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7/2/11 – The Green Man – We are Nature – What is Nature:?

The Green Man and I (Roger) we just having a chat there saying it was interesting how it was last Friday when we sat down to channel that we had a heap of blowflies in and he said, “do you remember any when you were sitting there on Saturday or Sunday at all, no there weren’t any but they’re back there again and we’re just saying how everything will be used if it possibly can”

He said, don’t you see just how important this is, if beings will go to even the extremes of trying to utilise the flies because protection in other ways is so strong, then you must appreciate the necessity of what we are doing.  As obviously we’re on your side, we’re talking about you two personally, in a war against greed, or corruption and what is in many ways a total war, for as you very well know the victors expect to receive the souls of the subjects, but those souls are not ours to give and we wouldn’t or to receive – they belong to the individual, but we know upon the other side that this is the way it is.

And yes, you remind me of that programme you watched the other night V, where they talked about the souls.  You know, we know, it has been talked about between us for many years, that that was the Harvest and now it starts to come out into the open.  All of this is good because whatever else it makes people more aware.  If suddenly they link in and they say “ah souls, V, yes, these guys are talking about souls, they must have seen V,” – it doesn’t matter if that’s the way of it, if that’s how they perceive it, it’s a matter of the fact that it has sunk in.

We don’t care who came first, that’s not important though, there’s been history for many years now of events being uncovered after there have been discussions between you and the myriad of us that talk to you at different times.

Okay, so we missed out on Friday, lets have another go.  Nature, natural floods, earthquakes, bushfires, monster waves, tsunami’s, they’re all nature.  What is nature?

It’s that ill defined thing somewhere between God and Hell, in many ways is it not.  You know it’s one of those things, people talk about God and everyone has their own ideas on what God is, everyone has their own ideas on what Hell is and in general everybody has their own ideas about Nature.

But when you really start to dissect what Nature is, surely it is us the Nature Spirits, the Nature Beings and we are now beginning to fight back.  There’s always has been little bits and pieces of course, but now we are getting stronger.  So human kind in it’s wisdom turns around and says, ‘okay we’ve created this’.  Oh dear, oh dear can you honestly believe that you’re strong enough, smart enough, competent enough to create these changes and they are changes that have happened over many times for many reasons and they are back here again.

Do no think that Atlantis went down just after a big bang.  Because of the evil that was left and the divisions it was then in many ways the job of Nature to destroy the remnants and we are Nature.  Combined just like you, exceptionally powerful, even individually on a one on one basis pretty powerful, just as you can be.

But our difference here is we are fighting for our lives, for our being.  We, as we have said on many occasions, live on this earth and on this earth only.  We have one chance and every time you take out an acre of forrest, every time you destroy another cubic mile of ocean, you are destroying us and at the same time you are abusing the Being that allows you to live on her surface.

This is wrong, this is totally wrong.  So when we fight back for survival, unlike humans who as we said the other day, were seeded back at the Atlantean times with the need for dominance, domination over all things, never again once seeded can you truly live in harmony unless there is a very special effort made.

Does this not then start to answer a few questions when you look at the tribes in the jungles of which there are very, very few now, but there have been many found over the decades and last two or three centuries.  They lived in harmony as did your Australian Aborigines and those before.   So this puts back the seeded race as having come from Europe and that is where the vast majority of Atlanteans went.

As we have said in previous talks, there was a division, there were those who still wanted to live in peace and harmony with all that was around, and there was those who were determined to dominate.  And so we see it even now, tribes, groups, living perfectly well without the threat or the control of what basically Europeans although they spread right across, through Asia down into India but it is that particular super continent if you like to which they all fled.

Others moved elsewhere, some as we have also said moved also up into the islands off the super continent’s coast, up into the northern regions, areas where the dominant ones didn’t want to go because it was too difficult.

So you fight a dominance, we fight for survival and our fight is going to have to get stronger and over the past few years you have seen changes.  You could put them down to whatever you like, the increase in temperatures from the sun, from the moon if you like, and there are beings of Fire who are increasing their powers.  Beings of Earth, Wind and Water all if you like beginning to flex their muscles.  All starting to say, This is enough.

Now they haven’t looked at the calendar, they don’t need to know that 2012 is coming up and the importance that the Mayans put on this.  They just are.  They are doing what they have to.  If they had not been forced into this it would not be the case.

The Earth is itself should be settling down into what one might term early middle age, as you become a much more, a quiet pleasant, amiable place, unlike the times of the teenage years and for many through the twenties, is now settling down and yet is having to fight back.  It doesn’t want to but it has to, as do we.

Okay, that’s probably fills in some of the spaces from what we spoke on Friday and gives us room to move on, so here comes the noise, we’ve had our time.  Till the next one.  Thank you


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