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19/6/2001 – Silver Connection – Being Flexible and speaking about Teenagers

Good evening beloved ones, how are we both this evening?

(Very well thank you and welcome.)

Yes, it is a day we cannot be outside due to the weather, for we are inside and it is evening time, so there is no daylight for you to look out and enjoy at the moment, but there again flexibility is an important factor in all things.

It is one of those unfortunate areas of humanity where inflexibility becomes so paramount in so many areas, in so many ways, in so many forms of thinking, of believing, of talking, of acting, of being and when this happens of course it is very much a form of detriment, tis detrimental.

For one of the most finest aspects of t he spiritual beings that become human, are their abilities to be flexible because if they were not, they would not be here as you would see it, or there as we would see it.  It matters not, these are just words, they would not become physical if they were not flexible.

For after all what are they doing?  They are if you like flitting between places of being, from physical to spiritual, from spiritual to physical.  And when they move from the spiritual to the physical, they bring with them part of their spirituality.  When you go back to being spiritual, they take with them their awarenesses, their memories, their experiences of being physical, right.

And that is the way it should be, but for all if they would then take with them when they become physical the flexibility which is inherently theirs, it is inherently yours to be flexible.  Have we not just proved this by what we say.  How many other beings can be or are that flexible?  Of course you know the answer, not to this and neither do we in truth, but it would seem a very limited amount for whatever reason.

Because one of the biggest changes there can be, is the change from being spiritual to being physical, to being spiritual again, yes and it does demand at various stages the ability to be able to overlook all things, to be expansive in one’s looks and once again to use that word, to be flexible, to have the flexibility to be able to cover all these aspects of oneself.

But what happens – they land upon the earth, boom.  Here again, a naked screaming baby and within such a short period, all the flexibility seems to be leeched out of so many.  If they maintained that flexibility they would retain so much more knowledge for a start.  Now notice we did not say they give it away, that they lose it.  Our words of ‘being leeched out’ were quite important.  In other words it is sucked out, right.  That is a leeching is it not, it is a draining away.

Frequently without the agreement of whatever it may be when it is drained away from it right.  It happens, it just is and in this case it is more than that, it is desired, it is desired for.  Take away the flexibility of the being and the being becomes yours, yes.

Give them strict guidelines, strictures within which they most operate, so you say and they will cause few problems, they will become just like the cows or the sheep in the field.  They can be herded, they can be farmed for whatever purpose.  You think about it, you may complain about a particular black and partially four legged creature that which made your lives rather miserable when you first came here (a rouge steer). But look at it another way, it had flexibility, it thought, it broke out of the mould, it was not prepared to stay within the confined if was given was it not.

(Oh no) It was rather unfortunate it’s demise, but even so you were not capable of handling it and what happened afterwards was a matter of being.  It became not your responsibility, but you see the point here.  Can you see yourselves as being like this, white face, black being, that you are becoming difficult, you are demanding to look beyond the strictures within which you are expected to operate.  That you are becoming flexible within your minds rather than being so blinkered that you have no opportunity to do other than what you are expected, or told to do, other than what is expected of you , right.

And this of course starts to show the reasoning for so many religions as they operate now, strictly within vague given guidelines, all of them demanding that you believe that they have the god given right because they were given by god, yes.  If so a very small ‘g’ in that word.  And expecting your total obedience, observance, your total attention, 10% of your cut, their cut from your wages, whatever as long as you don’t think.  Oh dear, so what needs to happen.  More and more need to come in with the awareness and retain as much as it possible do they not.

But what happens, they come in, they see what is wrong and they fight against it.  Now being young in physical terms and after all that is where all is judged, they fight against it in the only way they know how and they put many backs up in doing so.  They upset many people because they cannot necessarily any more than you can all the time, put into words, why.  You too, often operate on feelings.  If you were asked to then transfer these feelings into words, you find it nigh on impossible, yes.

And yet you expect that from others, half or a third of your ages.   Is that fair?  (No) So when they give their families a rough time, yes indeed often it is done for less than altruistic reasons in any form, but there are those who truly are wishing and demanding the changes be made that are advantageous for all concerned.  And yet not knowing how to voice these changes, how to get others to understand and if you cannot listen, then who can.

We are talking teenagers beloved ones.  Teenagers yes, in particular and some of those have been on television twitching your feelings yes.  Not all are in the category that we are talking about, but some are and they need to be listened to.  They need to be heard, they need to be understood, for after did not Roger last night say doubtless somewhere along the line this will be brought up and discussed.

Well, it has come about rather sooner than what you expected, yes.  And as he is saying now, he had no intention of this, it was not part of the agenda as he sat down but it is part of our agenda that you can sit there and believe yourselves to be so alienated, that what they do is totally incomprehensible to you and yet this is not so, right.

(I guess a lot of it seems to be a lack of respect but the respect can’t be given if it hasn’t been reciprocated.)

It has not been earned any more than you would ever consider giving respect and remember that what we have here is also a being that is turning around and saying, “I refuse to be two faced, I will not pretend to give respect, when I do not and when I do not think it to be worthy of,” right.  And is that not fair enough.

(Sure that’s fair but some of them seem to be..) Oh belligerent, just for belligerents sake, yes.  (I guess the fine line is being able to …) The fine line is you, opening up and seeing beyond.  If you can do it with older beings, ready once more as they would to meet their makes, if you can do it with trapped semi-spiritual beings who have not been able to leave the planes that they should have left long before, then surely you can do it with teenagers, you can do it with youngsters.

Teenagers are not totally incomprehensible even though you may think so at times.  After all is it not better to see them as being the world to be and helping, rather than seeing them as being totally alien and shutting off to all that they  have to say, because not all of it can be wrong can it.  (No)

Maybe we had better leave it tis evening for he is becoming quite vocal is he not and quit demanding in whatever it may be he desires, and it is far more difficult to understand what a cat needs than it is if one wishes to understand what a teenager needs.

(Thank you very much for coming, it has been really nice to have you here.()

It is our pleasure as always and it is such a delight to be in this place with you, until our next time very soon beloved ones.  As always our love and our blessings to you both until next time.  Goodbye.


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