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28/12/2011 – Silver Connection – What’s ahead for 2012-2013

28/12/2011 – Silver Connection – What’s ahead for 2012-2013

Greetings Beloved Ones on this close to final day of your calendar year.  May we say that as far as most beings are concerned this is already a movement into the New Year and you have passed your zenith in respect to the sun’s progress in the heavens.

What does this mean on this rather auspicious year that is to come?

Many have read and written about the affects of the year 2012/13 and what it will do with regards to the human race.  It is sad to note that in general for the vast majority of you the answer is nothing.  For you will not change your ways, you will not see things differently, you will do nothing to enhance your wellbeing.

If you were to look seriously at this time, it is like a slingshot.  If you can understand that and you can ride the slingshot, you will be projected forward – but if you miss it through sheer ignorance or indifference, or lack of desire, then it will go by you and maybe the one thing you will have is the whistle as it whooshes past through the air, but nothing else.  Things will remain exactly as they are now.

For those who are prepared, will take the risk, will ride that slingshot.  You will be projected into much finer fortunes than those that exist with you now.  That does not mean that you are whisked off the Earth and shoved somewhere else, far from it.  What it does mean is that you will take the opportunity to retune your thinking, your minds, your being and thereby still live on this Earth, but in a higher plane that what you are at the moment.  At a higher level.

For this is definitely a time of separation, a time of change, a time of new beginnings.  But only those who are ready to accept these changes, are prepared to go with them, to acknowledge them, to incorporate them.  Only those humans will find there is any difference, for the rest of the world will be the same quagmire and trap that it is right now.

So what do you want?  What are you prepared to do?  Are you prepared to ride that slingshot and be projected forward or are you going to possibly watch it go by or totally ignore it?  That choice is yours, nobody else’s, that decision is yours and the result is yours.  Do not blame any other being but yourself if you find that you have missed this opportunity, because the next one is a long, way away.

There has been much written about the spaceships waiting to take you all away, that you’re all such wonderful beings, that everything is fantastic, that it is all going perfectly to plan.  Well, our answer to this will be read this again in 18-24 months time and see if that has happened – because it will not.

There has been so much misinformation placed within the spiritual regions that it is very difficult to differentiate between the truth, the reality and the fantasy that is being put there at this time.  There are beings who will benefit from those who really believe this was going to happen and then find that it does not.  Their reactions within themselves, around them, will be beneficial to others who under no circumstances should ever be able to feed off you, but they do.

Can you truly believe that you have done sufficient upon this Earth to justify being placed at another level.  Now having said that, if you said “Yes, but we need to go further back down and start afresh”, we would probably agree with you.  If you turn round and say, “Yes, because we’ve been so brilliant we should be placed on a higher level.”  The answer is a definite – No.

Look around you, look at yourselves, look at what you are doing to the Earth.  Look at what you are doing to each other, look at what you are doing to even your own selves and then truly give us the answer that ‘Yes, you believe you are worthy.”  Human beings love the easy way, they always have, you can understand this.

Should they?  Where has this led them now.  Should they be prepared to work harder, things can change, but the easy path has always been the one that has been taken until your backs are against the wall.  Until you have no other options but to forge forward and this is what you are doing to yourselves at the moment.  This is where you are placing yourselves.

Now is this necessary?  Not really.  You can all do a lot better than what you are doing.  You can all make greater efforts towards the resurrection of human kind but not only that but also the Earth, to save itself.

There are many who are going to find this message most distasteful.  Our suggestion to you would be to look at yourselves and work out why is it distasteful?  Are you prepared to be deceived by the easy options that appear to be available, or are you prepared to work upon yourselves and thereby work upon those around you, to assist yourselves in moving forward and becoming the beautiful, magnificent beings that you’re all capable of?

Or have you been so misled to the level whereby that even you are prepared to turn around and say, ‘nothing is my fault, it is everybody else’s and I have a right for everything even though I have done very little to earn it.  I have a right for everything positive even though I have done very little, if anything towards that end.”

No doubt you in particular will plaster this site with your negative comments – that is your right and maybe even in doing that it may make you think.  We are not here to destroy you.  We are not here under any circumstances to fool you, to lie to you.  We are but trying to tell you the actual reality as things are at this moment and right now if you were to hop onto the scales you would all be found wanting.  You’ll be found wanting because your desires are not pure enough. Your responses  are not strong enough.

But hopefully there are those of you who will utilise this very special and important time to move forward and hopefully some of you will be able to take others along as well, to assist them, to get them onto the right path.

What is this path?  Tis the path towards having true inner awareness of oneself, but at the same time to have an awareness of your affect on all that is around, for the positives and the negatives and therefore your opportunities to redress some of these things.  To move forward to become that beautiful bright light that lies within you that is so often dimmed or dormant.  To take every opportunity that you are given towards progressing upon your spiritual path.

Please, we beg of you, do not be misled by easy options.  There is an old saying is there not, ‘that if something seems to be too good to be true, then usually that is the case’.   Think of that now and if you truly believe that you are ready and wish to step upon this “space craft and move forward”, then before you make that decision look deeply and closely within yourself and ask yourself is this the right step – what am I doing and for what purpose?

For the period ahead we wish all of you the greatest of luck in finding yourselves.  Luck might sound a strange word, but it is something that is often used at the change of years.  Good luck is it not, for the future, good luck for the next year.

There is a lot of change to come and for those of you with your eyes open this can and will be a spectacular time and experience.  Why not acknowledge that as being the case.   Grasp it and go forward.

Thank you





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