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27/10/98 – More conversations with a Deva

This time of year is our busiest, as we all rest and wait through the winter months waiting for the beginning of the spring season which tends to happen around the equinox.  For yes, you are correct that our seasons work from the sun and the moon, not from the calendar given to man.

So we do not say that our spring starts at the equinox, for it does not,  but it is a general direction as to when the things start to work and to rise, for it can be before, it can be after, but in general it falls around that time.

For we work with all the elements of which you are aware and some of those that you are not, for although it is said there are five, there are in fact and indeed six.  The 6th is a secret known to those on the other realms, but which will be released when the time is right for mankind and it is that secret element that brings the melding of all the kingdoms into one.

At this stage as you can imagine, we use it for our work with the other Elemental Kingdoms – we use it for our work with those on what you tern the Fantasy Realm.  But indeed they are not, they are as real as you or us, but it had to be withdrawn from the Kingdom of Man for he was not accepting us for what we are or what we do or how we work.

And so that 6th Element is missing at this time and it soon, we understand, it will be ready to be released in certain centres once again for mankind to work with, but these places will be chosen very carefully.  Only once it is truly and totally known that the element will not be misused or abused, that it will be used properly to merge all the others, the other kingdoms, including the human kingdom into one working conglomeration.

This might sound strange and strong, but it is not – we need each other.

The fact that we have worked out of sight and out of mind of humans has been very much to your detriment and indeed very much to our detriment, for as you know there is a call now for the renewal of the awareness and what you are doing is part of this awareness.

But certainly what has happened in the last few thousand of your years is that as there has been a decline and a denial of ourselves, so the work that we are able to do is less strong.

You may find this strange, you may not believe this to be so, but if you were to look say 5,000 years ago in a culture where people were aware of us and what we did, and indeed discovered most cultures around the world, they were aware of the spirits and they were with them.  The growth that took place at those times was phenomenal.

It is the sort of growth that we are promising you again now, as being possible, in fact it is nothing abnormal.  It is quite normal this is what you human beings do not understand, but what was visitated upon Findhorn and the like was nothing more than what the Earth under normal circumstances and those working with the Earth could bare and could produce.  There was no strain, there was nothing magical, there was nothing different.

What had happened was we had reverted to the old times and the old ways and therefore the growth in all areas magnified itself many times, and this can be done again.  However, one has to understand that should this be done now, shall we say with your crops, that wheat and corn and barley and even hay could be grown in a month.  What do you think is going to happen to us?  We know.

Your population will explode enormously because you have sufficient food.  Those that control the population to a degree now, will no longer be under the pressure to keep them at the level where they are, which albeit not a satisfactory level, is certainly better than what it would be otherwise.

Could you imagine the population doubling to 10 billion people in 10 years or so, or 20 years.   Can you imagine what would happen to us, all our places would be taken, all that we work with, in freedom, in harmony, in love would be gone.  We would be left solely working at the discretion of mankind where he felt we should do so.

He would just explode the population totally and leaving us with nothing.  This site here would be gone, your land would be gone, all would be houses and concrete and steel, iron, metal of some form, electricity.  All the things that we find very difficult to work around or with and should this be the case, then of course it would mean that we would have to leave.  Can you imagine what that would do?

So this is why at this stage, very few places will be chosen to take in this 6th element.  To bring forth the awareness again, as Findhorn made it’s mark, so will others, BUT it will be strictly controlled and until the awareness of the responsibility of what takes place is paramount within those who wish to work in these areas – until that happens there will be no general release of this information or this energy.  For we of the Devic Kingdom hold it and will continue to do so for it is totally in our interest and no others.

So until next time, we do within our Kingdom and myself, look forward to seeing you then.



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