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5/1/98 – Zaarg – the Animal Kingdom

Greetings, tis I Zaarg ready to recommense our information upon your planes of being.  We will today talk about that subject which is very dear and close to you, that being of animals and where they fit in to the all over being, encompassing being.

You do know, do you not, of the reasons for their existence, of their communal source, very similar in many ways that have been told to you as your Godhead, but brought forth without being true individuals that has been given to human beings.  Without the ability to reason in many cases, but not all and the ability to be able to make decisions.  They do not have freedom of choice as you do.

And for these reasons many see them as being less than themselves, but is this fair?  For there are truly numerous beings floating and moving around your awarenesses who are in exactly the same position as these animals and yet were they to materialise with you or were you to materialise with them – you would see them as being gods.  And yet they have absolutely no more and certainly no less awarenesses and points opened up within their beings than what your creatures, your animals, your birds, your fishes do.

And yet you see them upon your evolutionary scale as you put it, as being much lower than yoursleves.  It this truly fair?  For indeed it would be very interesting were one of the Exulted Beings who works in exactly the same manner and through whom these creatures operate – were they to appear before you, you would bow down and say Master, Lord God and yet they are not.

So where should this put the animals, the creatures within your relativities of yourselves?  The answer is simple – the same.  They have chosen a different path, their final spirit source is similar and in many ways nigh on exactly the same as your own.

So are they any lessor or greater for being so?  No they are not.  They are in many ways the same as you, but whereas you have chosen one path to take, they have chosen a different one, albeit in some ways more difficult because what they have done is decide to rely on you. In other ways because they do not have the multiplicity of action choices that you do, it is simpler and they follow what you so freely call instinct.  And which is yet much more than that.

And really, in many ways this is exactly the beings, the being that is termed the Animal Kingdom.  It is in it’s own right a Godhead and were you to be able to get deep within the psyche of your creatures, of your friends, your pets whatever you wish to call then, you would find that they would see that the one at the head of their being-ness, very much is perceived in the same way as you perceive your own God in charge of you, an overall operation of yourselves.

Is this so strange, are things so dissimilar?  No, they are not.  They are very, very similar in what happens and this is the point we try to stress.  The differences of animal and human kingdoms are nigh on, no different to those of other beings who operate and work within the Universe.

And yet you see them as being so much less than yourselves, which they are not.  Their path is their path.  It is chosen for them and they walk and work that path, just as you do, but frequently far more to the best of their ability.  Whereas human beings tend to get side tracked – very easily for the gift of freedom of thought has been a two edged sword as so many things are. It can be used in either way and unfortunately in many instances the human being has taken this gift and used it in a detrimental manner to what it is fact was meant to accomplish and to achieve.

And so their kingdoms of being, where they return after their sojourn upon your Earth are very similar places of rest, of peace.  Where they can still and indeed operate very much as individuals and this is why they can come forth on the spiritual realms and be seen in their individual form and yet you understand that they are of a group consciousness.

Yes, this is not the same as the creature being an actual individual within part of it’s spirit.  A group consciousness working within, under a total group control, giving them what you term in many ways, their instinct.  To do the same, so the two creatures of the same kind will inevitably operate in exactly the same way, even though they are on the far poles of the earth.

This is their group consciousness.  It does not mean when they return from where they came, they go into a big melting pot where they get boiled up with all the others and then a new one is flopped out again.

And this is where so much disinformation has been given about them.  It is not easy we understand, to perceive the differences, for they are for more subtle than what most human beings would like to believe.  They like to see themselves upon their Earth as being the Exulted Creatures.  The creatures of total and greatest awareness and yet you know this is not so.

You know there are those who operate within your waters, who indeed have a much higher IQ as it is put, than most human beings, indeed who have a much greater awareness of spectrums of sound and light and awareness than human beings and yet they are also of a group consciousness.

So who are the odd ones out here?  Why, tis you.  Because you have been given this special, unique gift, which has been played with so much and not used as it was intended to be, so often.

And so you have your little creature that you love dearly and it departs from the physical world, it like you, becomes a spirit creature.  It will re-evolve, it will emerge again somewhere, someplace, somehow, sometime, once again.  In many ways just as you will.

The difference being that your awareness of your source is removed from you each time you return.  A cover, a blanket is put over it so it is hard for you to run back to it, for if you were able to, most of you with the trials and the tribulations and the strifes which you inevitably end up in on your earth – would immediately run for the cover of your knowledge  When you cannot do that, then you have to revert to the gifts of freedom of choice that have been given to you.

Can you understand the differences here?  And so they return, they know in general from whence they came, in fact in many ways it is difficult for them quite often to know the difference, for their dream world, their spirit world, their physical world merge into one.  And so at this time they are upon the spirit, physical plane, when the return to the spiritual plane, they do not have the trauma of death that you do.  Nor the trauma of birth.  It is just like moving from one room to another just by opening a door.  As simple as that.

But hopefully this explains why suddenly, your dearly beloved pet who departed whenever, can return and sit upon your right or left hand and be with you.  Their spirit is still capable of doing this.  But they do not have the total opportunities that you do for they are guided from a single source.

Whether you like it or not, as much as you try to be guided, because of your individuality, because of your freedom of choice, when you look around, you will see that in fact very few of you are guided.  Most of you are determined to make your own paths, good, bad or indifferent and this is the difference between them and you.  Far more subtle than most people would see.

And their evolution is similar.  They pass through from stage to stage, just as you have done.  Just as you will do, collecting their awareness and their knowledge, bringing back to their source the information, the experience and in many ways, the love.  For they too are on that path, of learning love.  This is why you see such differences in many creatures – horses, dogs, dolphins of course and if you were allowed, whales.  But they are too large and tend to upset mankind in particular and what he has done to them.

But all of them work and operate on a basis of love. And yet your experts will tell you love does not exist in their reality, in their realms.  Ask any pet owner who has had a close association how they feel about that comment and they will tell you it is ridiculous.  You know that, you know that well, for love is just as vitally  important to them and as they progress so they get closer and closer to the love source.

That is their way of growing, just the same as it is yours.  And so the little creatures like the guinea pigs, have far less awareness of love than the dogs and the horses and the others, with whom you can get a close communication.

But they are here to learn that from yourselves, which is rather difficult for many human beings find it nigh on impossible to give out love.  And see the creatures as no more than a food source, or a nuisance, a problem of some sort, something to be run down on the road.  They are not and that is not what they are, snakes, birds and we use snakes in particular because of the abhorrence by so many people to them.

Learn to love them too and they will not attack, for every creature whoever, whatever it is, will react to love. Just as hate will react to hate.  Be it the smallest spider or ant, be it the mighty elephant or the whale, or even the dinosaur in earlier days.  All will react to the primal laws of the Universe of love and hate, of fear and awareness.

We will leave you with that information today and from our sources we wish you in this change of calendar year, the happiness and the light that will take you through the many changes, the coming millenium as they happen through this year and beyond and we look forward on our side to being with you and to providing this information.

Yes, we understand you say, why, why bother when things are changing?  The simple answer to this is although things are changing, it is still said that nobody knows exactly how or why or when or where the changes will take place.  And if you were all to stop doing everything now, and wait for those changes, could they happen when there is an absolutely no operation carrying on.

Nobody’s doing anything, nothing is happening, of course they could not.  And so we cannot anymore than those you work with on the spiritual realms give you a true and full guiding answer as to why. All we know is the same as you, is that it is necessary, it has to be and the committment to such changes inevitably create the original desire of the changes taking place.

We leave you this time and we look forward to our next communication either here within this beautiful spot, at our bowl, or down at your point with the valley.  Til then goodbye.



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