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26/11/1998 – Master trees and the impact of their loss

**Zaarg is the name we were given by the Elemental giving us this information.

Hello, it is I Zaarg again, here once more to give you the information and instruct you in the ways of our worlds.  In the ways in which we operate, the ways in which we create.  For the decisions are made beyond us as to how this will be at anytime, for as we believe you know, we have those who are in control of us.  Those who are in control of each of the Kingdoms within which we operate and from they, we take our messages and pass them onto the workers.

In many ways it is very similar to, yes indeed a big corporation, much as you have in your countries, whereby at the top somebody makes the decisions, and further down those decisions are split and beyond that they’re implemented even further.  And so it is within these realms within which we operate and so you will find in fact that that is the case in just about everywhere that you can reach and touch and be aware of.

So it is nothing unusual, or strange to have this hierarchical structure operating in order to fulfill the purpose for which it is created and is required.  At the bottom rung of the ladder as we have said before, we have those who work with the grasses, with the intermingling energies whereby no one particular piece is of it’s own.

To try and explain this to you, may we say that although you are all part of the all encompassing energies that take place and as such can be viewed as pieces of grass or similar, stalks of corn within the food chain, in fact this is not quite right because you all have your own individual spark of consciousness.

If you are at your lower level vis such as the animal kingdom and the fishes, whereby there is no true individual spark of consciousness, but it is a combined operation, then that is very similar to the situation as far as we are concerned with the grasses and the corns and the myriad of others that take place in these areas – the ferns and such.

But as things become more forward within the evolutionary tree, if we can use that, as things move up the ladder further and as they develop their own individuality in their own way, so it then becomes the responsibility of one or more of the elves, gnomes and sometimes even the Devic Kingdom to look after and control these.

So, individual plants, bulbs have their own life force and as such are looked after by a small low level form of elemental force.  One that is just starting out on it’s own journey.  As things progress and we move through to larger bushes and trees and up to mighty trees and even beyond into the elements themselves, so things grow and expand with each step that is taken and sos the structure becomes stronger and stronger.

So at the bottom we have these grasses, root crops and corns.  We have the ferns and many such, all as a combined consciousness – a singular force whereby if one drops out, it has little effect upon the overall.

Whereas, of course should a large percentage or a majority drop out, that is different, then there is a large effect and something has to be done.  But on the individual basis, the loss of one ear of corn is not dramatic, far from it, whereas the loss of one mighty tree within a forrest, one of the King Trees – those that look beyond the others, those that have spent their time watching all the others grow.

When that takes place for whatever reason, there is a rift and a hole left within the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms where that tree stood.  Whether it be felled by mankind, or whether it be felled by lightning or it’s own age, of by earthquakes, or storms, or whatever, the effect is still of course far more dramatic that it would be, should it have been just a very small sapling.

So, we are trying here to explain the graduated differences that take place in our world.  Very similar to those that take place in yours, for in truth however one likes to look at it, should you die – although the ripples will be strong around your community and your family, overall throughout your country they will not be effective.

Whereas, should somebody shall we say from the British Royal Family die, then the ripples move around the world, or should the President of the United States or another major figure have a similar problem, so the ripples move.  Whereas with the normal individual this does not and so what we are saying here is that if you view these trees and understand them to be the majestic beings that they truly are, you will begin to know more about the picture we are trying to paint for you.

You will begin to understand more the need and purpose for these beings and the indiscriminate felling that takes place is hard to imagine the cries and screams of agony that come from these ‘Mighty Beings’ when they are felled to be made into wood chip, into pulp.

At least if they know that their wood, their body, their being will be utilised and made into beautiful pieces for whatever purpose, there is a reason in the going. Whereas, when they are pulled down just to be crushed up and made into paper and similar, there, the loss to them, to us, to your world, our world, which is one and the same supposedly, but it is not, and to you, the loss for all is mighty and so few realise or understand that this is the case.

That as the indiscriminate cutting of forest goes about, so more and more of the Masters of the Forestry are taken out.

It is okay turning round and convincing yourselves in the goodness of replanting trees, but have you even been in these forests, so called forests that they have replanted?  Have you ever felt the lack of energy in there in comparison to that of a natural rain forest or of a natural forest of any form?

For there are enormous differences and if you have never experienced this, then go into a forest of pine trees or a forest that has been laid out mathematically by human beings in order that the trees may receive the greatest amount of light.  They are all the same, of exactly the same age.  There is no Master.  There is no being there overlooking the others, giving them their knowledge, their life and their experience.

For you see, they too live in a similar form to yourselves, they are anchored to the Earth, but their awareness of what takes place within and around them is much greater, compensating for the fact that in many ways they appear to be immoble.

And yet what they can do is to spread their consciousness from tree to tree, from bush to bush, upon the wind, upon the water and they can communicate with each other across the world.

As whales are known to communicate using their sounds around the world, so these mighty trees which in their own way are just as great, just as mighty as the whales themselves – can communicate with those in Africa, South America, Europe, the Arctic.  Wherever it may be that they have their contacts, they can come to these trees and be together without ever leaving.

So whereas you walk upon your legs and move around the world in flying objects, these Mighty, Great Beings do it without ever leaving the spot of ground within which they were planted and for which they will remain in eternity or until they are felled.

What happens to their spirit you ask, after this time?  It too becomes just as your Ascended Ones become the overall overseer’s of your worlds so these too become the overseers of the worlds which they operate.  In other words under normal circumstances they no longer return, for they have created and built through their life, the pathway that was necessary to bring them to their state of awareness.  This state of awareness is then used to assist and to help those who have just started upon their paths.

We think it might be best at this stage if we leave you for today but we have more that we wish to talk about on this subject and will endeavour to do so when once again we meet for more conversation.

Until then we say goodbye.


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