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19/3/11 – The Green Man – Look at the track record of the Big Companies?

Okay, we have spoken a lot about the human beings propensity to dispurse garbage willy-nilly with absolutely no consideration for anybody or anything else.  You really need to look at the major companies of the world and in particular those that are headed in your concern, across the Atlantic across the Pacific in the north and as far as Europe’s concerned, across the Atlantis to the west.

Follow their track records, not necessarily by any means or any shape or form within what are termed Westernised areas, but look at what they do elsewhere.  In particular to poor Africa, because of what it is, it is raped continuously by these companies.  Not only is it raped, it is given total violation, it is left in an absolute mess, no medication if you like, no clean up.  They do this because they can get away with it in those areas because there is not a great enough voice for concern, for it to reach the massive population.  They do it because they can, because they are unfettered, they are beyond control.

Now having said that, if they can do that to such a continent and others, they same thing is beginning to happen in South America, as you know very well it has happened in the sub-continent of India and would most definitely happen in China if they could get anywhere near it.

Find out who those companies are.  You know a lot of them are oil, a lot of them are pharmaceutical then trace back if you can their history, their beginnings, find out who started them, where, when, how?  Over the years inevitably these companies have gobbled up many others but there was a starting point.

Find out who that person was and you might start to get an idea of where all of this is coming from and those we’ve spoken about who do not have your interest at heart.  Now in certain circumstances as we’ve just been reminded, not everyone who’d have started a company as such in those days would be or should be painted with such a brush.  Certainly not, tis very easy for someone to have started something with the best of intents and then for it to have been taken over from them and this also needs to be taken into consideration.

But you’ll find a pattern emerges and a very frightening, horrible pattern of domination at any price with no respect, no recall and absolutely no intention of creating any form of replacement or clean up behind them.  But at the moment Africa is the dumping ground of all these places.  It is stripped of it’s assets, it is destroyed willy-nilly and as we’ve said this is done because they can do it.

They have no social conscience, none whatsoever.  Unless they are brought to task and it is the job of the so called Westernised beings to bring them to task, to force them to redress that which they have destroyed.  To clean up behind themselves.

Because whatever you may think, you have that power to be able to do that, to be able to stand up as one and say “that is enough”.  It’s very, very what’s the word that we should use here, popular at the moment, that’s not really the word we want but it’s close enough, to jump on the social band wagon and to be green.

It’s the now thing, but in general Green as far as these Greenies are concerned also has a much deeper agenda and tends no to spread to places like South America and Africa and still to a degree India.  Those are the areas that need to be looked after, those are the areas where it is easiest at the moment to say, stop, no more, you will abide by the same rules that you abide with elsewhere or you will not be allowed.

Behind this of course, masses of corruption especially to the leaders of those countries and their minions.  It is easier to pay off, it is much easier to slip a million dollars into a despots hand than it is to spend ten or a hundred times that amount where you should be if you are socially responsible and they are not.

Now we have started touching on the oil side and we have also at this stage mentioned the pharmaceutical side, because of what’s happening now right at this moment,. we are going to cut but we will finish this on off on Monday also,

Thank you.

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