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5/11/98 – A Deva talking about herbs & vegetables

Greetings, as I talk to you from your gardens, as fine as they may seem, they are indeed inconsequential to what they are capable of being.  The finest, most magnificent of growth, your herbs in particular, not only just within the growth itself, but within the efficacy of the herbal extracts themselves.

For when all things are truly in harmony, working with us on our realms, then the potency of such herbal extracts is multiplied many fold in comparison to what it is under normal circumstances.

And this has to be considered as to any form of toxicidy or toxic effects that may be caused by it.  So as your herbs begin to accumilate at the same strength as the energies increase within your gardens, be careful how you use them.  Do not take the normal recommended amount, in other words if it says – “1 leaf, then use a quarter, if it is 1 teaspoon, use a quarter or so”.

For you will find that as these herbs grow in stature in all ways, so will the powers that are within them and in fact they are magnified many fold.  Far more than the plants themselves, for this is what they are there for, this is what they are grown for, for their usefulness.  For their ability to serve, to supply and to create.

And what happens within these times, each of the elementals is instructed by us to increase the amount of energy that flows into the plants and as this is released so the plants grow more to their full extent. For we have told you something of the 6th Element and this is not even in use at this time.  All we are doing is increasing the energies and the potency of the flows, the uptake from the root systems, the transference into the usefulness of the fluids into the food and succour that the plants need for them to grow.

The breaking down of these fluids and what they hold into pure energy to enable the plants to be stronger and more magnificent in what they are, for there is not a plant here that with proper care and attention and we talk about our own attention as well as yours, that could not multiply itself five fold before one even considers the release of the 6th element.

So you can imagine when you look and are aware of the giants that roamed this Earth so long ago, that their plants were very much in proportion to them, as yours could be to you, to try and explain this somewhat better.  In other words a bush that is small to you that is 30 or 50 centimetres tall, in proportion to a giant who is three times your height, it will need to be three times the size, would it not.

Not just the mass but the height and the spread, and this is how it would be when the energies are released and of course they were able to be released at that time for all worked in harmony with each other.  All understood the various needs and energy cycles that were taking place and what they did and what they were required for.

As that knowledge has been lost, so the abilities for the plants to come forth to the same degree has been reduced.  We have told you why.  You are aware of the reasons, but now we wish to slowly bring this information back, BUT it will be under our control.  It has to be, for falling into the wrong hands we know what will happen, the population will explode, the need for homes, for roads, and all the other things that go with them will require even more of our own areas being placed under concrete and control by human kind and this cannot be.

So, we are careful, extremely careful in how we work this and we do appreciate your preparedness to keep this information to yourselves at this time.  Although we do not ask you to keep it a secret, we respect your understandings of your fellow mankind and exactly what such knowledge would mean and bring to them.

For it would be the secret that so many of your scientific beings have been searching for.  How to increase the productivity of the plants many fold, without having to increase their area that they are used, or to feed them with your man made fertilisers even more.  For they only have an effect to a degree, after that they become toxic and poisonous in their own right and your scientific people know this, and they know that they are at the limit of what they can do.

Why do you think they are so determined for you to use their hybrid seeds.  it is not just control, it is because any other seeds are getting to a stage of not being able to be successfully planted as the ground deginerates and is slowly poisoned from above by yourselves, by your rain, by your just being there.

So the seeds cannot reproduce and if this were brought out to mankind in general, there would be a great panic.  So they have produced hybrids which are capable of growing at this time and we do stress at this time and no further.  And that is why all Governments are aware of the situation and are determined to stamp out the use of natural seeds and grains and the like and to ensure that only those that have been produced un-naturally will survive.

It will be necessary and there will be those who will be instructed to maintain seed banks of the original seeds, for as this cycle goes through and is, and becomes defunct at a later  date, so those seeds that have been processed will also become defunct, leaving most people with absolutely nowhere to go for their food.  Unless they are prepared to change now, what is taking place.

So seed banks are being stored, as you  have you work and your instructions, which we use for we do not work exactly under the same parameters as those in your spiritual realms, we can and do and frequently will instruct on what is  necessary, what we believe is necessary.

We will not just ask, the reason for this is – this is your world, it is our world and we wish it to survive, as much as other experiments are important in free will, free knowledge, free abilities – there comes a time when we know what is necessary and what is right and we will do everything in our power to ensure that this is what happens.

Do you understand?  (yes we certainly do)

So at this time be aware of what is happening as slowly the pollema chains in your plants are adjusted and corrected, you will find they will become more pronounced in their size, in their growth, in their potency in particular at this stage we are looking at the herbs, for these are important.

We do wish and this is not an instruct ion, but we hope that later, very seriously, very seriously consider a vegetable garden, for here we can do far more to help in these particular areas than what we can.  Plants as such, bushes and trees are nowhere near as important as those that can give back life.

We suggest that for today that is sufficient unless you have any questions which you wish to ask at this time.

(I would like to check on the word that you  used – pollema as I want to make sure I get it correct)

The Pollema chains.  (Thank you very much) The resinous chains that hold them together, to feed them.  As you have a double helix within you, they have their own chains of molecular structure and it is these that also are going to be changed.

It is not just human kind that corrects itself during these times of change, all things find that their structures will need to be and will be adjusted.  And this goes from the stones, everything that is living will feel the variations, will feel the upsurge and the change in vibrations and the change in their molecular structure.


It is our pleasure as always and we look forward to our next meeting, until then goodbye.



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