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21/2/11 – The Green Man – The Good Angels – Our Guardian Angels

Okay a little glitch then away we go we start our recording.  So we finished off the last recording with a little tempter about the Good Angels and where they stand in this.  So in many ways we will continue on using the basis of the Bible in it’s various forms, New Testament, Old Testament, Christian, Jewish, as the defining article on what we’re talking about.

So first off let’s define Angels.  Now we can consider over the centuries and the millennia that it was extremely difficult for mankind to even comprehend especially with all the contra information that mankind was given, to comprehend that they are ANGELS in their own right.  So therefore, for the vast majority Angels became special beings, one step down from the Godhead if you like.

And yet as the two who record this know only too well and as no doubt many others do, these so called Angels, who are beings very, very, very similar to you and we’ve been there before haven’t we, and exactly very, very, very, similar using it about the so called Dark Angels.

Many of them who have never been physical are in total awe of you, in being prepared to run the risk if you like of all that can happen by becoming physical.  So if we can from this, place them on a proper level, a level of equality, we may start to get a better perspective as to who and what they are.

Some have and will be again, have been rather and will be again, physical, others never have been but they are souls of energy totally linked to yourselves but operating in different realms.  You’ve all heard so often about your Guardian Angel and 99.9% of you doubtless hope that your Guardian Angel is a good Angel, right and there’s always that 0.1% that would like it to be the other way and unfortunately they get lots of press coverage, whereas the other side get very little press coverage but that tends to happen in so many areas, in so many things.

So we have or we’re look at two different forms of Angels if you like, the good and the bad.  Now as your Bible has portrayed, the Bad Angels fell from grace, we have covered this, lightly, far from deeply but sufficiently to give you an indication as to what we’re talking about.

The Good Angels if it suits you, sit on their clouds playing their harps, of course they don’t.  They are spirit beings still with work to do, just the same as you have, still learning, still ascending if you like, still growing, expanding, becoming more that what they are at the moment.  And that really is the job of so many beings, to do that, and in many ways you can define the difference between certain beings who are not there for that purpose and those who are.

And really that is where the definitions should stop.  Are you prepared to say that a slug or a snail or the tiniest fish in the ocean do not have the right to expand and become more, of course not, they do have that right and it should continue in your terms, forever.  Just as you have that right.

But we digress, back to Bad Angels and Good Angels.  Bad’s do we really need to dwell upon them, been there for enough weeks and enough talks now and unfortunately and is so often the case in these things, the press coverage for the Good side is so much less, so much shorter than for the bad side.  A great shame and yet so very true.

So many of you believe that you have a Guardian Angel and that yes, there are good Angels looking after you.  Ignore our definition of them, accept them as Angels if that is where you are prepared, happier to be.  they are not here to feed off you in any form, be it fear, be it harvesting, be it anything of the sort.  They are here to assist in your growth.

Now can you imagine somebody coming up to you and saying “I am here to help you to become more of yourself”.  Now surely if they were honest in that you should grasp it with both hands and yet so rarely is this the case.  It’s highly unfortunate that unless they are prepared to give you something that will give you domination over others, whatever form of power it may be, status, money, arms.  If they’re not prepared to give you that, then in general they are rejected.  And this is a terrible, terrible injustice to both sides, both to them and to you.

You have this wonderful opportunity to expand, to take yourselves for what you can be and to become that being.  Unfortunately, here once more the training has come in from so many decades and beyond, so many centuries of control by an outside force.  For so long it was the Churches in their many guises basically saying, you leave us to look after your spiritual side and just do as we tell you, that’s the pay off.

In latter times as the churches have become less powerful on the masses, this has moved to the governments and now really the deal is for the governments to take this over, to run this mantle, to become responsible for you and what do they get out of it.  Exactly the same as what your Churches got out of it, nothing different.

Is it Positive, you make that decision for yourselves?  Do you feel it is right, or do you feel that you should or need to be responsible for your own actions, for who you are, for what you have become??

In many ways, it is very easy to blame it on your parents, on the state in which you were brought up, lack of money, lack of love, lack of so many things, to blame it on your peers, on your siblings, on your country, rather than standing back and saying “I am myself as I stand because that is my responsibility to be so whether it be good, right or indifferent”.

And so unfortunately the good Angels have had a pretty rough time of it.  They have tried to very hard to advise, to assist, to help and for many, many occasions this has worked, but in general unfortunately it hasn’t.  And so like all good best friends, the only thing they can do is to sit back and wait, wait for you to come to your own realisations, wait for you to contact them, wait for you to ask for help.

Can you imagine another scenerio, and this is a true one.  No names, where this couple well versed in channelling were suddenly asked to have a connection with these particular beings at a time when channelling was at it’s zenith in strength and the information that was coming through.  The first thing that flashed through their minds is, what are we going to get out of it, and the answer to that was, nothing tangible, we just want to talk to you.  We want to experience your world through yourselves.  And so they wonder what can we get back.  And again thew answer is given, nothing tangible.

But they decided to go ahead and a wonderful connection was made with beings that under normal circumstances would find in nigh on impossible to communicate with humans in their physical realm.  At the end of the communication period, the two humans were left bereft in their grief for their loss and yet had they been given more money.  No.  Had they really been given an increase in information that could be used to empower themselves.  No.  But what they knew they had been given was so very special, so deep inside, so strong, but it was way above any of those things and that my friends is what your Guardian Angels can give you.

And we’re not saying that these beings were Guardian Angels, they were not, but you have the opportunity to climb to those realms, to touch those heights if you like.  To communicate and to become stronger, more positive being, more in control of your own selves.

That is really where all these talks are going, that we wish you to take control because only then when you drop the veils from your eyes, and there are far more than seven.  Only then will you really be able to see what is going on around you and why.  But always question, always question.

There is a lot more we could say about the positive Angelic beings, they have done so much and as is so often in these cases, the publicity is a little bit scarce if you like and yet they have kept things in control. They have stopped things from getting totally out of hand, but under the parameters under which they work, they can only do so much.  They cannot take control of you, your thoughts or your actions, unlike the baddies.  They can just be there, helping, guiding, assisting, they cannot tell you what to do and they will not tell you what to do.  But they can be the best friends that you have ever had.

Okay, now tempter for next time.  Spaceships hanging up in the skies waiting to take you away, ha ha.  Okay.

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