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28/2/11 – The Green Man – Earth and the Elementals

Okay so far a lot of the conversations we have had have very much involved you which is you as Human Beings, which is fairly understandable as for so long your species has basically been the sole interest of the individuals and the sum total of humanity.

But you asked if we could move on and yes there are a couple of other areas we wish over the time to work with.  One in particular you asked about is the Animal Kingdom and the other one as equally and we do respect that, is Ourselves.

All are very important in the balance of all things and if nothing else we hope that over the weeks you have learnt that this is the case, the Earth, yourselves, all of it is in a form of balance.  Sometimes better than others depending on your point of view and this has to maintain.  If it goes haywire you will end up shall we say as the Atlanteans did or before that, to the beings that did who basically control your earth at this time.  Worlds have exploded, imploded, they have died in all manner of ways.

But this Earth is not ready for that yet, and neither should it be.  In many ways it is still relatively young and we as the Elementals are the Earth’s beings if you like, the Earth’s Children.  Not you.  As we’ve explained before, you can move on and this is one of the big differences, we cannot, we are tied to our, which you generally call Mother – to our Mother.

And those apron strings if you like cannot be untied because if they are then we are lost.  We love our Mother, we love the being that we work with, we hope and trust that in many ways we understand this being.  Certainly you do not.  You see it as being a lump of rock nicely encased in matter that you can breathe and survive in and placed there totally for your convenience.

Nothing could be further from the fact.  This Earth was created not just for you or your conveniences, but for much greater things.  Although the sun that warms and protects and allows this Earth to live, may appear to be brighter in the sky and certainly when viewed physically most definitely is of course.

When viewed spiritually, the Earth itself is a brilliant point of light as well and that is why you were led here, knowing that this being would be prepared to nuture, to foster you, to look after you.  But under no circumstances should a foster parent have to make the choice between it’s own children and those that it fosters.  And that is why we stand here now and declare the rights of our Mother and the fact that her foster children in so many ways, leave a lot to be desired.

We have told you of our life expectancies, of what we can hope to achieve and what cannot be achieved in given times because of what is happening to the surface, to the oceans, to the air and even deeper down deep inside as mankind probes, ever searching, never satisfied.

It is a difficult concept to understand us.  Are we individuals?  To a degree, but not as much as you.  We are linked back to our source of many called the Elemental King or Queen, it matters not, sex is immaterial, for here there is nso sex, no male, no female.  We can dress, we can be, we can appear as whatever we wish to and we believe you would visualise it that if something is taken away from us then like you can move on somewhere else, continue on with whatever we were doing.

Denude the forest in the Amazon, throughout the equatorial areas, destroy all that is there, burn it, move on again.  But we, where are we supposed to go?  How many of us are there?  We are shall we say, limitless in the number that could be achieved.  But it is a concept that is extremely hard to humans to comprehend.

You do not count us by numbers, you count us by strength and that is the difference.  And yet we still have that degree of individuality.  It is as though our beings pour out in sparks of ourselves into the individual trees, even the blades of grass if you like.

Is there an individual Elemental for each blade of grass or each leaf on a tree or each plant?  No, not necessarily and yet if it was desired there could be, but that is not the way it works.  It is an envelopment, a reaching out, touching parts of forest, new trees and as well as their physical life if you like, we are the bearers of the Elemental life that enhances their being.  We give them that little bit of zest that allows them to continue on.  It allows them to become fully what they are and to grow to the best of their potential.

So any ideas of a little wizened tree that is dying, having it’s little wizened elemental sitting underneath also dying, needs to be swept away, because that is not how it is.  What it does mean probably in those circumstances is that as the tree withdraws it’s life force, we withdraw ours for it has done it’s work.

However, if suddenly we have this connection which if you like and if you want to visualise it as lots and lots of electrical wires spread out over a huge area, interconnecting to all these trees and if suddenly huge bulldozers come along and cut these trees down in their prime, when they’re full of life, we do not just lose this connection but we get a jolt, sickness, of hurt, of pain, of despair, coming back along those wires.

