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6/9/98 – Who and What are Elementals?

Greetings to you both and thank you for coming to this most beautiful spot to share the energies with us and to listen to what we have to say, for it is an exciting project to be looking at putting all this information down on paper so that human beings can become more aware of our existence and of our needs, our history and just genuinely who we are, and what we be.

We do as you have just mentioned to our channeller, we do understand that it is a little different for you, starting off something like this and with our relatively strange energies in comparison to those you have been working with for so long. So between us all we will overcome these problems, we will work them out and we will all benefit greatly from the result of this we are sure.

So let us start, what is it chapter 1, verse 1, or something like that.

(laughter “I think you have it in one and as you started with in the conversation we would be very interested in hearing about the history of the Elementals, their origins, where they were before coming to Earth, whatever is relevent to your history.”)

Okay, where do we start.  Let us first say Elementals exist only where there is  a three dimensional reality of air, earth, fire and water and for the 5th ether where they can inhabit.  Although they are not three dimensional beings themselves, they work on a different zone, they can only exist for their service in those areas.  In other words, wherever there are places which have such areas and functions, then the Elementals will be there and will be working with them.

This means for instance, that within your solar system, controlled by your sun, yours is the only planet on which they operate.  There are in other systems, planets similar with water or fire, or earth, air, where all of them will operate together, where they have all four basic requirements, but where there is only the one, vis in particular fire, for we look at the sun and then we say, ‘Do we operate within the sun?”  The answer is no, because this is now normal fire as we know.

It is a form of atomic explosion and our beings cannot exist in such places, theirs is a natural phenomenon and this is most important, that is why there are stories for instance of them being very wary in particular of those of the Earth with regard to man made metals, because these are not natural.  So our beings work where there is a natural phenomenon and nothing more.

Now, you may say, very well that the sun, yes what is happening there is natural and that is perfectly true, but it is not burning in the normal manner.  Let us put it another way.  If you light a fire made from wood or from coal, from natural beings, then our salamanders will be present.  Were you to mix an oxyacetylene gas or something similar, then no, they will not be there.

Are they there when it comes to things like natural gas, or town gas made out of coke?  Yes, because they are from a totally natural source.

Will they operate within a nuclear explosion;? No.  For  many reasons, given reasons but most in particular because of the violence and what happens within that explosion, it would destroy them.  So they cannot be there, they are not part of those experiments and of those things.

Are they in bush fires, house fires?  Most certainly because again you have a natural phenomenom.  Are they within volcanoes?  Yes, they most certainly are, again for the very same reason.  Do they operate where man has created a fire using different forces, the answer is no.

Let us look at another one there, and say phosphorous for instance.  Phosphorous in it’s unrefined form is not ignitable.  Refined and placed into air it ignites, it has been changed dramatically by the hand of man and so therefore our creatures do not operate within that.

So where do we come from, where do we operate?  We operate wherever the natural phenomenon occurs of air, earth, fire, water.  It does not mean that the air has to be exactly the same as yours,  far from it they can change, but in particular the basis has to be a hydrogen, oxygen basis.  They cannot for interests sake, operate where the gas that surrounds or is within a planet is something different to either of these.  In those cases then and yes, we will leave you to look it up in your book as to what type of gases we mean, but then the Elementals cannot work there at all, it is totally impossible.

So are there other places than your Earth?  Yes, there certainly are.                           Do they operate in the sun as we say?  No.   Do they operate on Mars?  No, although it be very close to the sun and receives the heat from the sun, it has no actual heat of it’s own.  It does not have volcanic eruptions.  Where there are volcanic eruptions as on your Earth, then our beings are present.

(Thank you, do you have time for another question) We certainly do.

(When does an Elemental for example – say an Earth one, merge into a plant, be it a tree, a flower whichever, at what stage does it enter ie as a seed, during pollination, at maturity?)

Can we put this question back to you and say when does a human being become inhabited by it’s spirit.  The answer of course is that there is quite considerably, it can be from the moment of conception, or it can be quite a few years after the actual birth and this is perfectly true in these circumstances as well.

Although it is believed that these creatures cannot operate without the Elementals being there and working on their behalf, this is true to a degree but not fully true, just the same as you can have a baby functioning without it’s soul within, as frequently happens for a short period, but it cannot function properly and grow to it’s potential and full extent until that soul comes into the body and starts to operate.

And so we have the same situation here, where one can have masses of tiny seeds being propagated, being sown, whatever and in general they are looked after by a blanket force.  As they begin to grow, so the Elementals themselves move in and start to take responsibility.  As they become larger, so the number that are looked after by an individual Elemental are reduced, until one gets to the stage of a mighty tree, which is quite often looked after by more than just one Elemental, quite often three.  Again quite different to what the belief is.

(I think we have many misconceptions about your world and Kingdoms.  How does and Elemental come into being, is it similar to humanity, from sparks of consciousness?)

We are born from a spark of consciousness, just the same.  We evolve on a once lifetime basis before returning to our source of being which is very similar.  We have our own, shall we say, spiritual realm, within which we operate, although this is very difficult for people to understand.  We are drawn through from this spiritual realm, we take on our form of light and then we progress in a similar normal manner to what a human being does, but over a much more prolonged period.  We then return to our group source under normal circumstances.

Now this can change, had and will in the future change, but this should also be the subject of a much deeper in depth discussion than what we are able at this stage, for the most important thing within these initial talks is to give little snippets of information, upon which all of us can expand in the future.

We can grow them or you can ask further questions and we can supply the answers, but if in the beginning we go too deeply into the subject it is going to be detrimental for us all because it will become far too heavy and become much more difficult to place together in the future as the information is put down and put into a book form.  We will leave it at this now, thank you.,


Note: Although these are old communications any questions you may have regarding the Elementals and their Kingdoms or anything else that you may feel relevant to the now, please ask and we will endeavour to find answers.




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  1. Thanks for the share! Very useful info, looking to communicate!

  2. There are some interesting points in time in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them heart to eye . There is some validity but I will take hold judgement until I look into it further. Good clause, thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner besides.

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