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2/2/99 – Silver Connection – A journey into the history of the Elohim

Greetings beloved ones, rather than taking you on a journey today with the elements, we would like to tell you something of our history, for this is important to know also.

Who are we?  We are the Elohim, a branch of the mighty Angels that surround the Godhead with their force.  But there again this is not so surprising, for many who operate and are as beings are also the Elohim, yourselves included.

So what happened where?

As has been the case in so many places, there was a subdivision, those who looked to one way as their path went in one direction, those who looked to another went in another direction.  This is where we and you split.  Us to work very much within the splits that came afterward down within the Elemental Realms, for this is our job.

Are we of the Elementals?  No we are not.

So what happens, do they look upon us as Gods?  Yes they do.  Are we?  No, no more than you, no less than you.  For them it is different, you in many ways perceive angelic forces around us as being gods, rather than being yourselves in a different form.  For the Elementals, the opportunity of becoming as us is nigh on impossible, not totally but nigh on.

There are paths for those very, very special beings as there always are for those who show an exceptional course within their work, within their thought, within their deeds.  Yes, they can make the transition, for the godhead is always left open, opportunities be you a rock, be you a tree, be you a worm, be you an ant, whatever that is, the opportunities are there to transform, to move forward.

For if there were not, what would be the use of being, be.  There is no reason, no reality, no sensible force in just operating for the sake of it.  These things do not happen, the godhead hasn’t allowed this to be.  It is always operation with a motive. If a force of beings is somewhere, there is behind them a motive.  Always a motive.

For those who ply the universes in their spacecraft, there is the motive of exploration and of conquer.  For those way above who cannot be seen who work in much greater forces, there is a motive of love or of control. For as always the balance lies, it cannot be otherwise.

And so yes, we are truly looked upon as being gods.  We are not, no more, no less than you, not in the contex that they see us. But it is our work to work with them, as it is yours to work with them also and in many ways of course what happened is that the human being has become and has allowed itself to be seen as the bottom of the tree.  The root source, there is nothing lower.

This of course is not true, for you have lost the sight of your work with those who also see you as gods.  Can you imagine what an ant thinks when it looks up and sees a being such as yourself towering over it.  And yet size does not matter, can you imagine what a horse sees when it is captured and trained quite cruelly at times and has the will of man inflicted upon it.  More likely they see you as devils rather than gods, but are one and the other not the same.

And human kind has in many ways lost the view of it’s path, it is not just the selfish view of , we’ve got to get somewhere.  Tis the view of who are we responsible for, not just our young, that is simple, that is easy.  Who else, what else in the scheme of all things relies on us and looks to us for guidance, support, correction, assistance.  Look around you, what do you see, is there anything truly that could not operate without you now.  No.  You have lost your contact with those beings and those realms who looked upon you and in your place, came we.

For someone had to take it up and this is our work.  You can call us what you will, names are unimportant.  Are we Elementals?  No, we are not.  Do we work closely in association with them?  Most definitely we do.  After all this is what we do.  This is our work now, to bring them to their full potential, to find those within those realms who can step over, who can go beyond.  Very few, but they are there and they are important to show the others that if they really tried, rather than having one long lifetime, they have the multiplicity also of choice and opportunity to go on.

Some wish to take it, some do not.  The choice is theirs and always will be, but there has to be a choice.  When mankind renegged upon it’s work in these realms, we took over, we became thee. For some being had to, they could not be left as mankind fell fully.  They could not be left to look totally on their own, to work with no guidance, no help. Do you?  You may think you do, but you two know better, you know the guidance that takes place around, above and below you.

And how would you feel, as you have felt before if suddenly your support system was taken away from you?  What would happen, as lost as you felt, do you not think that these beings felt even more lost as they saw the changes coming about, the cutting away from the guidance of humans, who we knew – the druids, and many such throughout many countries, all in perfect contact and harmony.

These beings, working with them, working on their behalf, helping them through and just about all this was lost.  Do you not understand why we call you back to help now, to redress, to bring back the system as it was, to show how it should have been, to bring it into a state of how it can be and should be.

This is our history?  What star we came from matters not, for we do not come from a star any more than you do, they are but transitory places, realms in which we abide for a short time before passing on, gaining experience, gaining knowledge, gaining wisdom, gaining love, compassion, all that is needed in our work and we pass on and on again to greater and greater things.  This is our history as should be yours.