And please in this do not see us as sitting in one central source doing this because that is not right either.  We are the earth, the water, the sky and the fires within and around but everytime something is not allowed to achieve it’s potential it hurts us and not only does it hurt us, but it hurts our Mother and we’re here to look after our Mother and when it gets to a stage that our Mother says “I must slumber because this pain is too intense“, we become concerned, very concerned.  But when our Mother also says, “I must also wake up becaue the pain has become so great I must do something about it”, we start to become ready for war.

You’ve had many scenerios and you know about how doom and gloom can come about.  You are nowhere near as strong as you think you are.  Simple things can destroy so many of you in the blinking of an eye, more complicated things.  The removal of certain forms of insects, in particular bees, can destroy you.

Would it be seen as murder or would it be seen as an inevitable and necessary adjustment in order for that which is important to survive.  We’ll leave you to make that choice, but remember that for all your machines, for all your scientists, you are very puny, very vulnerable and should we be called to arms, the result would be inevitable.

But having said that there is another force that has to be considered, that is the force that truly and genuinely put you here in the first place and if that force says “My work is not yet completed, their work is not yet done, hold back do not complete the destruction”, then we have to abide by that.

Willingly – to a degree.  Happily – not really.  We’ve been there before, we’ve done that before.  Let some remain but history seems to dictate exactly what will happen again. Everytime and yet the Being that put you there and placed you there so lovingly, is filled with love and wishes all the time to see you overcome the obstacles that have been placed there for you and by you.

But even that being will have it’s limitations as to how long it will allow this to happen.  Of that, that we’re talking about is immaterial, it is what is going to happen and what can happen, that is what is important.

There will be no clash from the being that has placed you has it’s final say and our Mother will do as she is bid one way or the other, but are you beginning to see how far up the ladder this goes, towards if you like the big boss the CEO, whatever and as with all businesses there come a time when a decision has to be made on something that is not working properly or going well as to whether you continue with your efforts, renew the efforts even more, or whether you pull the plug.

What would you like?  What do you think is fair?  What do you think ought to happen? Because we can assure you of one thing, have been assured of it.  No other planet will be asked to go through this again.

So once again, we come back to the fact of trooping onto all these super spaceships of being carted elsewhere to carry on doing whatever it was that you can do.  We’ve already said that will not happen.  They will not arrive in a state whereby they could carry on what they were doing.  It’s just not on.  It is not going to be.

Those spaceships, and yes they do exist, have no physical or spiritual base from which they operate.  They exist within space.  And so when it is said that they’re going to come and pick you up and take you away and say what a wonderful job you’ve done.  Where do you think you are going to go?  They have nowhere else to go.  They have destroyed everything they have touched.  They are not allowed to touch any form of planet upon which they can have an effect.

If you like, they can go and sit on a bit of rock, but a planet which is living and growing and has potential, definitely not.  And the Super Powers beyond them would ensure that this did not happen and those within the spaceships know exactly what would happen because don’t think they haven’t tried, of course they have.  As we have said, they’re getting to the end of their time.  They neet to try and metamorphise into your spirit.  Will not happen, but they will try.  We know.

But it comes back to what we have really started on, upon this particular talk was about us.  Why are we here?  We’re here because we are the children of the Mother that we serve.  We serve with respect, awe and dignity of that being that allows us to operate within her midst.  We serve in dominion of that being, always mindful of what should be done and what is right to be done.

But there is a lot more we know to tell you about us, so far the concept we have give you is one that is difficult to try and muster, that we’re not like you if you like, having a King or a President stretching out to all the individuals within the Kingdom or a democracy or whatever it may be.

That is not us, that is not how we operate.  But we still are and will continue to be so and those aspects of ourselves which are denied through man’s thoughtlessness and intent to destroy, become destroyed and we become distraught.

An interesting question has just been placed which we will cover in the future.  That is to do with the elements of fire and air and what happens to them when a nuclear bomb shall we say is exploded.  Do they thrive and survive or what?

Another time, another place but we will get there.  Thank you

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