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3/8/2000 – Silver Connection – More on Men and Women

Greetings beloved ones on this very fair of mornings is it not.  Quite pleasant for the time of year – isn’t it delightful that we who do not in general experience the changes of seasons, can do so through yourselves and to be able to sit with the delights of watching the sun sparkling upon the dew drop as you did yesterday, is absolutely delightful for all.  For such small things create beautiful pleasures do they not.

Well we are here, open, ready willing and hopefully able to parry any questions or answer them whatever you desire beloved one.  Where we go from here the agenda is very much in your lap apart from the cat this morning.

(Firstly, welcome it’s lovely to have you here and talking about these politically correct words we were discussing the word female and woman, both of which have the masculine within it, as against masculinity and femininity and I’m wondering if there is anything you can do to clear up why were those words used)

There is an underlying meaning and as Roger put out just now you automatically went very much on the defensive for the woman versus the man and for the female versus the male as they they came afterwards.  Does that in fact have to be so, is it not distinctly possible that it was the other way around.  But that aside which is really very much a red herring.

The pointer here is that as you know very well, you have been male and as on less regular occasions Roger has been female and it has been a long while indeed, this is true.  But both of you are aware of the duality of the one within the other and of the combination to make the whole and this is so with the words themselves.  It is one within the other is it not.

And this of course is if there is any secret within these words, that it is it, and of course the whole thing about the battle of the sexes is rather innoculous in many ways because there should be no battle.  When one understands that one is truly made up of equal parts of both and therefore it is a matter of enjoying both parts and coming to terms with the reality that you all are.

It is a most unfortunate episode in the life of humanity physical upon the earth, that so much has been played on the actual physical attributes and of course one looks back at the history of these things when things were far less well defined, in other words far less physical than what they are now that one could move into both realms very successfully and experience.

Suddenly there becomes a period of domination of one over the other and then the body of the other one becomes highly unclean and yet the parody of this of course is that not only does it become unclean in the eyes of many, but it also becomes disgusting desireable.  You understand (Yes)

And yet this is humanity in many ways at it’s most vulgar, at it’s most basest, that is at it’s worst, not sexuality itself but what drives it from behind, what is implied by all these secrets, semi-secrets and open messages that are pushed forth.  If they could just understand that whatever you have between your legs to put it crudely and ignorantly, is but a passing phase, which will inevitably change and therefore you will experience the other side of the coin.  If this could be fully comprehended properly then maybe things could start to improve although at times even that seems impossible.

After all, when you view it from our point, if husband and wife cannot be male and female living in a strong partnership, if not necessarily these days being technically correct as you say, if they have to compete with each other within their own sexuality, then truly what chance do all things have, because if the competition starts there with their children, wherever that may have been formed and that is normally where these things begin.  If the competition starts there, what chance is there for reconciliation between blacks and whites, between Christians and Muslems and Hindus and Buddhists.

None whatsoever and until these can combine and see themselves truly for what they are, what chance is there for humanity in any form to combine and to combat the things that are there, that are lurking in the background ready to take over – that have achieved so much by implanting in so many different ways all these red herrings that humanity are so delighted to chase, in order not to concentrate on the important aspects of being.

(Thank you very much for talking about it, and although I was wondering what was behind it all I hope that I wasn’t being defensive – male versus woman)

No, that was very much the question that Roger brought through, not yourself he felt at the time that it was being defensive but both of you are hopefully are a little bit further up the step ladder of realisation that you may be this time, but next time you can be totally the opposite and therefore what you experience should be rounded.  You should take both parts of yourself and bring it into a whole being, the same as you should take each other and this is very much one of the reasons for male and female being together, because it allows you to increase and enrich your awareness of the other side.

Not to become dominant, not to take control, not to be the bully and say I am masculine therefore I am far more important or visa versa, these are stupid negligable things that should not be there, but inevitably are for both sides in their own way and we talk here male and female, work towards their own dominance and not that which is required which is as we all know — dominion.

