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24/9/1999 – Changes in Vibration and the years 2011-12

24/9/1999 – Changes in Vibration and the years 2011-12

Greetings beloved friends on this morning, how are you both today?  It is the one you  term the “Lady” here with you this morning.  Do you not feel the energy changes taking place, even around now around you.  The vibrations are different, for things are truly moving, shall we say at ‘the speed of light’.  That exponential rate, ever increasing.

By rights these energies, because of their vastly increased output and speed, should speed up the grown patterns upon your Earth.  In other words were these to continue on for even a short time, the growth potential for the trees, the bushes, the plants, even the animals, even yourselves would be such the forest, the denuded forests, could be reforested within six months of your earth times.

But that cannot be allowed to take place of course, and if it cannot happen for one being in particular, the human being, then it is unlikely that it can be allowed for the others that inhabit the same space.  For could you imagine having a baby today, and a young man tomorrow, and a teenager the day after.  Rather frightening and yet that’s what these energies are capable of doing.

What we are implying and saying here, is that if you could tap into them, properly, clearly, there is nothing they cannot do for you.  But in general the world will plod on, because that is the pattern it has set itself into.  Very difficult concept to comprehend, to come to terms with, but it is there.  Those increases in energy are unbelievably powerful, unashamedly great, enormous in their potential.

So just let them flow through you for a few minutes not with the idea of aging speedily, greatly or anything like that, that can be stopped, but just touch the energies themselves, that are around.  You will feel there are various ones there, it is the wake up call for the Earth’s surface itself and for those who work with me.  For although they are awake, it is as though they are now coming fully into their annual potential.

Apart from the Earth Change Energies, the Earth’s surface, the changing energies – there are those from the Universe, from the Cosmos, poured upon this earth of yours to ease it through it’s pain of and suffering of change.  For as we have said before, it could not be allowed to continue on, the one cancer cell can multiply so quickly and destroy the whole body, so that cell has to be found ad either plucked out or made well and this was the choice.

And luckily for those who inhabit at this time, the decision was to be made well, very much in respect to the Earth Mother itself.  For only then can things come back to what they should be.

Yes, you see great changes in all aspects.  Yes, your markets are changing, your earthquakes, your storms, but the greatest changes of all are taking place within you.  You may look at those you pass upon the street and you will not see this, not at this time.  For it is not apparent, but deep within for so many, a new softness, a new awareness, an inner lightened being is coming forth.

But there are many from the opposite side who also are excited by these changes and for very, very different reasons.  You see the result of what they do and unfortunately it is their work that lays paramount upon your world’s headlines, in print and news and other media.  So, they too in their own way gain their strength, for never be under the delusion that they do not understand what is going on.  They will utilise it totally and fully for their own benefit, wherever possible, trying to ensure that those changes that are there and are taking place are for them, and not for you.

But still deep within the heart, the soul, the being of many human kind, lay the changes, the lights, the light itself that is awakening and shining forth.  These are important times and luckily the changes that were needed are working.  Oh yes, your Aztecs looked at their calendar and they gave their dates of 2011-1012 and yes they are right, for by then the flip will have taken place in the beings of many who inhabit the earth.  And this of course will have a multifold effect as they move through, whether to return or not, for they will bring with them a much greater awareness of themselves and what they are, than what has been the case for a long, long while.

It does have a major effect upon those in the Elemental Kingdoms for as much as we can, we try to protect them from extortionate changes in energy, for and I use that word quite intentionally, for they do not have the abilities to tone down the changes the same as you do.  They are but one life in most respects and the react strongly to whatever is going on and this in itself has and will create many of the surface changes.

If you come to them in love and in harmony, there is no doubt that in general that is what they will return in greater amounts than ever, but of course their life until now for all, has been on of living in fear from human beings in general.  And they know the changes, though they may take place, have yet to manifest in the areas that affect them.

And so they too, for what they are will be excited and earthquakes will happen, tidal waves, storms, winds, fires will break out in even greater amounts, for they are being changed also.

(Question – So is it correct that maybe in the next ten or eleven years it is going to get quite tumultuous?)

