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7/1/1999 – Silver Connection – Earth Changes, Ascension & Soul Mates

(Although this channelling was given for the forthcoming millennium, this information is still pertinent for these times)

Greetings Beloved Ones tis us your friends, for it has indeed been sometime since we have been able to communicate with you.  Although this is not quite correct for indeed what has happened is that in many ways the communications now are strongly on a combined nature which we are sure you are beginning to perceive yourselves as well and this is important for as things are changing, so the ability for ourselves to merge in with your other friends and to give you a combined communication allows us to have a much, much stronger force between the two of us in penetrating and making that connection that is necessary for this to happen.

We are indeed truly sorry for that disconnection that took place there, but we trust that now the communications once more are on a strong and firm basis so that we may be able to have a full and as is often said, ‘meaningful talk with you today”.

We wish, as have the others, to talk on at this time about the Changes and how they will apply to you and to those around you.  You have already been given much information on this which will assist and truly should you desire to make the changes as painless and as harmless and as gentle and beautiful and fulfilling as possible, then please consider that what has been suggested to you is the most successful way in doing this, for should and should you face these with harmony, trust and love, then that is exactly how you will find that your changes will take place.

If you face them with dread, mistrust, hate, fear, then please believe us then that is exactly how they will come about.  And this of course is one of the major problems for your world at this time, that so many have been created through the generations and the ages to live in fear and fear is their greatest feeling.

Even above hatred and in particular above love and so as these changes come about as has been said, this is the year of manifestation which were your own words, which is perfectly true.  They will manifest that fear.  Those who approach with openness, awareness and the light of the Godhead shining through, will be welcomed with open arms and there will be absolutely nothing to fear.

Those others unfortunately, will find that their manifestation of their fear will be oh, so real.  And that they will create this for themselves and for those who are around them and are working with them in this field.

So what will go on?  It is fairly simple to say, we all of us in these realms do not know exactly.  We already have better ideas than were about in your terms a few months ago, but most definitely there will be many changes, many moves from world to world as you see it, for those who will remain physical and for those who will rise to their spiritual beings, will find that they too will end up on many different levels as they are seen and sub-levels. Being drawn to those in which they are most likely to find the peace, the harmony that equates perfectly with their being.

And here again it is important as we have said to you so often, if you wish to continue on as a team, then you must vibrate on a very similar basis, otherwise the changes will mean a separation.  It is as simple as that.

And this goes for all, it does not mean an endless separation, it means a separation at that time entailing various work to be done before you can once again find the similar vibrations that bring you back together.  Is this not why those who are termed ‘soul brothers, soul mates, soul beings’ separate.  It is because they have chosen different paths on different vibrations and rarely will connect until those vibrations are in total harmony and when they are not it will be a moving away once again.

So again here we advise that this is something to strongly consider, that if you wish to be together working through these other realms, if this is your true desire, then on your earthly level, more now than your spiritual level, you need to harmonise properly.  This will give you a much, much stronger opportunity of finding the exact location that is right for you.

Does this not sound like somebody moving into a hotel and being placed in various rooms and of course this is exactly what it is.  But rather than been seen as going up and up and up or down and down and down, let’s go sideways and they will all move into their different rooms and the rooms which suit them.  The rooms that seem find and within which they can find their peace and harmony.

Now this is okay for those who come in with awareness, for those who do not, it is going to be far, far more traumatic.  In fact it will be if you do not mind us using these terms, dramatic, traumatic. That hopefully give you an impression as to what is taking place and for those it will in many ways seem like hell.

For is that not what so many different religions have had forced down their throats for so long.  You will go to hell.  So what do we do, we create our own hell as we pass through the veil.  And we go and live there until we learn that it is no more than our creation and that we are quite capable of moving away.  And yet this takes so long to learn, so long to understand that truly with the advent of self-awareness, of free choice, you create your own realms where you go.

This again is a double sided sword.  The double edge sword of having the ability to have one’s own self-awareness and one’s own choice.  It is not all good or all bad, it has it’s advantages and it has it’s disadvantages.  In particular at the transition period from being mortal to immortal.

Now do you have any questions beloved one on this at this stage.

Q – Can you please talk about Ascension please and your take on it?

If you are ready we will talk about this so called ascension.

Q – Humanity seems to be really pre-occupied with ascension.  Now my understanding is that much of humanity see it as leaving one realm and moving to another with the physical body and bypassing physical death.  So then pop, off we go to the next dimension, we ascend which rather leaves a bit of a question for those beings who couldn’t manage to be here at this time because of the time of their birth and so therefore went through a physical death.

