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22/5/2000 – Silver Connection – Is There A Deva of Australia & Free Will

Greetings beloved friends, now where do we start this morning?  Shall we have a question and answer time, do you think that would be a good idea or is there any other track that you would like to follow upon?  We do know there are a couple of questions coming in with Roger but yourself, beloved Anne please do you have anything to start with that we can wet our appetites upon, for you often come up with some very interesting observations from your awarenesses of reading and listening?

(I have a question regarding an article I read in a magazine stating that Australia has a Deva controlling it, I found it a little strange but maybe that’s correct – could you help out there please?  Also they were inferring that it was one Deva that ran and looked after the continent of Australia.)

Oh dear, where do we start with this one?  Can we maybe ask for confirmation here – do they mean the Deva Kingdom or do they mean the Angelic Kingdom?

(The way it was put was that the channelling came from an Elemental and what they said was that they had a message from the Deva who looked after Australia.  That’s as far as I know.  How open handed was that.)

Now obviously within the Angelic Realms there are beings who have certain responsibilities as you would call them Archangels, right.  Now most Archangels and shall we say seriously Senior Angels if we can use those words, do also have a multitude of work to carry out and often this includes part of the Devic Kingdoms, okay.  Different sections, sometimes overlapping, sometimes individual or whatever – it depends on what is happening at the time.

As you know the one that you term Our Lady, is closely connected with the Devic Kingdom but she is not Devic, she is Angelic.  She is spiritual, right.  Okay she is not an angel even but if you , (it’s all in the terminology this is the difficult part) if we start to try and differentiate it is easy for instance to differentiate to a degree between the Devic Kingdoms, the Angelic Kingdoms, the Spiritual Kingdoms, but then as you, with so many things when you start to look closer and to get more and more involved, the complexities come in and the differences start to merge, okay.

So as far as shall we say certain aspects are concerned, they can see there, those who control them as being their own kind.  So therefore you have a deva coming through spouting for all it’s worth and saying that you have a Deva in charge of you.  Not strictly true.  The Devic Kingdom looks after it’s own area and you are reasonably well aware as to what those areas involve.

The Elementals, the elements in particular.  Those things which in many ways appear on the surface to be truly physical but of course are far more than that.  But they are not responsible shall we say for in any shape or form, for the spiritual or the Angelic Kingdoms.  Alright.  So when they say that there is a Deva looking after the continent of Australia, let’s take this a step further.  Mother Earth.  What is she or he, or it?

(A Spiritual Being.) Is it. (Well is it?)

Is it?  This is where the whole thing merges into one, it’s an advanced being right, combining all three okay.  You begin to get the picture.  Nowhere near as easy to answer as one would think right?

(Well I didn’t want to scoff at their information) No do not because it is very very easy at times to say definately not, when you hear something and very often you are also wrong.  Not you personal, you individual, not that, but you in general those that say “No this cannot be” and then of course time proves them less than correct.  As other things unravel and evolve, so if we look here we have a Being which is very much responsible for the Earth itself.

Now let us take it a step further.  Let us look at those Beings who shall we say within the realms of which you are more aware are responsible for the spiritual side.  Those you have known as Buddha and as Jesus the Christed One.  Are they responsible for the earth, or if through your limited amounts of knowledge and awareness and we do not say that derogitory by any means, but are they  responsible for the earth or are they responsible for the human spirits upon the Earth?

(  the human spirits)

Yes indeed, they have their own particular responsibilities.  Now where does that leave them in line with Mother Earth.  Interesting.

(But doesn’t it all connect together?)

Of course yes, it does, but what we are saying here is it is nowhere as simple to work out and so is there a Devic Being looking after Australia – that was the first question, right?  Mmm now we’ve already agreed that there is a being that looks after the Earth, as a physical place.  Now that is a Spiritual, come many other aspects Being, right.

Okay, one and yet it is not what you would term your God or the Spiritual Being who looks after your souls, so it is quite different.  Now would it then have various areas that it would delegate?  Well, then we start to move through into the Devic and the Elemental and the Element areas do we not.