Traumatic.  (And then after that will there be a balancing out?)

The changes will come to a peak, and it is that time that the Earth as it is known now will change, the time of the Aztec calendar, the time that many others have put upon it, be they six or nine or twelve months array, this is not important. What is important is in seeing the changes, the pinnacle of these changes at this time and this is what is happening.

So as can be said, “Hold on to your hats for the ride is going to be wild”, in many ways but nothing as it could have been and this is what we need to stress. There could have been a complete removal of all species from your Earth by pure radiation from the sun, huge increases, unbelievable solar flares, way beyond the belief or comprehension of mankind, could have sterilised this earth, barring a few deep under ground, there to reseed, to start afresh.

But how many times do you start afresh.  How many times do you reseed?  It is not advisable, it is better by far to change the beings that are on there.  Even just the logistics of where else do you place them until the population grows again.  it is of a major concern, it might sound strange, but it is there.   You cannot suddenly plonk six billion people back on an Earth that has been totally sterilised for  they will do but one thing and this is to die immediately.  So changes, yes, as traumatic as prophesied – no.  But changes non, never the less.

(Question – at this time a lot of visionaries are still seeing a pole shift and I’m wondering if that is still on the cards?)

The answer to this is there may, there may not.  Nothing is final until the last second or millisecond and even then if you knew how to adjust time properly, there is no finality.

(Question – Thank you very much for sharing this with us, and I would imagine that the infrastructures and all sorts of things within this time span is going to be stretched to the human, physical and elemental levels ?)

There will be major changes, just look at the huge imbalance there is at the moment in the world, of those who have and those who do not.  Those who do not, have looked at those who have for a long time and wished and have not been capable of doing more within.  Those who have, have totally ignored those who have not – but as the light begins to shine within the Soul Being, they will look and see the unfairness in many ways of what is and what isn’t and will wish to change.

Business structure as you know it will change and is changing already.  There are great fights for control in these areas by those who would control the world, that is true, but they have yet to win one of those and fortunately it is doubtful that they will.  Oh, they will put up a very good fight, they will try everything they can to achieve their goal, but it does not mean they will succeed – far from it.

So the earth as we know and those upon it, the time has come for there to be a much more equitable balance of resources of being, the imbalance at this time is enormous.  It does not mean that those who have, must have less, and yet of course what they will do is have more.  But not with the trinkets and playthings around them.  But more within, more awareness, more understanding of why they are here as far as you are concerned, there are far as we are concerned.

Their real reasons for inhabiting that earth plane, being physical, looking upon each other as brothers and sisters and the due amount of love being given for indeed they are your brothers and sisters.  Skin colour is but nothing, nothing at all.  Facial and physical shapes are but nothing, they are genetic histories, pasts, needing now to either be cast off or be ignored and to see if the being within as they truly are.  This is what is important, this is what needs to come.

And yes many, many changes in order to bring this about and so you can sit in your eerie and feel those changes taking place.  Feel the energies move, feel the creation of something very important, very special taking place within and around you.  Showing the even greater need for a lighthouse.  For as others come to terms with themselves, and not all will, but many will, as others come to terms they will begin their search.

You have always said since you have been together in business, you are well ahead of your time.  It takes people like yourselves to explore, to be those at what is called the cutting edge of change.  Not necessarily and far from it do we talk about technology, but about being.  About seeing the need for changes and creating these.

The explorers, those who go out and search first and find, frequently, often never acknowledged for the work that they have done.  But that is not important, what is important is that they have been.  Any questions.

(Question – No just an observation on my part as I have been feeling for some time that Australia has been isolated politically throughout the world at this time and I’m wondering if that is to our benefit in the long run.  And I know we have been told that Australia will have less upheavels (not that we were not going to haver then) and although we are human and are a multicutural nation and that putting us out in the cold so to speak can be to our benefit, and maybe Australia will become the light in the times ahead?)

And do you understand where this change originated from? (No I don’t)

Look at your aboriginal races.  We will leave you with that.  (Thank you very much)

Oh our pleasure as always, mine in particular. Until next time, beloved ones goodbye.




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