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23/2/11 – The Green Man – Aliens, UFO – Christchurch Earthquake

Okay, first off I have been asked to say a few words with regard to the earthquake that took place yesterday in Christchurch and around as it is deemed to be within our areas and regions and if you like our responsibility that these things happen.

Firstly, I would say there is no responsibility in these things.  As we have said many times, the earth is in the process of slowly waking up.  Volcanic activity and earthquakes and all those associated with it, shall we say with the inner earth itself, have over quite a long period declined.  As the earth begins to move it is inevitable that they will increase in frequency and intensity.

Was Christchurch the specific, was it specifically targeted?  No, you know  very well that if you wake up and you feel and itch somewhere, you’ll scratch it.  But although that may seem a very strange analogy, it is in many ways similarly, itches not the city itself in this case, it is the plates underneath moving and so if you like they get scratched and what is on top is unfortunatel.

Many times of course these things happen out in the deep ocean where they have little affect, but because of man’s spreading across the face of the earth, when they happen on the land locked areas it tends to create catastrophe.

There is no apology because there can’t be. It’s like apologising for a cat catching a mouse, it is part of what is.  Although the poor people  struggling to come to terms with it, the South Island of New Zealand are not going to understand that.  It is but one of what will be many.  But wherever it take place for those affected, it is and will be very important.

The point is, changes are taking place, wherever it happens, whether it happens in a Christian city, a Muslem city, a Jewish city, a city in the Orient, it is not targeted at any particular group.  Inevitably there will be those from some other faith who will disgustingly try to use this to their advantage, may they be seen for what they are.

Okay, now spaceships – do they exist?  Any suggestions, yes or no  (yes)

We have one voice saying yes here, and that is the answer.  Yes of course they exist.  Even, even on your earth now you have spaceships, ones that can go out into space and return.  But of course what we are asking are Alien Spaceships, do they exist?  The answer again is yes.  Good and bad beings.  Let’s look at it.

Who needs to be transported, is it the lighter beings who are in touch with all that goes on, or is it the very dense beings who cannot move without assistance?

Hopefully that will answer that one.  Having said that this multitude of so called channellings saying that they’re waiting for you up in the clouds, they don’t need clouds and they’re going to come down and pick you up and take you away to much better things.

Now we have covered this somewhat before.  Two aspects.  One is Why would anybody want to spread a disease knowingly if they have the interest of all that is a heart, okay.  So does that mean you are a disease?  Many of you, yes, unfortunately because wherever you go, you go to destroy, you go to dominate, you go to manipulate, you go to control.  No dominion, no living inharmony with, take over and if it doesn’t suit our purpose, then destroy it.

Until now, in recent millenia this has all taken place on your earth and your history is not good.  So why would you be allowed to spread this disease elsewhere?  Unless the assistance was by those who were of a similar vein who also believed in domination, control etcetera.  So when you are told that these beings are sitting there waiting up there in their spacecraft waiting for you, certainly could be.

Second point on this was we mentioned before that when beings are sufficiently aware of themselves and have come in with sufficient harmony with themselves, there is no need for physical craft to transport.  So we come back to the fact that if they’re waiting there for you to walk on because you can’t get there any other way, or we get beamed up, then think about it.

Whose side are they on and do you want to be involved in that?

And holograms, an area we haven’t really touched yet, isn’t it.  Holograms.  The saviour up in the sky whoever the saviour may be or whatever vision you would see them.  The spaceships up there waiting to draw you in, to take you away and of course the big questions is WHY>

Yes, you know you’re being told yes, this is it, you’re on you’re way, you’re up there to meet the friendly guy with the beard.  Rubbish, pure and absolute rubbish.  So what is the reason, ah if you can’t answer that one for yourselves after these channellings that we’ve had and the information that has been given.

Question: Is it harvesting and you willingly go.

Yes that is exactly it, it is harvesting, that is what this is about.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And those that are  fool enough to go are the most vulnerable when it comes to manipulation and they’re the ones they want.  You don’t really want anyone up there that’s sceptical about what’s going on, do you.  It’s likely to cause trouble.  Oh no, we’ve all got into this wonderful spacecraft and we’re going off and oh, please come on.

Can we say Get Real, it’s not like that or it will be, but not the proper reality.

So may we suggest that when you hear all these channellings, or even if you see these beings in the sky, do the one thing you can to protect yourself.  Look within, ask yourself the question, is this real, am I being duped, is this right or wrong, should I go or should I stay and trust what that inner self tells you because hopefully and generally that inner self will be linked up to the guys we were talking about last time.  The good guys, the Guardian Angels if you like.

They’re only waiting, they’re just waiting there to help, but as we said last time, you have to ask, they’re not going to just do it, you have to be ready.  You have to ask for their help.  They will willingly and freely give it and no strings attached at all.  The only string if you like is love, their love for you, very, very strong string but the purest and most beautiful form.

And this is really where we’re coming to at this stage of these channellings, we’re saying that the answers lie within, not from these channellings we’re giving you, not from any others, not from your churches, not from your governments, but from within and if you look back over these weeks you’ll have seen that there has been a pattern evolving.

Not just with us and we may have appeared to ramble and we have at times, but a pattern showing how the control took place, how and why you are what you are now and the ever incessant and increasing control that has been placed upon you from elsewhere.

The only answer is, to look within and for you to decide.  Don’t ask your governments, discuss it with friends if you can, if you wish, but don’t ask those with any form of power, and learn to trust what is within because that is what you brought down with you, the first time and every time since you’ve inhabited this earth and anywhere else.

Tis the one constant that has been there, is the one constant that in recent times has been so cruelly neglected but it remains and it is your lifeline to your true selves.  If you disagree with what we’re saying, fine, that is your choice, that is your decision and for you at that time is obviously right. If you agree, again your choice, your decision, right for you.

All we can do is try and help you to become aware of the strengths that you have.  The power that you have, the abilities.  You’re beginning to see breaking out through the whole of the Middle East, if you like the Arab worlds in particular, outcries against their leadership, wherever this may lead, time will show, but the important thing you can learn from it all is the power of the individual when combined with others.  When you feel a thing is right, and it is needed.  Then go for it.

We are not going to advocate injury or death or harm and yet they seem to be an inevitable price to pay, but again if one is to believe in reincarnation, so be it.

Okay, there we go, we’ll talk on Friday.  Goodbye

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