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5/11/98 – Silver Connection – The Mythical Kingdom

Greetings dearest ones, for indeed there has been trouble in the communications and we are well aware of your struggle to make proper contact.  As vibrations change upon your plane, as there are new extremes of these, so at times such things will happen, but be not too distressed, just allow yourselves to use your intuitions, both of you and to bring in that which you feel is right and to reject that which you feel is wrong.

By doing so, you will know the true answers, for it is a matter of trusting yourselves totally, completely and in doing so, allowing that part of you which is aware of the trust that is placed in it to expand and become stronger and  stronger and you will find that as such it will make a great deal of happiness and strength in your commitments yourselves to what is going on.  You will find that as you trust more and more, so any untoward feeling will be removed immediately and any untoward contact will receive exactly the same, and it will be removed immediately.

We are well aware of your carefulness this evening Roger for what is coming through and for this reason we feel it best if we keep things on a light and easy path, rather than to talk about any major happenings or major awarenesses, discussion and not to impart any unknown knowledge at this time.  For doing so as you are so wary of what is happening, it is best to leave those things for the time when it is right, when it is good when it is necessary.

So with that in mind, good evening dearest Anne how are you?  But we guess that you are cold that it is becoming a little on the cool side for you, we will hurry.

(No don’t hurry.  I would like to continue on the subject before we opened up please)

With regard to the creatures from the Mythical Kingdoms, as to where they work and what they are?  That was indeed true, yes it was.  They move from realm to realm, they move through every form of awareness known, bringing their joy, their love, their happiness, bringing their pleasure, their laughter.

Touching the heart of every being, of every feeling, knowing, living thing, whatever it may be.  Be it as you see it as physical or be it on the most diaphanous and finest of realms.  Be it the lightest or the densest, they touch all as they move through.

They are truly creatures of the Godhead, they are his pleasure in many ways.  For as we go out with the intent of learning and taking that information back, so they go out with the intent of pleasure and of joy, and of giving it to us and to the Godhead itself and all that they touch.

Gone in other words are the dragon tales of horror and the tales of the woman with many heads of snakes and such things  – they are in the minds of men.

Roger was asking were these creatures around during the Classical Greek Period.  Yes, and no – unfortunately again as often is the answer.  Yes, they were in the minds of the Classical Greeks, but did they actually, the minatours, the dragons, the pegasi, the unicorns – did they live then?  No, they had already touched and gone.

But the memory lingered as the memory always lingers, for they are such fine, beautiful creatures.  Were they here at the time of the pyramids were born?  No, they were not, they had gone.  It just shows the strength of the contact that they have, that people still today are just as clearly aware although for their own purposes and benefits they have brought in certain horrors within the realm which do not exist.

But they have this wonderful, absolutely, wonderful ability to touch once, and then be remembered forever and when you think of it, who else, what else is capable of that under normal circumstances.

(Of that I don’t know, but all I know that since one has become aware of them once more, one just feels an enormous emotion that goes so deep so maybe what it is giving us is that part of the Godhead, that joy.)

And that love, yes that is truly what they are, they are a pure manifestation, pure as can be of the Godhead itself.  Does that surprise you.

(No we are open to any suggestions regarding them)

That is fine, that is good that is all part of the learning,.

(The answer below is the reply to a question about the Mythical Realm sending us a feather and we asked will they contact us again)

It is, may we say a distinct possibility.  They made the touch, they made the contact, not us on their behalf.  They came through direct, all we can say is it is like a phone call where somebody says I would like to meet you – let us arrange a meeting.  Maybe that is the closest we can come to.

It is very much up to them, they are very much their own creatures.  They will do as they see and feel fit.  They hold no allegiance barring to the Godhead and to pleasure and to love and if they feel comfortable in your presence, they will appear.  Maybe not for others, maybe just for yourselves as some evening, some night, some say in the future.  Who knows when, we cannot tell, but it will be left to them, not to you and not to us, as to if and when they will reappear and for what rason.

They are their own masters, in all the highest possible senses of the word.

So dearest ones, our blessings is always to you both.  It has been a delight and a pleasure and as we always, always, always do look forward to our next meeting.

Until then, goodbye and our love to you.

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