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21/3/11 – The Green Man – What is Oil?

Okay, so we were talking about pharmaceutical companies and the oil companies and just with the tracking we know of one pharmaceutical company back here where the channelling was received, the facts and the information are to say the least quite fascinating and certainly start  to confirm our beliefs and opinions of what has happened there.

Now let’s move to oil and to waste, sewerage if you like.  Basically every living thing has a system of drawing in, using and then expelling the results of that energy.  Animal Kingdom, fish, insects, all easily to see the results of this process.  Plant Kingdom not so easy to see, but still there.

Now, if we consider that the Earth is living, they you would think that logically it too has it’s own process with regard to these matters and indeed it does.  One of the most interesting as far as you’re concerned is Oil.  Waste not, want not yes.  But you are using a by-product just as you would use by-products of your own effluence and do.  As regards your own products there is nothing wrong with this, but oil is a different matter because unless it is processed properly, as is indeed with the others, it has the ability to be able to turn round and bite back.

And that is precisely and exactly what it is doing to the Earth, it is biting back.  It is not processed properly.  Is not processed cleanly.  Is not utilised in an acceptable form and the way it is biting back is it is cloaking the Earth in a manner which starts to choke.  You’re seeing the results of this now.  You’re seeing what’s going on there, what’s happening that in it’s own way it is strangling the Earth.

Now if something suddenly happened like that to you, suddenly you’re in a house and you smell gas you do two things, you get away from the problem and/or you solve it.  Call in a gas company, check the taps whatever it maybe that is required, but you solve it before it becomes any worse.  HEED THAT. Think about it.

Then ask yourself, why are they so intent, these megalithic companies in using Oil.  As you know for decades indeed many decades, there have been stories in particular of engines that could be produced that did not require oil.  Everyone’s heard these stories and how people were either bought out and/or disappeared. We tell you nothing new because there is so much invested in this pollution creating in many ways evil sewerage product from the Earth.

She cannot pour it out anywhere else, so she has to store it.  You find it, you use it.  Tessler was another great example of creating energy without the need for oil – derided, ignored until he died a broken man

They are determined at all costs, at all costs. Shall we say not cost to them, but cost to you and cost to the Earth.,  At all cost to continue the refining of oil and the production for those in control and in charge of obscene amounts of money.  The monies very useful to a degree, but when it gets to be so much then you have to look at the hidden agenda.   You have to look at what’s going on underneath, what is that.

Their determination to actually do everything they can to destroy the Earth and as the same time to blame it on to you.  Well, you use it, you demand it, you wish it.  You use it because it is there, you demand it because you know of very little else that can substitute for it.  And they have created all of these patterns including the vast consumption of energy that now takes place on this Earth and yet at all times is slowly, slowly choking.

See, they don’t care.  They’re not after your Earth, they’re not like some of these programmes “V” and others which have their own place, they’re not interested in the Earth.  They’re interested in YOU.

What happens to the Earth to them is immaterial, in fact in many ways they would prefer to see it destroyed, no memory, gone, voom.  It’s happened to others, asteriod belts, etcetera.

But you were placed on this Earth for multi reasons – growth, knowledge, awareness and as Guardians.  Another reason for them to destroy it, to take that away from you.  That Guardianship, know down all your defences and then they  have you in their grasp and totally in their control.

Think about this, think about them strongly?  Consider if we’re right and if we are right, what are you going to do about it?

Thank you

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