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30/10/98 – Elementals – A Feather from the Mythical Realm

Our greetings to you on this most beautiful of days and we certainly smile at your inconvenience with your animals.  It is that time of the year and one must understand that as the energies rise and just as the sap rises in the trees and the bushes and the plants, so the energies within the animals also rises to it’s highest point around this time of the year as no doubt you have found with your horses when riding them, they can become quite frisky and very different to what they are in winter.  And does this not in fact include yourselves in how you feel as the sun comes out.

It is most important, without it or any of the elements, life would not exist as we know it.  And that is why it is so terribly important for all of us that we understand this fact and do all that we can to publish and make known just how important it is to honour and recognise and live with all those beings and things that are necessary for your survival.

It seems so stupid when put so simply, that unless you do understand how vitally important it is to work in harmony (Sassy, one of our 4 cats meowing in our ears) yes, we smile again for here is another classic example of what is happening at this time.  Please do not take it to heart for as you are feeling your increases in pressure, yours is coming out somewhat differently to those of your animals and may we suggest that in fact what you do is look at them and see how they handle the changes.

As was said to you yesterday, maybe the idea of lightening up and becoming more at one with yourselves and with each other is not such a bad idea at all and this includes your animals.  Do not let these energies upset you, for they are vitally necessary, without them the world as you know it and as we know it would not exist.

Without them, there would be no life as we are aware of it in this physicality.  So friends, tune in, drink in your sun, drink in your air, fell your earth and know your water and draw in your spirituality and in that you have all that is needed at this time.

For we are aware of you, that you have been told of the 6th element – of course it would not have happened without our awareness and without our acceptance.   But that will come as and when it is ready and you are ready.  All of us here on these various realms are trying to help to bring you into tune with what is taking place around you.

Although in comparison to many, you are well in tune.  May we say that in some ways there is still a long way to go, but we have patience, we have time and between us all it will work.  It is just a matter of knowing that and bringing it into the whole, bringing it in, allowing it to become you and you to become it.

For it is vitally important that you reflect what is around you and your understanding and not revert back to the ways of so many human beings in trying to be aggressive, to conquer, to control, to manipulate, rather to work with real harmony.

You will find in doing that, things will be so much easier, so much better.  Things will be smooth and calm and peaceful and will work as such, whereas when one fights, how do you fight the ocean.  Do you do a King Canute and sit there pushing the waves back only to find they surround and overcome you, or do you go with the ocean and use it’s strength on your behalf, rather than battling against it.

Can you stand under a waterfall and order the water to back up.  No of course not, not yet anyway, but you can use that water wisely for your benefit and and for it’s benefit.  And it’s as simple as that.  Work in harmony, work in peace and in love with all the elements that are around, trying not to destroy or to disturb whenever possible.

Knowing that everytime you do, it is a small part of you that has been taken and then has to be replaced.    Even the ant’s nest has it’s place in life, as do the blowflies.  As do your ‘friends’ the possums, tis a matter of doing it in harmony, and when you can really do this as you are trying so hard to harmonise with each other.

Spread this out now, firstly to your pets, to your ground and to the elements and all that are around.  You will find it will work and work very well.  Very satisfactory, you will find that life becomes so much more pleasurable, so much easier, so much more fulfilling and worthwhile.

Now is it our turn to ask the inevitable questions, Anne do you have any questions for us, we put you on the spot don’t we?

Anne – Thousands upon thousands

Well fire away but leave it at maybe just the first thousand today.

Anne – One simple one, I am absolutely delighted to have found the feather and it doesn’t matter where it came from at all, but I do firmly believe it came from their realm (mythical realm) and it is just wonderful to have it.

And why do you believe that?  Yes, truthfully tell us, by that please do not take it that we imply that you tell untruths, or mistruths, that is not it.  What we are saying is, within yourself, tell us why you believe that?  What was it and this is important, tis not a trap, far from it, it is a very important lesson.  Would we be right in saying that deep within yourself you fell that to be so, very positive about it, is that correct?     (Yes)

Okay fine, well that was really what we were asking, but we put it maybe not quite as succinctly as we should

Anne – My reasons is because it would have been so easy to have just had a local bird feather land somewhere, but to actually bring it from their realm is an act of trust and integrity I think.

And because you feel so, that is where it comes from.  It is as simple as that.  If you had felt that it had come from the third dimensional realm, then that would be so.  Neither truly in it’s own way is important as to where the feather came from.  What is important is that it came.  It was promised from a very special, very loving, warm and beautiful kingdom – and it arrived, and that it came from that realm within your heart is so important to you.  It brings it in beautifully, it bring it in, in strength, in character and in love.

And yes, it is a beautiful feather, and yes it is nice that you placed it where you have, for you see we too do not just sit under a bowl in the hill, for you’ve yet to truly understand who we are and what we are and how we work.

For we are in many ways as all invading, if we may use that word, as are those you work with on the spiritual realm.  Nobody will ever invade your private territory if you do not wish them to, but when we have the sorts of communications and work and love that we are all enjoying these days, then we too come in to help, to know what is going on.  To know, we knew when you found that feather.  We knew the feather was there.  We felt the joy in your heart, particularly you, when the feather was found and placed so proudly within it’s photo frame.

