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25/3/11 – The Green Man – The Element of Fire

Okay, there is one element that we really haven’t covered too strongly up until now.  The Element of Fire.  Why? Because it is the one that you can least effect on the surface right.  Fire is fire, is itself.  It has a much greater possibility of hurting you than you do of it, on the surface.

However, what you have to realise is, that all four that you’re aware of, work together, we work hand in hand.  Not necessarily always in harmony, but certainly as a family.  As you know most families are not harmonious, totally harmonious all the time by any means, so if something bad affects us, then you can be assured that it will affect our bretheren as well.  Vis the wind and the water and fire and if three are attacked badly as has been the case, then it inevitably affects the other one in this case Fire.

Does not mean it’s going to crawl into it’s hole and never appear again or anything ridiculous like that, but we do truly work in balance and we need each other to fulfill our destinies.

Fire can and has been polluted but in general it is extremely difficult to do such a thing.  It will crop up given the opportunity where cleansing needs to take place.  It will often crop up at other times as well, but just come back to what we just said there – where cleansing needs to take place.

So for instance let’s take this country of yours, Australia, comes to a stage where there is far too much scrub or bush or whatever, the lightning comes, it strikes the earth, the first starts and it spreads, sometimes for months.  It’s doing it’s job, it is doing the job then of recharging the earth and as you know of recharging the plants and the trees because in this country in particular, fire is needed to rejuvinate.  Without it this country of yours would in many ways be a very sad place.

So, it is a cleanser.  Just the same as the wind cleanses.  Fire comes along somewhere and suddenly there’s masses of smoke, the wind comes along and blows it away.  Later the water will come and totally restart the life cycle once again.  It is all common sense, this is all what you see around you all  the time, but we will guarantee that generally you would not see it in that form, in that context with the way that we’re laying it out.

You see what goes on, but you would not consider the different elements and the elementals behind it, we think we would be correct there.

We need and always have, we need to and always have worked together, not necessarily simultaneously, frequently one after the other as we recycle the earth itself, bearing new life, bearing grown and abundance.  All of these things come from us.

Yes, at times animals and humans will be trapped and caught in these actions.  Can we say that we understand and are sympathetic towards the animals far more than towards humans.  Why?  Because you have spread across the face of the earth like a disease. There is nowhere now that you’re not having your affect.  We’ve said before so therefore it is inevitable that there will be times when you get trapped.

You’re drawn to the richer areas as far as soil’s concerned and frequently these are in areas which are the least stable for the very reason the soil is rich, because of the instability in what has happened to create the soil in the state that it’s in.

So Fire on it’s own, no trouble, but if it doesn’t have it’s friends to play with, it’s not right, it’s not natural, it’s not real and therefore in those circumstances it too becomes affected.

Okay now probably we’ve gone as far as we can on these particular subjects and  now we’re going to put you on the hop and are there any questions at this stage that you’d likd to ask.

There are a lot because I knew I had some questions before but I can’t think of any at the moment.

Okay, alright well what we would suggest in that case is think about them over the weekend, write them down and we’ll talk about them on Monday.  Okay

Thank you

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