And we know for instance that within certain of these for instance shall we say, that the Archangels have a responsibility.  Now we are not trying to paint a picture here of hierarchical structure, we are trying to break the thing down into a more logical form of being viewed, because there is no real answer to this.  One cannot say Yes and one cannot say No, because both are correct.  It depends on who is termed , well what being whatever it’s form is termed, as being in charge of Australia.

Now most of you would turn around and say “well it’s the governments, so therefore it is the Prime Minister”.  Whether you agree with it or not, but that is the situation, whether it be the Governor General or the Prime Minister is also debatable, but you have there a fairly positive form and yet even that is open to a fair degree of interpretation is it not.  In particular with Australia where you have this double connection.  If it were the States you will turn around and say ‘Okay it’s the President,’ and yet of course it is known that there are many who pull the Presidents strings.

So when we look at the simple side which is human beings, we find it’s nowhere as simple and when we look at shall we say, the less physical side or even in some ways the more physical side, it gets no less complicated either.   We cannot give you a straight yes or no because both would be correct and both would be incorrect.

(Yes it just seemed a very wide statement) But that of course is where one has to be very careful, that when a being comes through, if the integrity of the giver and the receiver are not understood then one has to be very careful, do they not.

(Yes, because within that channelling they had one from the Deva and the other was from Gia and they were two distinct ones, but thank you very much – nothing is ever as simple as it seems.)

And yet we often turn around of course and say that when you put it together it is simple, but if it is a matter of being able to do this step by step with different sections and as one becomes ready, yes it becomes far more simple as to what is happening but initially all the issues, the conflicting sub-issues, crowd in and remove the simplicity of what is the basic question.

The answer to the basic question – is there is one Deva whom is responsible for Australia or for anywhere else.  The answer is no. But that is in it’s most simplistic form.

(Nothing is ever quite so simple.) And yet it should be.                                                       (I think until we have a much fuller comprehension of the various roles and their many facets – it really is up to interpretation)

It is your feelings in reading these things that come about, you know very well when you accept, you know very well when you deny and you know very well when you question and they are three very distinct attitudes that you take.  And it is a matter really of going within with those.  They will give you your answers most of the time, if not all the time and if they do not it is because you are blocking.

(Thank you so much, sorry it was such a long one.)

That is fine, there is so many things that we can go into in depth but of course in doing so it often complicates and the training pattern that has been taking place as you may have seen for so long while, is to try and simplify because in making things simpler the radiant truth that is within is allowed to be released.  When it is clouded and smothered in sub-issues then it cannot come forth and show itself in it’s full brilliance.

But you can imagine here if we had originally at the beginning of this morning when you asked the question – said no, the no it is not that it is that now you do have a greater insight and you realise that the very basic question, and the answer to your question is no – but you realise that there is far more to it.  If we had just given you no and you had gone off with that, you really have learnt nothing.  Whereas this way hopefully, trustfully for both of you, you have learned something, Yes.

Now we have the combined old fears, do we not and yet the first question is with Roger.  What does he have to do, he knows something is missing, there is a link that is not joined up in the chain at the moment.  It is the weak link, it is the part, the piece that can pull apart under any pressure and he wishes to find that and to cement it into the chain itself so that the whole thing becomes round and strong and positive and firm and good and right and all these things, okay.

Big ask right.  Mmm yes isn’t it indeed.  So what has he got to do?  Now he knows it is a combination of various things but culminating in one and the culmination is Trust of oneself, within and of oneself without the greater being that is also you that is directing you in your paths.

You understand the concept of this, correct. That you are not just the being that sits there in your chairs now, that there are multi faceted parts of you that are working exceptionally well elsewhere.

And some maybe not so well, but you are not just the being.  Now this is the culmination of many parts of that being that comes down upon your Earth in a free form, a free will form.  The part that has come to learn over what is in over time a long period and yet it is not.  Free Will.  A wonderful strength that many have decided to take upon their shoulders to obtain, to experience, to understand.  And yet it is still only a part of you, you understand this, yes.

