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30/12/2000 – Silver Connection – The Manipulations to get your Souls

(This again is an older communication which we wish to share with you as it is just as relevant now as then)

Greetings Beloved Bretheren on this most beautiful of mornings is it not and delightful it is to be able to communicate with you once again like this, sitting gently in your chairs at home with the elements gently working their magic around you.  How are you both this morning?

What is termed a year again isn’t it and yet this is something we have discussed before, the logic of having the year end on the shortest day and things like this but we do not need to cover that sort of ground again because on can see the sense in this rather than the way things have been manipulated.  But of course what this does show for all who are prepared to open their eyes and look and think and consider.

If the potential is there for everything to be manipulated, it is highly unlikely in that case if there is such a potential that it has not happened of course.  For indeed it has as we all know, it is part of the overall plan to succumb the Earth into the control of those who shall we say should never have control, for wherever they have been they have destroyed, they have choked, they have taken, they have removed, they have deceived, they have lied and never ever do they learn.

And yes, indeed that is right and they are the ones who have now coveted your Souls with such longing, with such urges, that once again they will do everything they can to bring about the removal of that most precious part, the truly, the only part that is truly you and utilise it for their own benefits as we know.

But unless this is given readily and it can be, they cannot succeed.  So they spin their webs of deceit, of lies, of illusions to try and coerce from you the one thing that is most precious and what do they lay in it’s place – money, power, control.  You give us your soul and we will give you these and they talk of the devil, but what they should talk of, of course is many thousands, millions of devils, right.

But today it not a day for dwelling on these things as it is important of course that you should know, that you should be aware, that you should understand and you should be prepared to place yourself in whatever position you wish to do so, in those circumstances.

For truly as is written in your Bible , would you sell your soul for a mess of pottage and is that in fact not what is happening?  One lifetime, the promise of one lifetime of power, of energy, of control, that’s all that is needed.  But it cannot work, they do not see this, they do not understand this for they have lived beyond the spiritual for so long.  They have believed for so long that there is no need for such things, they stepped above it in their beliefs and yet of course what they did was slide way below it.

Way down into the depths of depravity, that is where they lay down.  Their intelligence may be extreme, their powers in many ways, physically in particular, may be extreme, but their true understanding and their knowledge, their awareness, their perceptions of things that really are, are not there, they have been lost.

It is shall we say like if you will, a human having lost it’s soul totally and forever, never to return.  Evolution has destroyed even the slightest inkling but it is an evolution brought about by themselves by what they concentrated on, and by not what they were.

And so yes, we say, a few days, 6 days out beyond the solstice, what does it matter apart from the fact that once again it shows a strong pointer towards all things that have been meddled with and is that not just about everything that there is for humans to perceive.

Of course it is, yes but what is exciting, what is challenging, what is magnificent about all of this is that for those who are prepared to look beyond, there is a plethora of choices, of awareness, of expression, of becoming and truly at one with oneself.  You understand this also.

For it becomes harder, so when it is achieved, whatever IT may be, it becomes so much more than what it would have been had you not had to struggle for it.  Had you’ve not had to search for it, had you not had to find it, to nurture it, to bring it back into being, that tiny light of yours, that so many would extinguish given the opportunity and have tried to do so for so long, in particular those whose lights have shone so brightly.  Think upon that and remember it, yes.

For much has been done through the world for so long now to extinguish these lights, for like attracts like and light attracts light, but it also of course attracts unwanted attention from the dark in these cases.  But that is as it be and those who have come and shone their lights and the light has then been diminished upon this earth, have succeeded in their work, in their job, in their being.

Now onto things more pleasant for we come do we not once again to the turnover of another year, nothing like as exciting in the energies as it was last year is it now.  For there, there was a great expectation of all thing to come and what has happened, rather a lot we think.

And as we have spoken of before, change in not just physical, it come from beyond, it starts beyond, and those who can see it and become aware of it, can prophecy but not necessarily to the accuracy that they would like to wish that they could.  Yes, for there the ego takes over in so many instances, for very few are truly capable of putting shall we say, a date upon it, and yet that is the pressure.

Now why is that the pressure? To prove you wrong. We must have a date.  Why? I’m telling you that this, this and this is going to happen.  We must have a date, tell us when it is going to happen?  I do no know exactly when it’s going to happen. But we must have a date.  Will this date do?  Yes, if you like.  So suddenly that date become the day and the time goes by, the seer loses his or her confidence.  The seer loses his following, his passion, his belief in himself.

Another manipulation gone by.  Yes.  Ah truly, but again we say that within all these things there is a light shining forever if you so desire and through this the truth can always be perceived.  Remove these veils that mist, that surround and cover and see truly and all will be revealed, but never beloved friends, sell your soul for a mess of pottage, it is not worth it.

Now questions –

(One that comes to mind and staying in line with the conversation we have just had and the scenario where they have mapped our DNA and with all the manipulations that are going on, it is becoming quite scary that thing are moving to where they can genetically change and modify all sorts of things and I imagine that these are done vis the dark ones, those hidden ones that are messing around with us.  Especially with humans with their great longing for immortality.)

But of course, and that’s is that not part of the deal for what one sells and yet is it not so stupid for if one understands the truth of these matters, of the doors that close and open and close and open and close and open so many, many times until it seems like infinity, as you pass from one incarnation through to the next.  You pass from that one to the next one and the next one beyond.  To then get stuck between doors forever and yet so many will give the ultimate just for that, is it not so stupid, is it not crazy in the extreme.

(well yes, everybody wanting plastic surgery and all else that has come along to stop the aging process)

Yes, and what is the perfect day on which this all happens you become physically immortal.  Okay tell me, you are 14, you see a 20 year old as being old, do you then decide today is the day I will remain at for the rest of my eternal being.  You are a 20 year old, you see a 35 year old that is too old, is today the day and so on; and so forth.  You are a 95 year old, rather rickety, rather crotchety, not wishing to face the opening of the next door, do you inflict that upon yourselves.  It is not our decision.

(But on the other hand haven’t they (dark ones) got the technology they can use to eliminate those who decide they don’t wish to participate in their schemes.)

Of course, there have been many plans utilised in different ways – wars, there’s famine, there’s pestilence of other forms.  To create these cleanouts, these start again, for what happens, let us put this into an analogy.  We are a laboratory right, okay and we have all these petri dishes okay.  And all these different things swimming around in them okay.  Some are working, a lot aren’t.  Some are going off right.  Getting a bit smelly, a bit beyond their use by date, so what do we do, we clean out the dishes we no longer need.

We wash them away, we remove them, we destroy them, we make sure they cannot remain, they disappear yes, and we start afresh.  And sometimes what happens is that something comes into the laboratory and starts to sweep through.  We protect as much as we can which we believe to be the perfect specimens for that, that we are working on and the rest is destroyed vis Atlantis, vis Lemuria, vis many things, many times, the ultimate.

So let us put this into a contex again where on these extreme occasions, the vast majority of the laboratory is contaminated and we keep maybe the one or the two odd ones, the Adama and the Eve yes and the serpent is still playing.  The serpent is not a serpent okay and then on other occasions a whole table of petri dishes is contaminated.

What does that signify – that signifies the Black Death.  Those plagues that have walked on earth for so long and then on another occasion is two or three deaths, what does that signify?  A major earthquake, a major, not regional problem yes, are you beginning to get the picture here.

Beloved ones enjoy your New Years Eve fully and when you toast that glass of wine may we have a toast with you please.  (it wouldn’t be a toast without you)

Delightful thank you beloved ones, until our next time, as always our love, our blessings to you all.  Goodbye.





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