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26/11/98 – Silver Connection – Sexuality and it’s true meaning

Greetings beloved ones, it us your friends here again working with you, for you, on behalf of you and in love with you both.  For such words can be used upon these realms without the sorts of connotations that come in when one looks at how they are seen upon your earthly plane, for as we stated the other day, talking to you about the sexual side of nature and all things, one has to realise that as such this only works where there is physicality and yet we too have our divisions and our dimensions which is much better, that was the word intended to use.

The dimensions here of male and female energy, for they do abound throughout the whole cosmos.  They balance as so many other things balance and you will find that the answer to all things as you know, are two parts – it is love and balance.

Where does sex lie or stand within these?  Somewhere at the very bottom we are sure, for what has happened is that beings, human beings in particular, very much so, more than any others, let us really stress this, have taken sex as though it was the god and have worshipped it accordingly.  But of course in fact what they do is to worship self gratification and very little else.  For when this, the beautiful act of co-joining, of true highest purpose communing takes place in all the right realms and for all the right reasons, it is one of the most strongest, most beautiful energies that abound anywhere.

But when it is done for self-gratification and for no more than that, it becomes the counter balance, the absolute negative side of what is such a beautiful act in it’s truth and reality and it’s proper entirety.  And yet we find that so few understand the true meaning of the act of sex.

The sexual act, we redefine this from love, for love is all encompassing, sex is the co-joining of two bodies.  Do they have to be of opposite sex?  No, they do not, that is entirely up to the people concerned.  When it is done in a true, honest, open manner, of wishing to share the deepest, strongest, most positive, most beautiful parts of yourself with another, it matters not what the appendages are, or aren’t.

What is important is the giving out of oneself and the absorbing of the other.  And yet this of course goes on with those who do it for no more than money, or whatever base reason they find it necessary in order to get the sexual act operating.  For whether they like it or not, they too give a part, they too take a part, but when it is done with all the wrong motives, all the ulterior motives, the energies that are created and played with and carried, sometimes for evermore, though this is not often the case, but sometimes it is.  Those energies are less than harmonious and for those with any brains whatsoever, they would not wish to carry them with them for more than a split second or even that.  That is how damaging they can be.

So, what went wrong?  Why did the act become what it is?  It started millennia ago, hundreds of thousands of earth years ago.  For when the beings who started to procreate in order to manipulate the truth, the purpose was sullied and it has in many ways been a downhill battle, a downhill run ever since.  And yet this is changing.

So why do you think so many special children are coming in?   Because the act of love between the consenting, aware, knowledgeable adults, are drawing these beings like enormous light beams – they have waited long for the turning of the corner, for the removing of the stigma and the bringing in of the light.  This of course has not just happened, there has been a change, for the debauchery got to it’s greatest height at the beginning of the Christed years, in other words approximately 2,000 years ago.  The debauchery was at it’s worst in Rome.

And that is why one day Rome will have to go, it will have to clean itself and all that it was associated with.  That time will come soon.

But since then, slowly, carefully, the bottom has been touched and the corner turned and link by link, the chain has been forged to bring it to the stage now, where there is sufficient awareness, sufficient true love and obligation of true love, to enable those beings who have waited so long to come through as the true Light Beings that they are.  No that does not mean that they did not enter at other times, for they have as many of you have, they have now come through in their awareness and entirety, rather than being held back, because to come through like this then would have retarded their growth enormously, for what was the potential damage that could take place to them.

So again we see another picture, another positive, another move back into the true balance of all things.  And where does this leave you, my beloved bretheren?  It leaves you knowing the reasons why you should love each other truly, dearly, in a totally committed manner, no strings, no attachments, just the truth of your love and of your being together, of dropping, removing those barriers which say ‘I am Male, I am Female’.  Yes, these are all true, but when you come in balance with the two sides balanced properly, then such things are no longer important.

What is important is the union, the communion that takes place.  Oh, how would your Roman Catholic Church be aghast to hear us use that word in these circumstances.  And here again of course we come back once more to another very strong, very valid reason why the sexual act has been viewed for so long as it has because it has been manipulated so strongly for other purposes of which you are well aware.

Communion, true communion, true love, it is there for the taking of all, once the ego is dropped, once the self-gratification for the urge to be released from between the loins is removed and the awareness is opened up to bring in at the time of greatest communion, the love light of the Godhead, you are there my friends.  You have then received your true communion and blessing.

Now we ask as always, do you have any questions with regard to this matter at this stage.

(It is really nice to have you with us and to share the topic of sexuality and sex  as it has become somewhat of a dirty word and dirty topic which it shouldn’t be.)

As is the human body, it matters not whether it is fat, skinny or indifferent, it is still a beautiful piece of equipment at whatever age, it is highly functional and has been for so long and should be proudly displayed.

(Yes, thank you one has to learn to overcome ones inhibitions but one is learning) They are all part of the act that has been placed upon you for making the act of sexuality so dirty, so unacceptable, apart from behind shutters, closed doors or screens.

(May I say thank you very much to you all and it’s been wonderful having you with us this afternoon.) It is as always beloved ones our pleasure and delight and if we can stretch the grey cells within the brain to grasp more of these words is that not indeed fine.

So until our next meeting as always our loves, our blessings, our desires are with you both until then.  Goodbye/



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