This is important, this is part of what we are saying, the working in harmony, the working in love – not just with each other, not just between yourselves, and those on the spiritual realms and with us, but with everything that is around, even those that you find hard.  And yes, we do understand how difficult it is, we do understand.

And yet one of the simplest things is, if you come to those people and those beings, and we include certain human beings and certain things like rabbits and possums.  If you come to them in love, and in harmony, even though they know it not, t hey will reciprocate.  They will feed it back to you and you will find it is ten times more difficult to destroy – to destroy either the creature or the connection with the human being, because you know them in love.

You feel them.  You are part of them and they are part of you.  Now there are many human beings who cannot at this stage even comprehend how that comes about, they have no such desires, their desires live in control and manipulation, in ego and destruction.  In total absolute power, domination over all things.

And yet you come to them in love, they are bemused, for the first thing they cannot do is use their power to control you, it doesn’t work.  It has suddenly been nullified.  So how do we get around this?  We use more power, we use more control, we use more manipulation and each time it bounces off like an arrow bouncing off armour.  It doesn’t work, and after a long while, slowly it begins to sink in, these people are living very differently to me.  They have their harmony, I cannot affect them, I cannot control them.  What are they doing?

Maybe initially this comes through because the being sees it as another form of control and manipulation. In many ways that matters not, what is important is at long last they are looking.  Trying to find and through whatever channel they find their strength, themselves and their love.  It is not important.  What is, is them coming forth and accepting it.  For having done so, a most miraculous of gifts will occur.  They will certainly find they are changed beyond all recognition.

So live your lives in love, don’t run away, do not try to control or manipulate or destroy or dominate.  Dominion is the answer.

Now we have digressed greatly, – Did it come from the Mythical Realms.? The answer is a definite and indeficable YES.

Anne – There is so little that we know about ourselves, but we know next to nothing about your Kingdoms, the Mythical Kingdoms.  There is so much we have to learn.

That is why we are here.  You may easily find that we will leave it to you, for it is important that you do not overtax yourselves, either he who take the messages, or she who types them, but it may become necessary from time to time for at least twice a week converstations to allow us to start to open your awareness of us and in doing so to let us into you and you into us.  For you will find it is a highly, worthwhile and rewarding experience from which you will learn and know and experience much.

Anne – I am getting to think that any day now I could go up to the stables and find Spike (my horse) sprouting wings and wearing a horn.  Nothing is impossible, so thank you.

Maybe in the third dimensions some things are less possible than others, but if you have that dream, that strength, that desire. of course it can be.  And if your dream is to mount that horse and to fly, why not do it with your spirits.

Do you not see the connection.  Take him inside yourself, which is exactly what we have been saying, take him in, take his spirit in and give part of you to him.  It is a sharing, it is a caring, and then allow the two of you to fly.  Your bodies can remain here, in those circumstances they are no more than anchor points, drawing you back when you are ready to return.

And you can mount that pegasus of yours, you can hold on to his neck, you can feel his wings, you can fly to the stars, to the sun, way up, beyond the sky.  The choice is yours, it is no less real, no less important than what you live in your physicality.

It is just all possible, there is nothing that you can imagine that is impossible.  It is your decision – just do not be controlled and manipulated by the third dimensional ties that hold you down.  Know you are so much more and that your body is so much less than you are.

Give it it’s freedom, at times to rest and take yourselves away into your sky, on your horse, wherever it may be, within your eagle, whatever and BE.   Dive to the deepest oceans, go with the Undines, let them show you, let them be with you.  Climb into the stars, into the sun, move with the earth, feel it’s heartbeat.  Find the Earth Mother.   Is that not a challenge?

Anne – It is very beautiful and thank you.

Fly on the winds, move with them, around the earth, 200 miles an hour, it costs your nothing, just sit upon the breeze way up there and let it take you and you will see all, and experience all.

Your bodies in many ways are an encumbrence, the one that is necessary, but learn now there are times when you can release yourselves from.  This is all part of your lessons and awakenings and awareness experiences with your meditations.

Now you know you can just let that body go, it is quite capable of looking after itself until you return, it does not need you anymore than you need it.  there is of course while you live upon this third dimensional plane a contact, but apart from that you can work and use it as you wish and remove yourselves from it otherwise.

It is your body that needs the rest, not you.  You do not need to go to sleep, you can climb the stairway to the start, as your body receives it’s rest.  When all those messages are sorted out within, when you have control over all that happens to you and within you and around you and about you.  When you have all this, you have everything there is that this earth and this plane can give to you.

We are going to leave you now for although we have only answered one, many thousands of questions – we will return.  We will be back as will our friends are to answer many more and to give you as much as we can over a period of time of our realm.

One thing we do ask, is jut be patient.  Allow us to express ourselves as we come out, all will be told, all will be revealed and you will be much wiser and much the better for knowing.

Anne – Thank you.  We are much happier to have you and your beings put it through in your words. The questions can come much later.

That is fine, like your other friends, we too wish you love and we too look forward to our next contact.  Until then, goodbye.




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