So in my mind those souls still have the ability and the right to move on to other realms but seem to have missed out by timing.  There is confusion between ascension and the moving to the realms that you vibrate to.  Can you please clarify this for me?

This is particularly so.  Ascension and the changes that are taking place now are similar but not the same.  The ascension as seen by many so called Christians is a very special and particular act that takes place on very rare occasions with very unusual people, beings, spirits.  Unusual in the term that they are rare.  They are very much the individual in the tens and hundreds of millions.

Ascension as we are talking now, and talking about body’s is a different matter.  It is truly a change of vibration, a finer vibration moving through.  If you wish to take your physical body in the form that it is now with you, that is entirely up to you.  If you are moving through into a finer dimension then the physical body that you are dragging around now will not operate.  You can re-create it where you are in a trice.

But why take something that is semi worn out.  Why not work in your true spirit form.  For are you not here being tied into thinking, well we have to be physical, we have to be able to move our arms and our legs in the normal manner so that we can get around, so that we can lift things, do things, we need a brain in order we can think things.  And this is not so.

Please try very hard to remove all these constraints about the need for physicality before you can do these things, before you can create. Because on the realms of finer vibration, there is no need for mechanical arms, legs and brains.  You create, it is a place of immediate manifestation. You understand.

Q – Yes I understand and that’s exactly how I was feeling about it and it’s really nice to know that.

Now your question was ‘ where do those who have moved over stand in these situations?’  What you are implying of course is that only those who are upon the physical world have this opportunity.

Certainly not.  Have you not been told before that all are making changes and that includes those on the spiritual realms and the elemental realms and all in between from physical, deep physical to high spiritual.  There is a change in vibration, an upliftment, a re-awareness, so it matters not whether you are standing on two mechanical feet, with your mechanical arms and your mechanical brain on your earth, or whether as you see it, you are floating on a cloud with a harp and wings.

It is immaterial, what is important are the changes that are taking place and therefore your position at this time and these times of change bare little relationship to what will happen.  What we would say is and what is important here is, that those who find these changes difficult and have moved through from their earthly realm to their spiritual place of being at this time, will have a much less traumatic change than those who are spiritual.

But they have chose through, they know their level, they know their limits of ability.  They know their limits of awareness and they have chosen to go through this trauma, it is their choice otherwise they too can go into the changes from being physical to being immortal as of course you all are.  But removing that physical shell and therefore easing the affects and burdens that the change will place on some.

It is entirely up to the individual here.  Again we come back to the point of free choice.  Free choice means very much more than most consider, because it is all encompassing.  It means total individual responsibility for one’s own being.

A point very few are prepared to accept in totality.  it is great for those to stand up and say “I am an individual, I have free choice.”  It is as simple as standing and saying “I am a human being, I breathe air.”  But that is about their understanding as to what it means at that level.  Whereas in fact it is a much deeper, much more important, much more all encompassing thing.

It was a decision made for those who were prepared to take it aeons ago and they knew then well that it had many different ramifications in all directions as you would see.

So those who are no longer physical will still, just as will all, be affected by the changes of vibration taking place.

Q – Thank you very much, it very much clarifies my own thoughts on the majority of that but I thought it was necessary to have it spoken about so that one could pass it on in the right aspect because I think we have go fairly tied up with all this talk about ascension.  You have made it very clear and again thank you.

It is something that has been said all the way along from our teams, and that is that it is all encompassing.  The problem or a problem with human beings is that they like to believe that they alone inhabit this Universe, that they alone count, that they alone matter and that there are no other beings who can affect them or are anywhere near as important, even if they consider them to be there.

The see themselves as being the ultimate being around, which all including the Godhead operates.  This is not so.  They are, you are, part of a team, no more, no less and if something happens to you then it affects the others within that team.  And if something happens to others within that team, let us use the devic kingdom, the  elemental kingdoms here, then that too will have it’s affect upon you whether you like it or not.  It is two way.

Q – Certainly a lot of shocks for a lot of people

Many, for until they begin to understand that free choice means total responsibility, until they understand that they have not even got as you say to the starting block.

With that in mind beloved ones, we look forward and we trust the distance between our next communication with you will be a little less than what it has been for it is a sharing and we have had more than our share of your time.

Until our next discussion, our love, our blessings, our guidance and our guarding is with you as always.



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