It is not all of you.  You know you have links to many other places and they are not links to friends, physical friends if you like or family as you would see it there.  More family than friends, for they are if you like of your blood, of your spirit, of your being.  They are parts of you and some are totally linked, the so called Spiritual Twin,  the Twin Soul.

So often spoken about, so little understood.  Dreamed of in woman’s magazines, dreamed of by many who go to bed at night, saying where’s my Spiritual twinssss.  Lots of ssssses, lots of them all over the place that’s why there is  not just one, there are these indelible links, across multitudes of matrix if you like, connecting you and the important thing is to find that path to the true being that you are.  Much of that exercise starts with finding the spiritual being, the Christed Being, whatever you wish to call it, within.

And linking into it, knowing what you are, what you have become, what you are capable of becoming and that is far more important.  For if you were to stand there naked in all forms and we do not talk of clothing, we talk of stripped of all ego, fear, hate, even love.  But if you were to stand there stripped and to place in the scales of being, all those things that you would have termed negative and what you have done through previous lifetimes blah blah, all the so called karmic stuff into one side of the scale and if you were to place but a minute fraction of your true being on the other side.  Do you know which side would go dow.  Of course, yes.

And this is the problem with humans who get wrapped up with karma, with reliving past lives, with rebirthing, everything is to do with stirring up the physical.  Rarely if ever is it to do with the truth of looking way beyond that and being able to look way beyond that and say “I am a True Spiritual Great Being’. How many times have you been told this.

This does not mean just you, as you stand there.  If you like you are but a grain of sand within that being, but you are still it, because it is personified totally, completely and utterly in you.  But if you are to stand there, sit there whatever and just concentrate on the physicalities that you have been, are and will be, it will pull that scale down until it falls apart.  But if you place a part, a tiny minute grain of your true spiritual being on the other side it will outweigh all that is physical.  It has to.

That is being.  This is the secret of life and yet so few ever understand what this is about.  It is not physicality.

Now before, or in the future it is you, way beyond physicality and what you do with it.  How you come to terms with it.  How you use it.  How you create with it.  For all when they understand there is always the chance of stepping from one side of the scale to the other, whatever they may feel, whatever they may have been perceived to have done.

All they need to do is to understand and make that move across.  Get in touch through that being that is within as you term, for those that are Christian, the Christed Being, for those of the other various religions and practices, they all have their own name.  Their own understanding for it.  That is where you all tie in and fight with each other, but it is but names, it is the same being.

And yet you are too foolish to understand that, to see that.  But to get in touch with that part that is within and then to become it and when you do this, as many have at times, you can release those shackles of Earthliness and you become exactly what you are.  You move with a freedom that was never known, you think with a clarity that is unbelievable, your senses are hones to the finest degrees.  There is no such thing as illness, aches and pains, degeneration.

Now your phyiscal body may continue on in that way, that is up to you.  This is a decision that is often made to let it deteriorate out, but to still live upon the planes of the physical in a living form.  To transfer from one spot to another.  To get beyond time and thought.  To become the true being/s that you are.

It is all possible it is a matter now of finding and trusting and there we are, there’s that word.  In it comes, does it not at long last.  Trusting and thrusting inward, demanding, having sufficient power and strength and sufficient vision and willingness to demand. Never to deny, deny all that has held you back, yes, but do not deny that which is what you are, for in doing so you will live free and truly at all times.  It is you.

You take that being that is within and you encompass it, you incorporate it in everything that you are.  You become it, because you are it.  You have denied it for so long and those balances, those scales as you stand there naked, will tip to the true being that you are and all that has held you back.  All the baggage you have dragged so successfully for so long, will just drift away into nothingness.  It is a matter of knowing who you are and trusting your abilities to be able to find, to hold, to touch, to keep, to maintain that contact and not allowing the other to come there.

Do you not see the similarity as we say about the nakedness of the being standing there as not being, also that which happens when they pass between the kingdoms, but in many ways to a lesser degree for few are ready to that that step of total commitment to themselves even then.

Beloved ones, our love, blessings as always are with you.  Goodbye.


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