(Like you I wonder, as from where we sit we only have a particular view of the horizon and can’t see what’s beyond it and what could be coming to make the changes, so from this point of view it seems to be extremely hard to see how with all the contradictions, hatreds, manipulations of human kind, how or what can happen to make the changes especially when we’ve had some pretty bad wars, close to annihilation at times but that didn’t bring about harmony.  So what does mankind need to bring about dominion – it just seems a very, very strong task.)

It it has to be done, it is to be done with time and patience, an awareness of those who were seeded in for shall we say a second time round, or a third, or a fourth, or a fifth, or a sixth, or seventh, it matters not, that they will slowly become aware more and more and that their awareness will lead to others considering the possibility.  It is a very, very long answer in how long it will take to your question, but the possibility of an immediate change due to a flash of light, the aura of a descended Master being placed over you all etc etc is highly unlikely to achieve it’s desired result. It is very much if there is to be a metamorphis, then it will take place as slowly as evolution itself and no faster.

(Whilst we are on the male/female topics and as the population has exploded on Earth it appears that there are an enormous amount of same sex relationships – what causes this and I imagine it is more complicated so could you explain what the basis of these relationships are.)

One would like to say that they are closer to the awareness and yet in many cases this is not so, if anything it is the opposite.  It is the polarisation, contrary to what many feel, that my sex is all that is important and so therefore I will experience sex with the gender that I am, right.  totally ignoring the opposite gender, they are all wrong and dirty and evil and awful etc etc which of course is absolute rubbish.  My gender is the important one.

Those beings who truly become in harmony with themselves will take the role of their gender and use it gently, beautifully, carefully with a partner whether is be of their own or of the opposite sex, it matters not.  It is the person within that is important and what they are experiencing and what they are feeling.  There is nothing written in the heavens that say’s that if there is a beautiful loving, perfect relationship physically, that it has to take place between two different sexes in general, this of course is highly necessary.

But it is not a disease, something evil or awful to be seen, if that is not the case if the two are both male or both female.  It is how it is applied, how it works. As it is in a straight forward hetrosexual relationship.  One of the most important things for beings in many ways, is the monogamy of this.  That they can take a partner and truly lead each other into a world of future awareness, of future understanding, of future feeling.  Which of course you cannot take if you are hopping from one bed to the next right.  It is not on, all you do is experience the basemost, outermost physicality of it without touching the human inner being.

Does that answer part of your question, is there more that you wish us to expand on.

(That was really fine, thank you maybe Roger has some.)

As Rogers question is with regard to incest and pedophilia and yes indeed on the surface these things are most abhorent.  And even taking in to considering karmic reasons, purposes, ties, it is difficult indeed, it is nigh on impossible for many not to judge what goes on in particular when a child can be so young, so infantile as to be used for a purpose which is beyond the comprehension of most.

And yet these beings of course need the compassion for no being that is fully aware of itself or even percentagely more than marginal in it’s awareness of itself could do these things.  It is not right, it is not so, and therefore such a being that can take advantage of their own children or of minors and infants, of others, should be seen with a degree of compassion, not for what they have achieved as they see it, but for what they had not achieved within their soul being.

For if you saw such a thing happening with two monkeys shall we say and these are difficult waters to walk upon, believe us.  But if you saw such a thing happening with two monkeys and yet you never do, you would say they know no better therefore I understand more fully.  I may  not like it, it may turn my stomach, it may be most horrific to me in it’s own way, but they know no better.

Then you have a degree of compassion and understanding for the being, not for what they are doing.  Consider those who do these deeds in a similar vein and do have compassion, not for what they have done, or for what they are, but in truth for what they should be.  What they need to become, to break these chains inevitably brought about both karmically and genetically, with family history stirring the pot rapidly.

Will be something to be fought against with every weapon that you have available, it can be discussed that yes, the child cane in knowing full well this would happen, yes, true indeed, but it was never inevitable.  That is the point, never inevitable if both beings had a great spark of awareness as to what takes place and why.

We leave you now enough time has flown by during this bright intercourse of thoughts and words and awarenesses between us all.  Until our next time beloved ones, our loves and our blessings as always are with you.

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