Well, what went wrong?  When did mankind start to look totally in, rather than out.  When did mankind renege it’s responsibilities and become so selfish that nothing else counted?  These are the things that need to be redressed.  These are the things that are changing now.

We tell you, we warn you, for such will come forth for many, they will come to learn and understand that their actions have forecried, foreseen this, forecreed it.

Oh, they will cry, it is our forefathers, it is not us.  Oh, we will cry, what a way to renege  your responsibilities, for are you not your forefathers?  No, they will say, we are not and we will say, most definitely you are.  You may very conveniently ignore reincarnation when you wish, but it’s a reality, it’s a responsibilities hang there  around you at all times.

This is part of what mankind much change within itself, within it’s vision of itself.  For love is not just for fellow beings of the same kind, it is for all that is around, it is taking the paramount responsibility that is possible for those within your care.  Do you not think this is what the beings that look after you do.  Indeed they do.

And should you not also, for those within your care, you may have animals and yet how many look after those so well.  We know you do, but you after all are the exception, you talk, your work with us.  We talk of mankind in general and the picture still is not very pretty and nor is it likely to be until they begin to truly understand their genuine responsibilities.

When that comes about, mankind can go forth, for all that is said about whatever dimensions, all is wrong.  Until that responsibility is acknowledged and accepted, until mankind can look itself in the face and say “I Am What I Am” and truly understand exactly what that means.

We wish not to upset you, but to tell you what has and should and could take place.  Do you beloved ones have any questions to ask at this time.

(Thank you so much to coming, yes I do – so the changeover cannot come and I correct until we redress the situation)

There are many things that mankind must do, some are ready, many are not.  Some are prepared to accept the responsibility of their actions and their lack of actions through their lifetimes, most are not.  Do you think in the reality of all things, in the fairness of the Godhead itself, that those that are not, are going to carry forward with those that are?  Does this not in fact be it so, just take the problem onto another dimension and why contaminate another dimension in order to try and solve it.  Why not solve it here and now.

It is we who are sorry, it is a matter of sufficient beings being aware of who they are and all that be around them, to put that out and to bring in the awareness for the others.

The redress that is needed is the acknowledgement and the desire to bring about change.

Once that has truly taken place within the heart, within the deepest being of yourselves, you are ready to make your changes.  But until that time, for those who totally ignore who they are, what they are, and their responsibilities, there can be no big change in vibration, no new place, beautiful, wonderful places. What is going to happen to it if they go forth as they are now, what will they do there?  They will destroy that as they have done everything possible that they can to destroy what is around them now.

(So this information we are collecting is important to be made public but will that be sufficient or does it mean that the earth changes really need to take place to shake one’s reality, making us realise that we are not unaccoutnable and need to take positive action and responsibility.)

Earth changes do not automatically mean new dimensions, new vibrations – they mean a shake up, exactly what they say they are and what you are doing is part of an overall major process of reconciliation.

Your awareness is put out into the thoughts that surround you and about you, along with many others.  Your teachings from ourselves and those around us will be put out as second fold.  The third fold is a place you build here, a showing and actual genuine reflection of what we and thee believe and what goes on around us.

A three fold attack if you like upon; these forces of non awareness, of no intent, of taking responsibility.  Let them see many others begin to change and as so often happens with mankind, it take but a portion, a percentage to start to bring about a change.  These happened in the 60’s, The Flower Children, a wonderful invention of ours.

They have had their day, but they made a big change.  They changed the potential course of war.  Many will say that the changes came in this year, that year, whatever year you wish – the reality is that when there were sufficient of these beings to make it be known just how horrific the war potential that you had at that time was, that made the change.

Forget the years, these are not important.  Forget the days, it is what the intent behind and now we need not just an awareness to stop the wars and an awareness to live in harmony and in love, which was in many ways of course with regard to themselves, a very useful way of renegging upon other responsibilities, but now we need to have the responsibility of self for what has taken place through the ages.

How long before most are prepared to accept that?  We do not know.  But we and thee are working upon this, this is the work we do.  But this is also our history, as it is your history and this is important. For from that we can learn not to do the same.  Let us bring that awareness about, let us bring it into the open.

If enough hippies in a place the size of San Francisco could bring about those changes through much of the world, then sufficient people spread upon the surface of the earth, doing as you do and as others are, will also do the same.

With that beloved ones, we leave you and we look forward as always to when we too get our odd opportunity to contact and to bring forth our stories.

Until next time, goobye.



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