use it, the stronger they become, so the more they create it and when it’s not looking too smart about aggression, they use a different fear.

A fear of financial loss, a fear of potential global contamination by various viruses taking over, killing many, many millions.  All the time that fear is there and it has NOT finished.  Somewhere along the line be aware of another fear that will inevitably crop up, a fear of Alien Invasion.  Is it any more realistic than all these others, we’re not going to give you the answer.  We’re going to ask you to find out inside what you truly believe and that’s a good first step in all of this, to walk away from it.

So, control of the individual, control of many of the governments, with a carrot there and a stick, the carrot still being the potential to have a greater fire power in whatever form that may be than your opposition.  To be able to overcome them, to destroy them, to take their countries whatever, that’s the carrot.

Isn’t that a wonderful carrot. Can you imagine such a thing coming from beings who really had your interest at heart, ’cause if so, if they do have your interest at heart, surely they’re not going to live on fear.

And governments are stupid enough to believe that these beings and they’ve been well documented throughout time, go look at some American Indian information, we’re not going to give it all to you.  You’ve got to do some work for yourselves.  These guys we’re talking through, they know what we’re about, go look and see what they say, what they believe, and they are just but one indigenous race, but still so much closer to the earth and all that is around than westernised humans are or can be.

So they offer a carrot to one side, the carrot to the other side and u the ladder, up the ladder, up the ladder until there is no way of coming down.  They’re trapped, just the same, just the same as you are in what seems to be an inevitable spiral of ever increasing tension and fear with enormous pressure on the individual.  Be it the speed with which electronic wizardry is multiplying in it’s powers, be it the fear because of all of these things, of losing one’s job and one’s respect.

Self respect, family respect, being able to look after your families.  There are many different fears and not all have been played out fully yet and now it is time to see them for what they are, a manipulative tool and to not allow them to have that effect upon you.

Will there be fallout when they happen, of course there will but surely if there are sufficient people there to push back a little bit, rather than running with the fear, saying the enemy are coming and just running willy nilly, if there are sufficient to stand there and start to build a defence then friends, you have started well.  You are going in the right direction.

One area we haven’t covered up until now is the balancing side, as we made mention the other day, the Good Angels.  Are they there? Oh yes indeed they are.  Are they a talk for today?  No but next time we hope to continue on.

Thank you

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