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22/12/1999 – Silver Connection – The Solstice and Prophecies

22/12/1999 – Silver Connection – The Solstice and Prophecies

(Although these are old channellings and on the eve of the new millenium,  we have been asked to post them as the messages are timeless and still relevant for our times.)

Greetings beloved ones on this most beautiful of mornings, the dawn of change.  As you well know tis not a clock or calendar that sets the variations, the sun, the earth and the moon themselves and today is the first step into the next year and due to the energies given to it by human beings and the prophecies, the awarenesses are very important and a special time for all.

Including and indeed especially for yourselves, for you will find that there will now in particular be great increases of change in your energies and your priorities and also change in their own way as to what is needed, what is right, what is necessary.

They will become more in line with the true inner beings that you are for although they are not far from this at the moment, please do not misunderstand us, but even more clarity and forethought will give you the ability to see even further into what human beings predicts as being the future.

But is in fact reality all way round nothing more, nothing less.  We are so very pleased that you could make it here today on this very special occasion, it didn’t matter whether it was yesterday or today, (the solstice) what was important was the communion between us all.  Let us just be and join our energies for a few moments.

Those who are aware know of the eruptions of these points of energy, these special points of energy taking place throughout and around your world.  Your own plus many, many others bursting forth, bringing in it’s own form of purity, of energy, of awareness to create a better platform on which to work.

One to counteract that which we know is going to be enforced within the new millenium, given the opportunity.  The enforcement of total and utter control and by that we do not just mean physical control – that is minor.  We mean spiritual in totality.  Churches may have tried for so long to have controlled the spiritual paths of so many human beings, but and this is why they have been so intent on destroying the native communications which are so much more aware of what is going on.

And what is taking place here is beyond that, but we say it is not the spiritual, it is not physical, it is of a spiritual, total control form.  In other words as we have said before, to take away your own lifeforce, your own spirituality and leave you as nothing and to use it, to utilise it.

Few are aware of the intents in these areas, many of course cry out about the media, the control of multinationals and such things – but we are taking this much further and far more, it is far more important.

What is in reality a physical life, but one of many hundreds, but what is the spiritual being inside – unique, special and if that can be taken over and controlled and destroyed, or manipulated, that is paramount.   The other is but nothing.

So all forces will be placed forward to ensure that this does not happen, as much as it is being tried and will not succeed.  There was a time when indeed it was more than possible, it was probable, it was likely – but not now, enough of you are aware if not of the whole scenerio, the whole pattern, at least of sufficient of it to try and do your utmost, your best to make sure that these forms of control do not take place, do not come about.

It is indeed again an exciting spiritual time, where those who have the strength and the fortitude, the awareness will succeed.  Those who do not, well may they wonder what will happen, for it will but be of their own being.  For should an extraterrestrial as you would see it being, try to take over the spirit, it can only happen if it is given willingly.

It cannot be forced away from you and some may be fooled into believing that what they see is the wonderful second coming of Christ or of Buddha,  it does not matter and they will be most vulnerable at this time, so therefore it is necessary that there are many of you who have sufficient awareness to keep control, full and utter control of your perceptions.  To ensure that there is a voice crying out saying, ‘Look, be careful, see what really is, not what you wish to see.  You have cried for so long that we are the ones, the fools who grab at anything, but look at you now.’

See it that way, not as a let us grab, let us join in, let us become part of this, for your discernment has been trained for so long and for such an occasion.  That it is important that there are those who will see and will speak out, and those who will learn and will follow and between them all will right from this earth, once and for all, those scurges that have attached themselves to it for so long.

For we know their time is short, they have little left.  This as has been said so many times before, is their final fling, their final opportunity to achieve the immortality that they gave away so very long ago.  Do you have any questions at all on this beloved ones?

(Question – No, I think you covered that rather beautifully and no doubt intime if one’s needing assistance and clarification it will come.)

We will as always be there, this is far more important than talking about those around you who have mislaid their path, truly,  this is the intent of this discussion, not to bring in other items which can be talked about in general at any time, in other words we are putting things into their importance, the contex of their importance.

(Question – So at this particular point I suppose it still once again is not clear as to the outcome of the New Year as far as the human condition and what will happen?)

It is a time of battle, it is still very much of course a time of change.  And in particular this year it is a time of awareness for those that can and will.  do not deny the possibility of a false prophet coming forth.  The third Anti-Christ as has been prophecied, for we have said where this is likely to lead and well may do so.

So be careful, but keep your councelling to yourselves at this stage until you understand more and more and you have your internet.  The time will come when groups will get together and will discuss and find that their feelings are so much alike, that we do not trust this being and why do we not trust him?  We say him, for it is a him and not a her.

It is because of this, this, this and this and all will find the similarities are quite remarkable and then the time will come to spread the word.  For the final surge of the religious zealot has yet to take place as is often the case at the time of change.  Those who fight the change itself make one last glorious stand prior to the disintergration of that sand castle upon which they built their foundation.

(Question –It really is like you the pride taking the fall of the ego, it really is played through the ego and that is going to be humanities downfall if one allows that to happen, but also I have heard before that they have prophecied that the Anti-Christ was up and running in the Middle East so it will be interesting to see.  I don’t know where he is coming from so will wait and see.)

That is what he will come forth.  The being has been born, yes.  He is growing in strength and stature, yes it has happened, it is there.  And many will flock, many will see and they will turn and curse you for not seeing what they see and not believing what they believe.

(Question – Has this been brought about by the New World Order?)

It is all control.   We have given you the reasons why on various occasions.  Now we will leave you for it is easy to bake within the sun under which you are sitting. But beloved ones, our love, our blessings as always are with you and remain with you at all times.  Know that thee are blessed and are in the light, please continue to do so.  Until next time beloved ones, goodbye.




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