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2/3/11 – The Green Man – The Salamanders

Okay, so the question was about things like nuclear bombs and the Fire Elementals.  Alright, let’s approach this from a slightly different manner.  A slightly different direction, let’s put it that way.  Every time you strike a match, do you think because that is suddenly fire that it is an elemental in it’s own right?

Very quick lived if it was wouldn’t it be eh.  Strike a match, light whatever is was, blow the match out and throw it away, it’s gone within thirty seconds.  Poor Elemental.  No, of course it isn’t, it’s not a new elemental being formed and if you go back to our last  conversation you will see that it links in quite logically with that where we say that is an essence of us, if you like.

As we said with the Earth side, as far as the plants were concerned, not every blade of grass or every leaf has it’s own Elemental or even every tree, but they are part of us, they’re like, how can we explain it – roots spreading out, only they’re not spreading out necessarily under the Earth or anything of the sort.  They’re not physical but they are roots that link us.  They’re part of us.

But if one of them has a problem, gets cut off whatever it may be, it does not destroy the rest normally.  Too many are cut off, as we’ve said about the forest being denuded, different matter.  So it is the same every time you strike a match and that fire comes into being, tis not the death of a Fire Elemental.  It’s so fleeting, it’s hardly important at all.

Upon this earth Fire Elementals, Salamanders, whatever you want to call them, basically reside in the core of the earth itself.  In the molten super heated mass and they will at times break forth as and when a volcano erupts.  There are other times they will break forth as well, when there is a massive fire, forest fire, bush fire whatever.

One may come forth and you are beginning to see that more as they’re beginning to show themselves again, because suddenly as your people know and this is not just happening in Australia, but the United States, Europe, but when forest fires/bush fires, major ones are happening, suddenly they are no longer operating under what shall we say has been an expected norm. They’re very much out of control.

Look at those fires of two years ago in Victoria, read the reports, listen to the reports, whatever and you’ll find that the one thing that seemed to be said by everybody was they were totally abnormal.  That they were unpredictable and in that way, uncontrollable and the one thing you can say this is that you have a true Fire Elemental in it’s midst, okay for as long as it wants to be.

If you like in your terms, it’d gone out for a trip.  It’s gone to have a bit of a look around, or a bit of a ride, or a vacation, whatever you wish to call it and let us be sure of one thing, unless you are a fairly Exulted Being, the Fire Elemental of all of them is going to hurt you the most.  Be well and truly aware of that.  It has no mercy because of what it is.

Now we come back to the question, Nuclear Bombs.  Suddenly you have this enormous but very short flash of power and to a degree fire, but when you think of it, with a nuclear bomb it is power, is it not, t is not like gunpowder where fire is a necessary par of it, if you like.  It is an explosion and out of the midst of that comes a degree of internal fire, but the vast majority of it is created with a destruction around the explosion area.

Do we make ourselves clear, (yes) okay.  And does that suddenly mean that a Fire Elemental is going to jump in there, most certainly not, it is far too short lived.  They will be linked immediately, quicker when that explosion can take place but it is not them.  And in many ways because it is man created it has a very tenuous link with more natural things like storms, volcanoes, the links are much stronger.  In many ways these beings do not wish to be associated with human beings any more than they have to.

So with a bush fire and we can go all around all of these things, now basically the same but with varying degrees of difference.  It may be man started intentionally or otherwise, it may not, it may be a lightning strike but once it has got hold, it is a different matter.  If it is a match, it flares up, it dies, if it is a bomb, it flares up and it dies, very different to something that is becoming a living, air breathing creation in it’s own right.  Okay.

So, one thing we would say about the Elementals of Fire of all of us, they are the best left alone, left to their own devices.  They will play with the wind, they will play with the rain.  They will fire upon the earth and they’ll live within it, but of all they are the most individualists, shall we say, they are the greatest.

They live by their own rules.  We all do but they more than any others live by their rules and their rules alone.  They’ll have fun with the other elementals in particular with the wet, with water, see who can win.  Look at lave pouring into the ocean from a volcano, it’s a fight, it’s fun, it’s pleasure.

Okay, now this noise is getting to be fairly heavy and so we’re going to leave it as this for today, but once more we do stress, Fire is not an Elemental to be played with, it is to be respected at all times to the greatest levels.

Thank you.

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