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4/3/11 – The Green Man – The Animal Kingdom

Okay, you’ve asked us to talk about that group of beings that sit somewhere between yourselves and ourselves is the Animal Kingdom.  Although we are far from experts in this matter possibly we have a greater insight than what you do yourselves if for no other reason than the fact of observation over a very long period of time.

We’ll recap on a few things which will become clear as to why we’re doing so.

We mention that for ourselves our links out to what you would term the actual Elementals are more like roots, okay, so a leaf is touched, a tree is touched, a sudden flare up of a fire is touched, a puff of wind and they are all extensions of us.  How many of us, quite a lot as you can imagine, spread over and throughout this Earth.  Each working in harmony with their own team, normally if not just always, just about always working in harmony with the other Elemental teams as well

Serving the being that we are here to serve, the Earth itself, but what I am trying to give you here is a picture that we are spread across the Earth, can crop up any place as we said in the last one, major bush fires, the wind, the major or even minor hurricanes if you like and very strong fronts, they have to be ridden.

For yourselves, it is a similar pattern and this is an area that we haven’t touched upon or developed really, if at all and that is your links back to the other beings.  How the difference between you and your other beings and us and our other beings, is that when you see what you think is an Elemental it is an extension of us, right.  Or when you feel an Elemental under normal circumstances it is an extension of us, it is not an individual in it’s own right.

You’re different, you are individuals, but as some of you know you’re also part of a group.  Now you can explain that group as being Karma, if you like and a lot of people do, although that is not technically or necessarily true, but you have links back and if you look at true Soul Mates, true ones not those that are bandied around in the women’s magazines every time they are printed.

But when there is a true Soul Mate, the linking there is as close as a twin.  A twin soul mate if you like and if you can extend this a little bit further and allow your minds to accept it, then you can see that you begin to come from a source if you like, and you extend out also, just the same as we extended ourselves out to the ends of our roots.  But the big difference we must stress, is that you are still individuals, but you still have a very similar chain back to a source.

Now, that is not the All That Is source the Godhead whatever you wish to call it, it is an interim and some of you may be aware at different times of possibly existing in the same time frame, but in another part of the Earth’s surface and then you begin to see these links and that you are firmly and one may for all purposes say, permanently linked to these other beings, some of whom will be physical at the time, some of whom will not.  Like a great big family is you like.  Brothers an sisters, nephews and nieces all linked back to the grandparents or the great grandparents, something like that, okay.

But then again we stress as individuals.  Now if you can take both sides of this and come somewhere down the middle between the two, you have the Animal Kingdom.  They are linked in very many ways but the one thing that they are not to the degree that you are, is an individual.  Not yet and yet those of you who are perceptive enough to see, will have been aware and acknowledged the rate at which animals are progressing.

We think it would be fair to say that if you assessed a animal now and then took that assessment back 25,30 years by professional groups, you would find that they would accept that there is a great degree of difference in the animal’s abilities.  Now they are going to put it down to the fact that their systems have improved, not that the creature itself has. They are wrong, it is both.

Sure their way of approaching this has been refined, has got better but the animals themselves are marching forward, becoming smarter and even now as you know, more individual.  Where does this leave humans in the race if there is such a race?  We don’t know.  We do not know.

But you have this group that is suddenly beginning to bite at your heels.  Maybe they are the ones that will push you forward, because if not then surely the way things are going they will overtake you.  Maybe they are the one’s who will stimulate you to go forward, not scientifically but inwardly to become more aware of yourselves, to have much better grasp.

So do animals have an individual soul as you do? In general at the moment, no and so therefore one of the first things that crops into mind is when they will reappear as occasionally happens to people.  That their favourite dog, cat, horse whatever it may be has reappeared to them in the ethers looking exactly as it was.  Yes, but that is a halfway point, so to a degree they still live on an individual basis, but they go back to their source.  In many ways just the same as you do and they are formed once more.

Can they change from being a cat to a dog, or a mouse to an elephant? Generally no, those very rare ones who are as rare as a human who is able to ascend and when did you last meet one of those, those very rare ones are able to make the step across if they so desire.  If no, they continue on being the Masters, this is not a sexist term, of their own group of creatures, whatever they may be, their own race if you like.

But be aware, they are snapping at your heels.  They are getting smarter, they are becoming more individual although they are not there yet and we do not know whether they will be able to or not, we have no idea on that, all we can do is view from afar and the answer with all things, there seem at times to be the individual who steps outside the normal where the rules do not apply and they are the ones who tend to make the greatest changes.  This has happened with humans, is happing with animals.

And that is, when you get the ones like your Lord Jesus Christ, Buddha and many others, we will not cover their names, they’re well written and some are more and some are less, who have stepped outside and built the next level for us to follow up, sorry, yes indeed we are,  for us all of us because if you step up there we can follow too, not in your footsteps but we have been pushed further and further down and it is now time for us to step forward as well.

But the idea is not to stand around the level that they have build below it and worship it, the idea is to step upon it and to take in all that it can give you so that once again  you can go a step ahead.

Do you understand what we are saying there, that what you should be doing is when these beings appear, is not to worship them, but to emulate them, to become like them, not to say individually, they are so far ahead of me I can never be like that.  That is rubbish of course you can, you were and you can be again.  You can become exactly like them and to allow the next one to make the next level up, to build the next platform, hop up there to put their hands down and to draw you all up as well.

In which case dear friends, you will then see the churches for what they are.  Now here we can step onto some very dangerous ground because there are a lot of genuine beautiful people working within the various forms of church and religion, but generally they are not at a level within those organisations to really know what is going on.  They unfortunately instead of being the ones at the helm, they take very much a back seat and are driven forward.

So let’s say it is like an old monument.  Britain is very good at this as are Europe, they will find something, they’ll build a wall around it and they they’ll charge you to go in, right.  Now the thing with this is they will charge you to go in, you can look at it from a distance but you’ll never get there because they’ll then turn around and say you’re not ready, out you go, back round again, you come back with some more money and come and have another look.

If that sounds mean we are sorry and it is probably the best example we can give of where these places stand and they too have their links back, far too often to those that we have discussed before.

We will leave it at that until Monday, goodbye.

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